30 Best Amazon review sites to get free products

Amazon Review sites

We all know that there are tons of website which provide free samples of various brands. And they are doing this so that they can promote their product and create brand awareness. This helps the advertiser to produce a better for their targeted audience. You all must have gone through with my other articles especially those who are following frugal living life style to save money or in search of freebies. Previously we had discussed how to get free stuff online, Walmart free samples, save money with Walmart Moneycard, Walmart Savings catcher , and Product testing.  These are some of the ways through which you can save money or can get free products. But do you know that there are Review sites which also provide free samples for your opinion? And we have selected Amazon for this as it is one of biggest e-commerce where 80% of the consumers makes the transaction.


What is Amazon Review Sites?

Whenever we buy a product from e-commerce website what is the first thing we check to identify that product is worth buying? It is reviews of the product. It gives an idea how genuine and good the product is. If reviews are great then it is likely that product can be sold easily. As a seller perspective, it is the best tool to increase the sales. So there is a positive relation between reviews and sale of the product. In other words in order to increase the sales sellers are looking more reviews and you can’t get it free. so they offer free and discounted products to the customers in exchange for reviews. And that’s what bring review sites in the picture.

Sites offer various products through sellers to the customers and they have to share the reviews. which ultimately helps the seller to get more sales and revenue.


How does it work?

  1. First, create the account on any Amazon review site.
  2. Now select product which you want to. Quantity can be limited depending upon the website.
  3. Now purchase the product through a promo code.
  4.  Once receive the product use and test it out.
  5. After using the product now it’s the time to leave the review. And inform the website so you can move for other products. You can go for next item until the review process is complete.


Following are the Amazon Review Sites

1. AMZ Review Trader

They have 4.5 Million monthly users and 70% are returning visitors. Which clearly states that they are delivering best for both sellers and buyers. They have a huge range of products including kitchen, beauty, clothing, pets, baby, kids and electronics. You can get these products on 50% discount or completely free. You just need to create the account and start surfing items you are looking to test.

2. Elite Deal Club

One of the best Amazon review sites as they don’t have any limit on grabbing the number of items. However, they have a limit of using one coupon from 10 am EST to 2 PM. So that everybody has the opportunity to get the products. As we all know sellers give limited numbers of coupons to review sites. First, you need to create an account and you will receive a confirmation email. Once you confirm you will automatically subscribe to their newsletter. And this will help you get recent updates on coupons and deals. After that visit member dashboard and grab your coupons and purchase items from Amazon.

3.  Giveaway Service

Giveaway provides free items like Bra, Ciftoys, socks, hydration bladder and makeup items. It includes both discounted and free items. The discount you will find up to 99%. And the list of items is also very high quality. The second best thing about this website they give 30 days of time to leave the review.

4. Etekcitizen

It is an e-commerce website which deals in electronics and outdoor equipment. Which includes water filters, kitchen scales, Lanterns, Powerstrips, Massager, power cords, wifi outlets, fitness scales, and body weight scales. This site is quite different than others because they promote their own products. And if you are looking free items then you have to contact them directly. Most of their items are high quality and have value around $100.

5. I love to review

Great website but does not have a quality product like Amz Review Trader and elite deal club. Most of the items are under $9 and category of free items are also very limited. but if you are looking items like a water bottle,  Mobile Accessories, Coffee mug, and clothes are common here. You can expect 3 to 5 new offers per week.

6. Dealgogo

The best thing about dealgogo is that you can snag up to 10 items at a time. And they provide discount up to 99% along with free items. Most of their items come with electronics but they also deal in beauty, fashion and baby products. Quality of the items are also very good but this is the new website in the market.

7. Snagshout

It is one of the renowned Amazon review sites which offer the free product to the customers. The best thing about this website is that here you don’t need approval from the seller. And you can leave the review within 2 weeks. The only drawback we found on this website is that you can snag only one item at a time. If you need a second item you have to submit the review and inform the snagshout before selecting the second one.

8. Vippowerclub

They offer 20% to 99% discounts along with free products for review. They inform the deals through email so you need to enroll in their newsletter service. And this is an automatic process which where you get enrolled while creating the account. You don’t need to visit the website and review the products they will let you know as soon as they receive from the sellers. And you won’t find any high ticket item. Most of their items are under $10


Items listed here are cheaper than other websites and you won’t’ find too many products here. However, this is a 2-year-old website and has good market value. And free products are also very limited so if you get the chance make sure to grab on time before it gets run out.

10. Dollar Review Club

The best thing about this website that they have $1 section where you will find everything in a dollar. Seller approval is mandatory and most of the items are less than $10. You will find an item like facial cleanser, Wrinkle creams, Mobile accessories, sunglasses, Coffee mug, and headbands. You need to leave the review on social media after receiving the product.

11. Secrets Deal Club

The secret deal club will provide plenty of deals direct to your inbox every morning 10 am pst. And most of their deals start at $1. Signup claiming promo codes and then purchase the item on high discounts.

12. Product Testing Group

Product testing group will give you the opportunity to get hands on various items like electronic, beauty, and fashion. They have both low and high quality of products and you will find a discount from 20% to 88% which quite good on high-quality items.

13. I Review Home

Seller approval is mandatory and most of the items fall under the category of mobile accessories, Christmas and birthday decorative items, pendants, pillow covers, Mugs, and hair straightener. They have both free and discounted items.

14. Amazing Deals coupon

You won’t find any high ticket item here most of the products are cheap. every time you leave a review for a product they give you another coin which you can use to get next product. So it works on coin basis.

15. Loot Hoot 

Great list of products you will various kind of items with good discounts. The best part of this website is they run a contest every week. Joining loot hoot you get 10 entries, grabbing a deal -50 entries, Tweet, share or G+ any deal from the deal pages 1 entry each and in every 24 hours they give you a freebie.

