Get free and discounted products from Amazon! Snagshout Review



We all do shopping online and almost 98% of us must have bought something from Amazon. We also have used many promo codes to get discounts on our items. But what if I tell you that you can get products completely free or discounts from 50% to 99%. Yes, that is true there are tons of websites who offer free and discounted products for many brands in exchange for an honest review. Getting free stuff online is one of the best ways to save money. If you want you can also go for product testing to receive the expensive item like cell phone and Macbook.

What is Snagshout?

You all must be aware of Amazon review sites which offer free and discounted products to their customers in order to leave an honest review. Snagshout is one of those renowned company where we can get free and discounted products. These reviews help sellers to improve their visibility and credibility over the internet which eventually leads to more sales. So benefit goes both hand seller gets more sales and shopper gets free and discounted products. And the publisher gets a part of a commission for offering their platform. It will be really difficult for a seller to approach shoppers door to door and get the feedback. A site like Snagshout helps them to reach the buyer with almost no efforts.

Why reviews are important for a seller

  1. It gives the credibility that buyer is dealing in a genuine product
  2. It also tells that the seller  is maintaining high-quality standards of the product
  3. More and better reviews mean more trust on the seller and their products. Because we all see reviews before buying the products.
  4. It can easily boost the sales of the seller.
  5. Through reviews, we can relate the product with its actual benefits. As people share feedback like what is working and what is missing in the product.
  6. Even the negative reviews also help the seller to produce a better product for their customer. On basis of the feedback, they redesign or do alteration in their products


Legit or Scam?

When I first heard about Snagshout from my friends I decided that I will personally go and check this website before sharing this to my readers. And i reviewed that site almost a month and we ordered a couple of discounted health products and Mobile accessories and we found those at a very cheap rate as compared to the prevailing price in the market. Now I can say this site is completely legit and provide discounted and free products to the shoppers in exchange for an Honest review.

How does Snagshout work?

1. Create account on Snagshout

The first thing you need to do is to create an account with Snagshout. You can signup with Facebook or can create a new account. After email confirmation, you need to link your Amazon account with them so that you can share your reviews.

2.  Explore Deals

Once your account is verified and linked with Amazon the next step is to explore the deals and item. You can sort the deals with minimum and maximum price or by category. 70% to 80% discounted items are very common here and considered good deals to buy.

3. Snag the product

After choosing the item click on the product and click on “snag it” Button. Now your item is selected and you will receive your promo code.

4. Apply Promo Code

Now you need to apply this promo code so that you can get the discounted or free item which ever scheme is applied on the product. Now if you are Amazon prime member with free two-day shipping there will be no charge else shipping fee would be an additional charge.

5. Leave an Honest Review

After receiving the product you can use and then leave the review on Amazon website. Just because you got the huge discount or free product there is no compulsion of giving great reviews about the product. Company request for a genuine review if you feel the product is not good you can share that feedback as well.



Snagshout is a renowned Amazon review site which is completely legit and safe for shoppers. Here you can get the discount from 20% to 100% on various items including health, beauty, electronic and household products. If you buy products frequently from Amazon check Snagshout once before placing an order you might find the better deal here. So if you are frugal shopper or freebies hunter you would definitely love this website. I always cross check my products here before checking to Amazon.

How to save money with Walmart Savings Catcher ?

walmart savings catcher


Walmart is one of the biggest American multinational retail corporation. We all visit Walmart to buy groceries, household, health, beauty and many other products. They provide lots of ways through which we can save money or reduce our shopping bills. Like Walmart free samples, and Save money with Walmart moneycard. The same way you can also save money through Walmart savings catcher.

What is Walmart Savings catcher?

Walmart claims that they offer the lowest price of the items. And the price is almost unbeatable at any other stores. But if you get any store which has the lowest price than Walmart, you will get difference amount as a cash back or e-gift card. Now you must be thinking that no one can beat Walmart price but that is not true. There are lots of items which you will find at lower prices. So this scheme lets you to save money even after shopping. All you need to do is enter your receipt number in Walmart savings catcher website. And they will compare your prices with top retailers who is advertising the identical product. And most of the times you will find that you receipt is catching benefits.