16 Uber Zone Club

Visibility of the website is not good as compared to other Amazon review sites. Because here you won’t find any item category or details of the product. Only club joining instruction is available on the website. After registration, you will be able to receive products with discounts from 85 to 95% off on daily basis.

17. Deals For Review

Here you will find great deals for the Amazon products in exchange for honest review. You have to leave the review within 2 weeks of receiving the product. Leaving review is not mandatory but they recommend it is good to leave the review if you used the product.

18. Home Product Testing

As per its name you will find lots of home and kitchen items. Free products are limited but you will find good discounts and deals. You will find lots of better deals under $2 to $5. However, they have some items in a range of $30 to $80.

19. Product Elf

Product Elf is not as popular as other Amazon review sites but it has a long list of products. Including Automotive, beauty, health & Grocery, books, audible, clothing, shoes, jewelry, movies, music, sports, toys, and electronics. There less free items but offers and deals on products are great. You will find lots of items where the discount is more than 90%.

20. Your Premier Deals

Products list is not available which means you need to create an account and wait for their offers. Leaving a review on Amazon is optional but you have to post on Facebook and it is mandatory. You must leave the review within 5 days of receiving the product.

21. Honest Society

There are not many details on the website but shoppers can signup and wait for the free samples and discounted products. They intimate the shoppers through their newsletter.

22. KabelDirektK

Kabeldirect also works same as an honest society you need to subscribe their newsletter and they will notify you whenever there is a deal or offer. But here you will receive the deals only related with kabeldirect they don’t promote any other brands. They deals in computer cables.

23. Buview

Shoppers will find a good list of products which include electronics, beauty, consumer goods, clothing, software, home goods and toys. Create an account and share brief detail about yourself. They will review your data and provide you compatible deals and offers.

24. Trust Review Network

For an honest review you will get discount from 50% to 100%. You will get products like mobile accessories,  Pin pong bats, Espresso coffe machine, weight scales and organic cotton sheet. Most of the deals you will get under $5. However you won’t find any high quality or expensive product.

25. OZ Naturals

Company has its own product to promote which include beauty and skin care items. Most of the average price range is between $2 to $5 and they are active in US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Company also claims all their products are completely organic.

26. Brand Awareness Club

Once you become the member of Brand awareness club you are eligible from $20 to $50 at 70-99% discount. And if you are their prime member even the shipping is free.

27. Blue Ribbons Review

Most of the listed items falls under electronics and household. You will discount anywhere between 50% to 80% depending upon the brand and item. You will also find some beautiful jewelery stuff with good offer.

28. Bestone Review

Seller approval is mandatory here and you can get up to 80% of discounts on products. You will find huge range of products under cleaning supplies, personal care and pet supplies.

29. Review Directory

This website use multiple ways of marketing product like, product testing, Online reviews, surveys and mystery shopping. they also have good brands on their platforms like Storm, the noth face, EMI , Butlins, Justseat, Next, Interflora, chipex and many more along with amazon.

30. Skiva Plantinum Program

For an exchange of honest review here you can receive a water proof bluetooth speaker. But they dont’ deal with any brands so you would be able to review only new products launched by skiva. Sign up with them and start receiving great deals and offers.



Amazon review sites are best way to save money and try out new product of the company. Here we not only receive discounted but free samples as well. This helps us to reduce our monthly home expenses up to 70% that we spend on grocery, hosue hold, beauty, health and babies prodcuts. But here we have limitation on number of products at a time and frequency of gettinng free samples are also limited. You can’t get the samples as per you need but as per companies promotion budgets and requirements.














How to save money with Walmart Savings Catcher ?

walmart savings catcher


Walmart is one of the biggest American multinational retail corporation. We all visit Walmart to buy groceries, household, health, beauty and many other products. They provide lots of ways through which we can save money or reduce our shopping bills. Like Walmart free samples, and Save money with Walmart moneycard. The same way you can also save money through Walmart savings catcher.

What is Walmart Savings catcher?

Walmart claims that they offer the lowest price of the items. And the price is almost unbeatable at any other stores. But if you get any store which has the lowest price than Walmart, you will get difference amount as a cash back or e-gift card. Now you must be thinking that no one can beat Walmart price but that is not true. There are lots of items which you will find at lower prices. So this scheme lets you to save money even after shopping. All you need to do is enter your receipt number in Walmart savings catcher website. And they will compare your prices with top retailers who is advertising the identical product. And most of the times you will find that you receipt is catching benefits.


How does Walmart Savings Catcher works ?

There are two ways to get the benefits of walmart savings catcher. You can choose any way to get the benefits however App is a much better and easier way to complete the process.

1. Through Mobile App

  1. First you need to have access on Walmart App. If you don’t have then you need to download it. They have both IOS and Android app available.
  2. When you open the app you will the option of savings catcher.
  3. Now select that and click on tab ad walmart receipt
  4. Now you can scan the barcode, QR code or you can directlyl enter the receipt number
  5. Once receipt is scanned rest is the work will be done by Walmart. They will inform you the results via email.

2. Through Website

The other way of doing is through their website. You must have an account in order to complete this transaction. If you dont have then create an account first.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Enter the receipt number along with purchase date.
  3. Walmart will let you know the results via email. If  any match found you will get the cash back or e-gift card of the differnece amount.


Challenges with Walmart Savings catcher

  1. Walmart compare the prices only the top stores that are listed with them. So if any store that doesn’t under their list you won’t be able to catch the benefits despite having lower price than walmart.
  2. They compare the price of items on based of UPC code. Apart from this these items must be identical in size, weight, color, brand, quantity and flavor.
  3. Slightest difference in the product won’t let you to get the benefits. It is consider only when product is 100% identical to each other. Which is right as well because if they are different you can’t compare the price.
  4. All non branded products are out of Walmart Savings catcher.
  5. Only US citizens over age 18 with a valid receipt are eligible.
  6. You must register and create the account in order to use the walmart Savings Catcher.
  7. General Merchandise is not eligible, Inlcuding but not limited to outdoor living consumables, Office supplies, dvd, electronics, gaming, Media, toys, books, magazine, shoes, jewelery furniture and seasonal products.
  8. Thos deals which are listed as available mentioned as manufacturer’s coupon, “on pack coupon” or coupon commonly found in sunday newspaper are not eligible.
  9. Prescription drugs, photo products, optical and any services or products that need a service agreement like wirelsess, automotive or financial products will not be eligible.
  10. Items placed on layway are not eligible.
  11. Returns items are not eligible for Savings catcher. If item is returned after receiving benefits then the given amount will be deducted.
  12. The maximum amount that can be redeemed by an indiviual is $599.99 per calendar year.
  13. You cannot scan receipt which is older than 7 days.
  14. Saving catcher is only count store buying receipt online receipt is not valid.

Some more exclusions

  1. Conditional purchase like buy Pepsi and get cereal for $1.
  2. Combo purchase where you get and additional item as free. E.g buy A&b and get C item free
  3. Buy one get one free with no actual price
  4. Despite getting benefit from coupon you still can go for walmart savings catcher.
  5. Closeout prices or going out of business
  6. Percentage off (50% off on cosmetic items)


Benefits of using Walmart Savings Catcher

  1. Here you get cash back and e-giftcard after purchased which is not possible anywhere else.
  2. You don’t have to go and check the prices of the items it is done by walmart system automatically
  3. It is automatic system which is easier and faster.
  4. Here you get the double benefit. You can go for savings catcher despite applying the coupon.
  5. We can access through website or mobile app. which makes this tool convenient and faster.
  6. You get cash back rewards after your purchased. Not like other stores where you buy the item after looking the discounts.

How to Redeem Walmart Savings Catcher rewards ?

If walmart finds any match with lower price then customer is eligible to get rewards. And these rewards are given in two ways.

1. Reward Dollars

If any listed store selling product lower than walmart price you are eligible to get reward dollars. For the difference amount. You can see this reward dollars in your walmart app. If you are using website then you need login and inside your accound you will find the details.

How to redeem reward dollars ?

Reward dollars can be redeemed to e-giftcard which you use at the store or online for walmar shopping. and if you are member of blue bird american express card then you can conver these in into walmart bucks.

2. Walmart e-gift card

If you have selected e-gift card option then you will receive this directly in your email. take the printout and use this at any walmart store for shopping.



Walmart Savings catcher is one of the best way to save money and reduce shopping bills. It is easy to convenient , faster and completely automatic. Which does not require any manual process to claim. All we need to do is to upload the receipt or TC# and system automtically finds the eligibile items. But we also found that it has many limiation so does not provide benefit to all the items. But overall it is great way to save money while doing shopping with walmart.



44 Companies that Offer Free Items for product Testing


product testing

Do you also follow frugal living lifestyle? If yes then I can be your companion for your frugal journey. I will try to make your life easy as much as I can by bringing free products and ideas to save money. In this article, we will let you know how you can get free quality items by becoming a product tester. Lots of companies offer free products to test. And this includes cosmetics, food, sanitary, software, games, and sports items. We had already discussed some frugal living lifestyles in our previous articles like how you can get free stuff online, Walmart free samples and how to save money from Walmart moneycard.


What is Product Testing?

You all must have got items as freebies through various websites. And most of us hardly try figure out the reason why companies are offering free products to us. The idea behind the freebies to test their product, market and how to target the customer. There are lots of big companies that offer product for testing. Let’s take an example of cosmetic product introduced by ABC company. Now the company wants to see the response of their customer related to that new product before they initiate a mass production. Because if they do without testing they might have to suffer a big loss. There could be many reasons for the product failure. E.g the skin lotion is not suitable for certain skin type. Or maybe allergic to a certain disease. So keeping all this in mind company do a testing before it’s actually moving their concept towards production.


Following are the companies which offer free items for product testing.


1. Instyle Trendsetters

Be a part of InStyle trendsetters community and get a chance to review products for free. This company offers only women products for testing. Whenever you complete a product survey or testing you automatically get enrolled for amazing sweeptakes which can get you from $72 to $25000.

2. Vocalpoint

Here you need to create the account on vocalpoint with complete profile. Once your profile matches with any product for testing they will notify you. The product includes hair appliances, food, and discount coupons.

3. Shespeaks

It is a women community where you can share your opinion how do you live your life and what products you choose and why. Members also get the chance to attempt surveys and review products. Here you not only get free product for testing but also connect with other women’s.

4. McComick

Be a part of McComick and get free products like spices and seasoning for testing. You need to create a consumer testing profile with them. If they accept your request you will receive a confirmation email.

5. Simley360

Join Simley and be a part of product tester. They have more than 90k active members who receive free products for testing. Here you need to attempt surveys to qualify for testing. After trying the product you need to share the feedback on social media.

6. L’oreal Consumer Testing

L’oreal offers testing products both for men and women’s. And these include hair care, hair styling, cosmetics, skin care and sun care. They offer both onsite and offsite testing,f you are unable to visit their site they can mail you the product at home.

7. Snuggle Bear Den

Account registration is mandatory you have to attempt surveys in order to qualify for testing. Once you qualify they will notify you through the email.

8. Reebok Consumer Testing

To be part of Reebok consumer testing you need to compatible with their requirements like Footwear size, Apparel top, and bottom size. Apart from this they also looking additional qualities like you should be fitness enthusiast. can meet minimum weekly activity requirements.