How does Walmart Savings Catcher works ?

There are two ways to get the benefits of walmart savings catcher. You can choose any way to get the benefits however App is a much better and easier way to complete the process.

1. Through Mobile App

  1. First you need to have access on Walmart App. If you don’t have then you need to download it. They have both IOS and Android app available.
  2. When you open the app you will the option of savings catcher.
  3. Now select that and click on tab ad walmart receipt
  4. Now you can scan the barcode, QR code or you can directlyl enter the receipt number
  5. Once receipt is scanned rest is the work will be done by Walmart. They will inform you the results via email.

2. Through Website

The other way of doing is through their website. You must have an account in order to complete this transaction. If you dont have then create an account first.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Enter the receipt number along with purchase date.
  3. Walmart will let you know the results via email. If  any match found you will get the cash back or e-gift card of the differnece amount.


Challenges with Walmart Savings catcher

  1. Walmart compare the prices only the top stores that are listed with them. So if any store that doesn’t under their list you won’t be able to catch the benefits despite having lower price than walmart.
  2. They compare the price of items on based of UPC code. Apart from this these items must be identical in size, weight, color, brand, quantity and flavor.
  3. Slightest difference in the product won’t let you to get the benefits. It is consider only when product is 100% identical to each other. Which is right as well because if they are different you can’t compare the price.
  4. All non branded products are out of Walmart Savings catcher.
  5. Only US citizens over age 18 with a valid receipt are eligible.
  6. You must register and create the account in order to use the walmart Savings Catcher.
  7. General Merchandise is not eligible, Inlcuding but not limited to outdoor living consumables, Office supplies, dvd, electronics, gaming, Media, toys, books, magazine, shoes, jewelery furniture and seasonal products.
  8. Thos deals which are listed as available mentioned as manufacturer’s coupon, “on pack coupon” or coupon commonly found in sunday newspaper are not eligible.
  9. Prescription drugs, photo products, optical and any services or products that need a service agreement like wirelsess, automotive or financial products will not be eligible.
  10. Items placed on layway are not eligible.
  11. Returns items are not eligible for Savings catcher. If item is returned after receiving benefits then the given amount will be deducted.
  12. The maximum amount that can be redeemed by an indiviual is $599.99 per calendar year.
  13. You cannot scan receipt which is older than 7 days.
  14. Saving catcher is only count store buying receipt online receipt is not valid.

Some more exclusions

  1. Conditional purchase like buy Pepsi and get cereal for $1.
  2. Combo purchase where you get and additional item as free. E.g buy A&b and get C item free
  3. Buy one get one free with no actual price
  4. Despite getting benefit from coupon you still can go for walmart savings catcher.
  5. Closeout prices or going out of business
  6. Percentage off (50% off on cosmetic items)


Benefits of using Walmart Savings Catcher

  1. Here you get cash back and e-giftcard after purchased which is not possible anywhere else.
  2. You don’t have to go and check the prices of the items it is done by walmart system automatically
  3. It is automatic system which is easier and faster.
  4. Here you get the double benefit. You can go for savings catcher despite applying the coupon.
  5. We can access through website or mobile app. which makes this tool convenient and faster.
  6. You get cash back rewards after your purchased. Not like other stores where you buy the item after looking the discounts.

How to Redeem Walmart Savings Catcher rewards ?

If walmart finds any match with lower price then customer is eligible to get rewards. And these rewards are given in two ways.

1. Reward Dollars

If any listed store selling product lower than walmart price you are eligible to get reward dollars. For the difference amount. You can see this reward dollars in your walmart app. If you are using website then you need login and inside your accound you will find the details.

How to redeem reward dollars ?

Reward dollars can be redeemed to e-giftcard which you use at the store or online for walmar shopping. and if you are member of blue bird american express card then you can conver these in into walmart bucks.

2. Walmart e-gift card

If you have selected e-gift card option then you will receive this directly in your email. take the printout and use this at any walmart store for shopping.