9. Sephora

You can add up to 3 samples for testing and most of their products belong to makeup and cosmetics. Like glow highlighting skin fluid and liquid foundation cream.

10. Home School

Here you will get school supplies for testing. Just enroll yourself and start receiving the free testing product.

11. Friends & Neighbors

Register for their consumer testing and if you are eligible you will receive an email. to clear their eligibility test you need to attempt their survey. their studies may include smelling fragrances, evaluating a new lash-lengthening mascara and testing types of dental floss.

12.Pink panel

Join the testing panel and attempt their survey after some time you will start receiving the email for product testing. They mostly offer cosmetic products. Apart from the product they also provide reward prizes.

13. Influenster

They send you a box of full of samples which are known as Voxbox. and you receive this after qualifying their test.Box may contain items like the moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner.

14. Mom Select

This is a community which is based on Moms only. Here advertisers offer products related to moms which you can get as a free for testing.

15. HouseParty.com

This one is quite interesting as products and brands sponsored parties for you. And all you need to do is to share the feedback Including your guest.

16. Be a part of Mills Advisory Panel

MAP is a group of consumers which shares their opinion about food with general mills. Here you will get the chance to explore food to taste and complete experience of general mills products.

17. Roku Betatester

Here you need to test their software and need to report the bugs and regular feedback via email.

18. Pinchme

This website is full of product testing items. here you will find personal care, Home & Family, Food & Drinks, and pets. First, you need to create a pinch-me account and then you can choose the product you want to test.

19. Minute

Participate in their Recipe club and get free food items for testing. And they also provide discounted coupons and special offers to their members.

20. BzzAgent

They have branded product for testing like L’oreal, Olay, and Swiffer. Create your account enjoy free product testing items.

21. Brooks

Brooks is very famous for its running shoes and clothes. Please share your profile including your work out details. they will notify if you qualify.

22. Marie Claire

Join Marie Claire’s velvet rope club and get free products like lipstick, handbag, and mascara for testing.

23. Glam Spotters

Share your opinion on fashion, entertainment, relationship, and career. And receive new product for testing. As a member, you will also be eligible for events and offers.

24. Parenting

Completely dedicated to parents and they offer you stuff like babies health products, health & beauty products for mom, books, DVDs and video games. Account registration is mandatory for testing a product.

25. Mead4Teacher

If you are a teacher then this website will be perfect for you. Here you will get the school supplies which you need while teaching.

26. Vogue Insider

If you qualify their surveys you will receive free beauty products for testing.

27. Nike Consumer Testing

If you want sports shoes and T-shirts in pr the duct testing then Nike can fulfill your dream. But to qualify their parameters is quite tough than others. First of all your physique should be matched with their sample size. And you should have a daily regimen of workout.

28. Brillo Connection

Join Brillo connection and get the free cleaning supplies for testing.

29. Naturally Savvy

This website offers organic product for testing. Here you need to test the products and then answers the questions.

30. Microsoft Playtest

Here you need to test unreleased video games. No specific skill required even if you are new you can apply.

31. Product Testing

PD is available in USA, Canada and UK. Here you will some expensive products for testing like apple watches, PS4 and Xbox Consoles.

32. American Consumer Opinion

This one is quite different than others here instead of the product you get money for your opinion. you can earn $50 to $200 for testing a product.

33. Brand Institute

Be a part of their panel and receive free consumer products for testing

34 Centercode

It is customer validation company that provide platforms and service solutions that enable companies to launch their products successfully in the market. They provide Alpha, beta and field test.

35. CrowdTap

Here you will get free products for testing but you need to share the reviews on Amazon websites. The products are also offered by Amazon.

36. Milliarbrands

Milliarbrand runs review programs and you can get cleaning & bed supplies, pool items, and yoga fitness equipment.

37. Honstek

This is also a review program and they offer headphones and speakers for testing.

38. Mengo

Mengo is an electronic brand which provides mobile accessories and Bluetooth speakers for testing.

39 Gmyle Lab

Under Gmyle lab review program, you will get some luxury products for reviews like Macbook, Tablet, and smartphone accessories

40. Artic Product Tester

This company deals in computer and mobile cooling system.

41. Jum Send

Jum send review programs has various products you need to choose which one you want to go. Available only in the USA.

42. Gear Beast Product Tester

The company provides only homemade products for testing. And this includes belts, packs, mobile mounts, waterproof phone case, and accessories.

43. Deal Haustle

Here you will not only get free samples but highly discounted items. just join start participating in product testing. But the frequency of free samples is quite low on this website.

44. Vivrate

You will get varieties of items for free samples including beauty, toys exercises supplies.



There are lots of legit online websites and companies which offer free products for testing. These are done in order to gauge the targeted audience and to make a better product for their customers. Being a part of frugal living you can take the benefits of these opportunities and receive products in exchange of your opinions. Product testing market is huge here you can get from anything from food to electronics for testing and all are free of cost. So check our entire list and figure out which is best for you.









Free home depot workshops for Kids and Adults

home depot workshops


What is Home Depot Workshops?

These are the free workshops that groom your skills by doing small tasks like build a handy pencil box, Installing light fixtures, installing a toilet, harvest yard sign, installing wall tile, and partnerships. These are designed for all ages and genders, kids workshops provide a lively environment to improve their skills by doing innovative works, whereas women’s get the chance to hone their skills by doing home improvement projects. This saves lots of money which are spent to manage our home and on paid classes for our kids.

This would be great for those who want to save money or prefer the frugal living life style.  And what is the harm of saving money if we are getting something free? Home improvements is that area where we spend significant amount yearly. If we can save those bucks by attending free home depot workshops the same amount can be utilized for something better. You perform these task under the supervision of experts with free available kits.


Types of Home Depot Workshops

Home depot workshops are available for all genders and ages and they are categorized in three categories. Following are the classes available for masses.

1. Do it yourself Classes

These classes are for adults and do not require any specific skills to join. classes are performed under the strict supervision of experts with all the equipment.  Following are the task you will find under this category.

A. Installing a light fixture

Here you will learn how to install a new light fixture or replace with an old one. you will also learn how to replace a standard light switch with a dimmer switch.

B. Installing a Toilet

This will let you know how to set up a new toilet by using tools and supplies. not only new one but also help you to know how to remove and fix the old toilet with new one.

C. Installing wall Tiles

This could be little hard as compare to other two but can also help you to save lots of money. the workshop will show you the tools and supplies which you need to complete the task. An associate will guide you how to prepare all the things before initiating the tiling and how to mortar and seal tile like a pro.

2. Kids Workshops

This one is only specialized for kids to sharpen their skills. Kids ages between 5 to 12 can join kids workshops held on every 2nd Saturday at all home depot workshops. Following are DIY classes you will find under this category.

A. Build a handy pencil case

Kids have to build and decorate pencil box with the available kit. Children must be available for the workshop in order to receive the supplies. once the pencil box is built then kids need to decorate it. And they also going to receive the free Certificate of Achievement.

B. How to make Bird houses and picture frames

Here kids can also make things which can help you for home improvements. Building a bird house and picture frames are also part of home kids workshops. This not helps you to save money but also sharpen the skills of your kids at very early stage.

3. Do it Herself Classes

This one is majorly organized for women’s which mostly includes home improvements. Following are the activities involved in Do it Herself classes.

A. Harvest Yard Sign

Here women’s will get the chance to build yard signs. Experts will teach you how to use carpenters tools to measure and cut the wood. They will also demonstrate the safe use of tools like jigsaw, drills, and clamps. At the end of the workshop, the expert will help you to shop for everything you need to create your own project at home.

B. Chicken coops Plan

This will help you to build chicken coops plan for any sized yard. This will provide you safe and warm place for your chickens. These types of small projects are easy to work and help women to save money.

How to get enroll in Home Depot workshops?

If you are looking home depot workshops near your area. Click on the given link and this will take you to a page where you need to enter the zip code of the area for workshops. Now the next step is to select the area of your choice and it will take you the types of upcoming workshops.

Next is to click on register and provide your name and email ID. Now you are registered for the workshop. Visit the home depot workshop on schedule date and time. Workshops available in one area can be different to other. And you might or might not find the same types of workshops in the given area.


Benefits of attending Workshops

  1. It helps to increase the social interaction as one project have multiple people involved. So if your kid is working on a project with other kids of your area it helps him/her to more socialize.
  2. It helps kids to follow the direction. Each project involves step by step process which helps kids to learn how things are structured and made before reaches to the stage of the final product.
  3. The more and more workshops you involve it increase your problem-solving skills. usually, our brain works according to our need and uses. If we are solving problems on daily basis it enhances our problem-solving skills.
  4. As soon as your child completes a couple of projects it boosts their confidence and as a result, they become more independent.
  5. Workshops also help us to be more creative as I discussed earlier. The brain has the power to work according to our need. If you are doing creative work on a daily basis it helps your kids to be more creative in all aspects.
  6. If you work on some significant project like tiling, Carpenter, and fixing electronic items. it helps you for home improvements and also saves money.



Home depot workshops are free and available to all kind of ages and genders. This can be helpful for frugal living to save money and simultaneously sharpens your skills. But free workshops are limited and you can only learn what is offered to you not what you want. But it’s still worth attending these types of the workshops. Eventually, it’s adding value to your life and helping you to learn some special skills which will be lifelong.





How to get free collection etc catalog ?


Collection Etc Catalog

What is collection ETC Catalog?

Winston Brand Incorporation is a company that deals in Home Decor, health & beauty, Apparel, accessories, Gits, toys, and pets. Their first Collection ETC catalog was launched in 1997 since then they have grown into the nation’s leading and fastest growing companies. In 2017 Taylor gifts and better senior living were also became the part of Winston brand inc. Taylor gifts provide the solution for garden and home decor. Their physical office is located in Elk Grove Village Illinois. A company has a wide range of beautiful products like Furniture, Curtains, home lighting, Bird houses, and Gifts.

Collection ETC catalog can also be considered as Gift Catalog as they have huge of gifting items in their online store. You can request their free catalog or you can also access online. If you are planning to decorate your home or to buy a gift for your friends and family Collection ETC could be a good option.


How to request free collection ETC catalog?

Requesting catalog is not a complex process all you need to do is visit their website. And click on the link request catalog at the bottom of the page. A page will appear where you need to supply your personal details like Name, a request code, mailing address, city, state, zip code and email address. Request code is basically the code of your catalog which you want to deliver. Please ensure to enter all the required details else you won’t be able to submit the request. Once all details are entered please click the submit button you request is locked.

Now the last step is to confirm your request for that you will receive an email to your inbox. Which you need to click and confirm. Now you will be notified that your request for free collection ETC has been placed. And you will receive the catalog within 10 to 15 days.



Don’t forget to subscribe their newsletter

If you are interested in their catalogs and products don’t forget to subscribe their newsletter. This helps you to keep the track on new items and obsolete products. It also helps to get the info related to change of terms and policy of the company. Along with this they also offer bonus coupons to new subscribers.

If you are running a business related to their products then newsletter will be a great way to be a head in the game of marketing. You can also join their social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Although subscribing a newsletter is completely optional.

If you subscribed their newsletter and any point of time you feel it’s annoying you are getting too many emails to your email inbox which are not relevant. Then you can unsubscribe this anytime by clicking on the unsubscribe button which available at the bottom of the email.