Walmart Savings catcher is one of the best way to save money and reduce shopping bills. It is easy to convenient , faster and completely automatic. Which does not require any manual process to claim. All we need to do is to upload the receipt or TC# and system automtically finds the eligibile items. But we also found that it has many limiation so does not provide benefit to all the items. But overall it is great way to save money while doing shopping with walmart.



How to save money with Walmart MoneyCard ? Reduce your shopping bills up to $75


Walmart Moneycard



What is Walmart Moneycard ?

Walmart Moneycard is a reloadable prepaid debit card which provides you cash back on purchasing. After loading the money whatever amount you spend on Walmart stores you will be eligible to get 3% cash back. It is one of the cheapest cards with the good reward program. Total Cash back you can earn up to $75 which is credited to card balance at the end of reward year. It is a second best program after Walmart free samples which gives great opportunity to reduce shopping bills.

Following are the criteria for cash back rewards on purchases.

  1. 3% cash back when shopping at
  2. 2% at Murphy USA and Walmart fuel station
  3. And 1% at Walmart stores


How to get the Walmart moneycard?

Visit their website and on the home page click on the tab get a card now. This will take you to a request form where you need to supply all your personal details. Like the last name, first name, Mailing & email address, SSN and DOB. You also need to select either you want a Visa or master card. Once you get the card next step is to activate the card. The process is very similar to activating any other debit or credit card. You need to supply the details like card number, Expiration month, year, 3 digit security code, last 4 digits of your SSN and card pin.

Pay Day Perks ($25 cash back Offer on new cards)

Currently, there is an offer on new cards. If you apply for card between 05/01/2017 and 12/26/2017. Your initial payroll or government benefits direct deposit of $250 or more to your card within 60 days. you would be eligible to get $25 one time credit in your card.



What all are the options available to reload the money and how we can do this?

1. Direct Deposit

Through direct deposit, you can get your paycheck directly to your Walmart Moneycard up to 2 days earlier without any fee. Enter your Walmart moneycard number and the mobile number they will send you text to verify phone once it is verified. They will send you direct deposit info. Now give this info to your employer for direct deposit.  Currently, their direct depositing transaction i\s completed through Green Dot Bank. There is no fee for Direct deposit  

2. Walmart Rapid Reload

Here you can add from $20 to $1100 with a single swipe at any Walmart register. In this option, $3 service fees will be applied. You can also go for cash reload at other retailers.

3. By Check at Walmart

Through check, you can reload your card for any payroll or government check without any fee. However cashing fees may apply. You can reload any amount from $20 to $2999 not available in NJ, NY, RI.

4. Walmart Money Center Express

Find Walmart Money center express machine at the front of participating Walmart stores near customer service and Walmart money center. Reload fee is $3 or $0 for Walmart Moneycard preferred.

5. Online Bank Transfer

Transfer money directly from your bank account to Walmart Moneycard. For standard transfer which takes from 1 to 3 business days, there is no fee. For same day transfer, $2.95 fee will be a charged for up to $ 200.

6. Tax Refund

Now you can reload your card with your tax refund. You need to follow the same process as you do in direct deposit. This option is also free of charge.

How send and Receive money from Walmart Moneycard?

1. Send money to friends and Family

If you want to send money to friends and family through Walmart moneycard within US. Then it is completely free of charge. All you need to do is to provide the recipient details like name, email or phone number. And the amount you wish to transfer. They will deduct the same amount from your card and will notify the recipient. Now the recipient has 10 days to collect the money with a Walmart moneycard, PayPal account or any other card issued by Green Dot Bank.

2. Online Bill Pay

Now you can make bill payments using your Walmart moneycard and there is no fee for this. This service is only available with personalized not with basic cards. Simply enter the payee name and address and the due amount. they will make the payment on your behalf either a check or electronic transfer. But $7500 is the maximum limit.

3. Moneygram

With your walmart card you can buy Moneygram money which you can further use to pay your bills, such as rent and utilities. $.70 money order fee applies. Money order is sold in the amount up to $1000.

4. Moneypak

Friends and families can reload your can when you need through Moneypak. you can load from $20 to $500 with a charge of $5.95.


Download Walmart moneycard App for convenient and smoother transaction.