Points to remember while requesting catalog

  1. The catalog is available only for US Citizens. If the mailing address is out side US you might not receive your catalog.  Please check more details related to this.
  2. Only one catalog per household will be issued.
  3. The company takes 10 to 15 days to deliver the catalog.
  4. You can also review the products online so if you feel that 10 to 15 days are too long to receive.
  5. You won’t be able to request the catalog until you supply all the necessary details.



Collection Etc catalog is home decor and gifting catalog which you can receive completely free from their website by filling online request form. The website is full of gifting and home decor items.


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How to get walmart free samples ?

Are you freebie hunter like me? I am always in search of free items in order to reduce my monthly expenses. As we know there are tons of website who offer free stuff online but do you know that Walmart also provides freebies to their customers. You all must be using Walmart Moneycard to save up to 3% as a cash back reward. But how great it would be to receive free samples from Walmart along with cash back. And you would be surprised to know that samples have a huge category of baby, cosmetics, health, Female hygiene and food.


How to receive Walmart free Samples?

Samples are given by the advertisers who are promoting their products. And there could be a possibility that for some items you need to qualify for free samples. You can’t claim all types of samples or specific its all depends on the company and their criteria for qualifying a sample. There are two ways through which you can receive samples.

1. Request samples from their website www.walmart.com

For Walmart free samples updates you need to check their website more frequently. because they don’t’ have a specific category for freebies as you find with other online stores. And these samples come with limited stock which given on first come first served basis. So if you see any update related to freebies make sure you reach on time else you might end up getting nothing.

Apart from their website you can also connect with them through social media. They also provide free samples, coupons and deals update through their social media accounts. If you subscribe their page you will get the update in your feed.

 Information required from customer for Walmart free samples

  1. Full name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Email Address

Along with this you also need to be a citizen of US. Delivery may take up to 4 weeks.

2. Request samples directly from their local Store

Requesting samples through the store is very easy first you need to locate the local store near by your area. And then you need to check which sample offer is currently available to the customers. Follow their link to Walmart store (event page) and enter your zip code to check the offer and local store details. Once you identify the samples for which you are qualified then track the distribution date to collect the samples.


Points to remember while requesting Walmart free samples

  1. You need to qualify for the certain samples. As there can be many factors like age, gender and health condition which may disqualify to receive the samples
  2. You need to live in united states and should have the mailing address in US.
  3. Each free samples can be given once per household
  4. It is distributed on first come first served basis. So it is not necessary if you eligible you will surely get the samples.
  5. Walmart does not provide any specific section for freebies. So if you are looking Walmart free samples you need to keep the track on web and store both.
  6.  Most of the samples are low cost so don’t expect expensive items as free samples. it usually includes perfume, shampoo, diapers, coffee, makeup, and snacks.
  7. Samples are distributed on basis of area so don’t expect the same sample which is available in New York will also be available in California or any other states of US.
  8. Walmart never gives free samples to the customer these are distributed by the companies who sell their product through Walmart and choose them as a medium for promotion.
  9. Free samples are a part of market research where they identify their targeted customers and evaluate their product in particular geographical area. This helps them to develop better products.




Walmart free sample is a great opportunity for the frugal shoppers to save money. But this needs lots of efforts as you need to keep a track on event page when they are going to distribute the samples and you also need to qualify for that. And your search still not stopped here the biggest problem is that these are limited in numbers so reaching to everyone’s hand is almost impossible. But it’s worth trying ultimately these are free if you get it its good if not you don’t’ lose anything.






10 Best Websites that gives you free stuff online



Do you know most of the household and personal items on which we spend lots of money can be found free of cost? It would be hard to believe but it is true there are lots of companies who distribute free stuff online to the people in order to promote their product. And it includes a huge list of items like baby products, Cosmetic, Fast food, household cleaners, and Clothing.

If you are one of those who are in search of free stuff online then this article will definitely helpful for you. In our freebies section, we always try to bring something new to our readers. Which helps them to save money by getting quality items in free. In this article, we are going discuss lots of good websites who provide free stuff to the people.


Following are the Websites for free stuff

1. Gofreebies

This website is a directory of freebies or in other words, we can consider this a Hub of freebies. They have many categories for free stuff like Babies & Kids, Food, Health & Beauty, Magazine, and Pet stuff. Apart from this they also have freebie sites. Through this tab, you can search lots of other websites who are listed with them for free stuff. For applying freebies you may need to qualify for the survey. This is the procedure through which advertiser decide that you are the perfect person for their product.

2. 2000 Freebies

Here you will find discounted products and freebies both. The website name itself explains that they tons of advertiser link to them who offers free stuff  online for promotion. They have some unique categories which you won’t find with other websites. E.g free software, antivirus, prescription drugs, stop smoking stuff and Birthday freebies.

3 Woman Freebies

Most of the free items on this website only for women but it does not mean they don’t’ have anything for the male. you will find some food items like Pizza, pickles, and burger in free samples category. But still, this is a good place for women to test out cosmetic products, Lingerie, and sanitary napkins.

4. Get it Free

Perfect place for those who want to get free almost all kinds of items. the website is full of freebies, discount coupons, deals, and sweepstakes. In freebies, they have cosmetic, perfumes, dog food, and photo prints. Their discounted and sweepstakes section is also very lucrative. You can win $20000 cash price, a laptop and a free subscription of Netflix for a year.

5. Freeflys

Freefly is a renowned website who provide free samples and coupons. Their major category is food, beauty, children, and health samples. They also provide samples without attempting any surveys. Apart from these they also provide free Walmart and makeup samples. you need to create an account before claiming any freebies.

 6. Free Stuff

Here you will find the enormous amount of free stuff online along with this you would also get a chance to explore Free gift cards, Great deals, and sweepstakes. you can also subscribe their newsletter through this you can keep track of all the upcoming freebies. They have some unique categories which are rare like the wedding, cell phones, gaming console, computers and sports goods, But almost everyone required a survey and you need to qualify to claim your item. This might not be easy as compared to other freebies website but it’s worth trying. As they are legit and giving free stuff online.

7. Free Samples.org

A pretty good website for freebie lovers. Their stores include beauty, health, household, pet, and food samples. Websites not only deals in free samples but also provide household and restaurant coupon. Data of websites get updated in every 24 hours. Which not let you end up with an obsolete freebie. Which you have encountered with most of the website.

8. Freebies.org

It is also one of the best places for the hunt of free stuff online and here not only through category but you can search your item directly with the search option. They have good categories like Female hygiene, health products, cosmetics, pets, books, and magazine.

9. Free Things

Another great website to save money and find free stuff online. Most of their items are related to new born babies but they also have other categories like beauty, food, clothing, and sticker. So if you have new born kids at home this website could be the best place to find kids and babies items. You can search the item through category or directly to the search bar.

10. Sweet Free Stuff

Most of their categories are similar with other freebies website. But some are really cool like Digital , birthday and money. In digital, you will find a wide variety of games and music downloads of the famous artist. In money section, you will surveys which can give you from $5 to $75. They also have lots of reward programs listed under this category.


How to save money with Walmart MoneyCard ? Reduce your shopping bills up to $75


Walmart Moneycard



What is Walmart Moneycard ?

Walmart Moneycard is a reloadable prepaid debit card which provides you cash back on purchasing. After loading the money whatever amount you spend on Walmart stores you will be eligible to get 3% cash back. It is one of the cheapest cards with the good reward program. Total Cash back you can earn up to $75 which is credited to card balance at the end of reward year. It is a second best program after Walmart free samples which gives great opportunity to reduce shopping bills.

Following are the criteria for cash back rewards on purchases.

  1. 3% cash back when shopping at walmart.com
  2. 2% at Murphy USA and Walmart fuel station
  3. And 1% at Walmart stores


How to get the Walmart moneycard?

Visit their website and on the home page click on the tab get a card now. This will take you to a request form where you need to supply all your personal details. Like the last name, first name, Mailing & email address, SSN and DOB. You also need to select either you want a Visa or master card. Once you get the card next step is to activate the card. The process is very similar to activating any other debit or credit card. You need to supply the details like card number, Expiration month, year, 3 digit security code, last 4 digits of your SSN and card pin.

Pay Day Perks ($25 cash back Offer on new cards)

Currently, there is an offer on new cards. If you apply for card between 05/01/2017 and 12/26/2017. Your initial payroll or government benefits direct deposit of $250 or more to your card within 60 days. you would be eligible to get $25 one time credit in your card.



What all are the options available to reload the money and how we can do this?

1. Direct Deposit

Through direct deposit, you can get your paycheck directly to your Walmart Moneycard up to 2 days earlier without any fee. Enter your Walmart moneycard number and the mobile number they will send you text to verify phone once it is verified. They will send you direct deposit info. Now give this info to your employer for direct deposit.  Currently, their direct depositing transaction i\s completed through Green Dot Bank. There is no fee for Direct deposit  

2. Walmart Rapid Reload

Here you can add from $20 to $1100 with a single swipe at any Walmart register. In this option, $3 service fees will be applied. You can also go for cash reload at other retailers.

3. By Check at Walmart

Through check, you can reload your card for any payroll or government check without any fee. However cashing fees may apply. You can reload any amount from $20 to $2999 not available in NJ, NY, RI.

4. Walmart Money Center Express

Find Walmart Money center express machine at the front of participating Walmart stores near customer service and Walmart money center. Reload fee is $3 or $0 for Walmart Moneycard preferred.

5. Online Bank Transfer

Transfer money directly from your bank account to Walmart Moneycard. For standard transfer which takes from 1 to 3 business days, there is no fee. For same day transfer, $2.95 fee will be a charged for up to $ 200.

6. Tax Refund

Now you can reload your card with your tax refund. You need to follow the same process as you do in direct deposit. This option is also free of charge.

How send and Receive money from Walmart Moneycard?

1. Send money to friends and Family

If you want to send money to friends and family through Walmart moneycard within US. Then it is completely free of charge. All you need to do is to provide the recipient details like name, email or phone number. And the amount you wish to transfer. They will deduct the same amount from your card and will notify the recipient. Now the recipient has 10 days to collect the money with a Walmart moneycard, PayPal account or any other card issued by Green Dot Bank.

2. Online Bill Pay

Now you can make bill payments using your Walmart moneycard and there is no fee for this. This service is only available with personalized not with basic cards. Simply enter the payee name and address and the due amount. they will make the payment on your behalf either a check or electronic transfer. But $7500 is the maximum limit.

3. Moneygram

With your walmart card you can buy Moneygram money which you can further use to pay your bills, such as rent and utilities. $.70 money order fee applies. Money order is sold in the amount up to $1000.

4. Moneypak

Friends and families can reload your can when you need through Moneypak. you can load from $20 to $500 with a charge of $5.95.


Download Walmart moneycard App for convenient and smoother transaction.

Walmart Moneycad provides App both for IOS and Android phones. The app is convenient to use and provide a complete track of your transaction and account balance. Now all the activities of your card in the palm of your hand.



How to redeem cash back rewards?

You can redeem cash back rewards at Walmart website or via their App at the end of reward year.



Most of us do shopping with Walmart and its Moneycard is the best way to reduce our shopping bills in the form of cash back. They provide various ways to Reload the card with cash which makes this card very convenient and easy for use. No only money reloading you can also send and receive money.

How to get Free Lakeside Collection Catalog?


Lakeside Collection


What is Lakeside Collection?