Walmart Moneycad provides App both for IOS and Android phones. The app is convenient to use and provide a complete track of your transaction and account balance. Now all the activities of your card in the palm of your hand.



How to redeem cash back rewards?

You can redeem cash back rewards at Walmart website or via their App at the end of reward year.



Most of us do shopping with Walmart and its Moneycard is the best way to reduce our shopping bills in the form of cash back. They provide various ways to Reload the card with cash which makes this card very convenient and easy for use. No only money reloading you can also send and receive money.

How to save money and reduce shopping bills with Meijer Mperks ?

Meijer Mperks

What is Meijer Perks?

Meijer perks is a reward program which saves your money by giving you reward on every purchase that you do through Mperks. You can also earn rewards on filling the prescription and using Meijer Perks Credit Card. These rewards are given to you on the purchase of regular use items. So you don’t’ have to compromise with your shopping list. They also provide access to the digital coupon which you can use for future purchases.


Other Reward Programs

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How to get registered?

There is no charge for registration it is completely free. Click on tab Create Account and supply the requested details. Once you confirm your sign up your account will get activated. You can also download their Meijer Mobile app to access the account. Please ensure while registering the account they ask you to provide mobile number and pin. This two information you ne8ed to enter everytime you check out along with mperks ID.


Download App

Not only on the desktop but you can also access their app on IOS and Android. If you use App it will make your shopping easier the manual selection of rewards is an automatic system in App. You just need to put your Mperks ID and pin and coupon will automatically apply. And accessing digital coupon is also far better in App as compared to the desktop version.


Categories of Rewards earning


1. Mperks Rewards

It is one of the popular ways to save money where you get 2% or more back in rewards on qualifying purchases. Shop and enter your Mperks ID before check out and track your progress to get rewarded.  And this reward earnings can be used for future purchases. This type of rewards you can earn on regular stuff like Groceries and household products. E.g If you spend $200 on Vegetables and fruits you will get $5 as a reward.

2.  Pharmacy Rewards

No separate registration required to enroll in Pharmacy reward program it is self-enrolled once your account is active. Every time you fill a prescription you get a reward. When you will fill five you will earn a reward as $10 off on your next shopping trip.

3. Meijer Credit Card Rewards

Mperks offers you Master card or credit cards to rewards digitally. Just clip your available credit card reward and redeem it on your next shopping trip.

4. Exclusive Offers

Mperks provide lots of exclusive offers under which good rewards are given to the customers. Special savings like 10% off general merchandise, $5 off a $50 Purchase. these offers keep changing and the best way to get easy rewards.

5. Digital Coupons

With Mperks you can now clip your coupons with order directly. Websites track your shopping behavior and on basis of that, they would offer you the coupons. It completely optional if you want you can choose or you can deny accepting the coupon. Clip as many as you want. They will be stored in your Mperks account which you can use later. While checking out enter your Mperks ID and pin and clipped coupon redeem automatically once they match with the purchased item.


Additional Features of Mperks

1. Track your Digital Receipts and savings

This is one of the best features of this reward program where you can have control over your spending by tracking the item through digital receipts. You can compare your purchases with last months to current. It also helps you to figure out in which area your spendings are increasing and what are the important stuffs that you are missing. This type of analysis is not possible with physical receipts. As it is difficult to store physical receipt for a longer period. Whereas digital ones can be saved in cell phone over the long period of time.

Savings can also track total savings by month or year.

2. Scan to find the coupon reward

This one is also a cool feature of Mperks here you can search reward coupons through product bar code. You just need to scan the barcode of a product and all rewards related to that product will appear in your mobile. Usually, most of the rewards they offer related to the items you are searching for bought previously. But with this technique you can even get the details of those rewards which you have not received in your account.

3. Create Shopping List

You can create your desired shoppinng list both in webiste and App. If you need a hard copy print option is also available.


Meijer Mperks is a reputed online reward program company which provides Personal, Pharmacy and Meijer credit card rewards with digital coupons. This is great program for frugal shopper to save money in almost all kindg of shopping. This also helps us to keep the track on our shopping and budget. We can also track our savings that how mcuh we have saved through Mperks. Add this reward program in your list and save money on your shoppings.