Lakeside Collection is an online retail Home Decor company founded in the year 2001 whose physical office located in Bannockburn, Illinois. They provide worlds best products from fabulous home furnishing, stylish and comfortable apparel and accessories. Their product list almost includes everything that you can expect in a home. Some of the products are very popular here like, Decorative pillow, Affordable furniture, a wide selection of storage option, rugs, doormats and candle holders. They are not limited to Home decor but also has a huge range of Gifting, clothing, toys, and Games.

They have quality products on their website with reasonable rates. If you are planning to decor your home Lakeside Collection could be the best option for you. Lakeside Collection is way head from their competitors because they always bring something unique and innovative. You will find some cool stuff in Fashionable Jewelry and Festive Treats. Recently I checked the sports and health fitness section and i found some amazing products like resistance band and digital pedal at a reasonable price.


How to get free Lakeside Collection Catalog?

Visit their website and on Top left there is option Request a free catalog. Once you click on this a request form will open where you need to provide the details like the first name, last name, mailing address, and email ID. After supplying all the details you will get a confirmation email. Where you need to confirm your free catalog request. Once you verify the email the catalog will get delivered within 2 to 3 days to your mailing address.

They also have many online catalogs which you can easily access and review. If you are satisfied online then you can surf their catalog on the website. After filing the request for free catalog you are also registered for their email marketing campaign. Under this, you will receive latest updates related to new items, discounts and any change in existing terms and policy. This is an automatic process but completely optional. If you don’t want to receive updates from them you can simply unsubscribe. For this, you need to visit at the bottom of the email there you will find the option of unsubscribing.


Points to remember while requesting free Catalog.

  1. A free catalog is only for Us Residents. For nonresidents please access online catalog.
  2. Catalog takes at least 2 to 3 weeks so in case if you need prior to this. The only option is to access through the website.
  3. All the requested information on the form is mandatory if you miss anything you won’t be able to lock the request.
  4. You can request a free catalog without having an account with the Lakeside collection. And filling out this form does not mean that you have any account with them. Account registration is completely a different process.
  5. Until your first catalog is not delivered you can’t request the second one in the interim.


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How to save money and reduce shopping bills with Meijer Mperks ?

Meijer Mperks

What is Meijer Perks?

Meijer perks is a reward program which saves your money by giving you reward on every purchase that you do through Mperks. You can also earn rewards on filling the prescription and using Meijer Perks Credit Card. These rewards are given to you on the purchase of regular use items. So you don’t’ have to compromise with your shopping list. They also provide access to the digital coupon which you can use for future purchases.


Other Reward Programs

How to get free gift cards and PayPal Cash using Mypoints

How to make money with Swagbucks Program

How to get registered?

There is no charge for registration it is completely free. Click on tab Create Account and supply the requested details. Once you confirm your sign up your account will get activated. You can also download their Meijer Mobile app to access the account. Please ensure while registering the account they ask you to provide mobile number and pin. This two information you ne8ed to enter everytime you check out along with mperks ID.


Download App

Not only on the desktop but you can also access their app on IOS and Android. If you use App it will make your shopping easier the manual selection of rewards is an automatic system in App. You just need to put your Mperks ID and pin and coupon will automatically apply. And accessing digital coupon is also far better in App as compared to the desktop version.


Categories of Rewards earning


1. Mperks Rewards

It is one of the popular ways to save money where you get 2% or more back in rewards on qualifying purchases. Shop and enter your Mperks ID before check out and track your progress to get rewarded.  And this reward earnings can be used for future purchases. This type of rewards you can earn on regular stuff like Groceries and household products. E.g If you spend $200 on Vegetables and fruits you will get $5 as a reward.

2.  Pharmacy Rewards

No separate registration required to enroll in Pharmacy reward program it is self-enrolled once your account is active. Every time you fill a prescription you get a reward. When you will fill five you will earn a reward as $10 off on your next shopping trip.

3. Meijer Credit Card Rewards

Mperks offers you Master card or credit cards to rewards digitally. Just clip your available credit card reward and redeem it on your next shopping trip.

4. Exclusive Offers

Mperks provide lots of exclusive offers under which good rewards are given to the customers. Special savings like 10% off general merchandise, $5 off a $50 Purchase. these offers keep changing and the best way to get easy rewards.

5. Digital Coupons

With Mperks you can now clip your coupons with order directly. Websites track your shopping behavior and on basis of that, they would offer you the coupons. It completely optional if you want you can choose or you can deny accepting the coupon. Clip as many as you want. They will be stored in your Mperks account which you can use later. While checking out enter your Mperks ID and pin and clipped coupon redeem automatically once they match with the purchased item.


Additional Features of Mperks

1. Track your Digital Receipts and savings

This is one of the best features of this reward program where you can have control over your spending by tracking the item through digital receipts. You can compare your purchases with last months to current. It also helps you to figure out in which area your spendings are increasing and what are the important stuffs that you are missing. This type of analysis is not possible with physical receipts. As it is difficult to store physical receipt for a longer period. Whereas digital ones can be saved in cell phone over the long period of time.

Savings can also track total savings by month or year.

2. Scan to find the coupon reward

This one is also a cool feature of Mperks here you can search reward coupons through product bar code. You just need to scan the barcode of a product and all rewards related to that product will appear in your mobile. Usually, most of the rewards they offer related to the items you are searching for bought previously. But with this technique you can even get the details of those rewards which you have not received in your account.

3. Create Shopping List

You can create your desired shoppinng list both in webiste and App. If you need a hard copy print option is also available.


Meijer Mperks is a reputed online reward program company which provides Personal, Pharmacy and Meijer credit card rewards with digital coupons. This is great program for frugal shopper to save money in almost all kindg of shopping. This also helps us to keep the track on our shopping and budget. We can also track our savings that how mcuh we have saved through Mperks. Add this reward program in your list and save money on your shoppings.