How can I earn money from YouTube ?

How to make money with Youtube videos

Do you know that YouTube has a huge potential of passive income ? In this article we are going to let you know the how we can make a substantial income with YouTube videos. The top earner PewDiePie  made $15 million in year 2016.  But here our target is not to become a top earner but to make maximum we can.


Steps to monetize YouTube videos

1. Create your own channel.

First of all we need to create our own channel and make sure it should be niche based. And there is no sense creating varieties of videos in single channel. As it will confuse our audience and it will eventually lead to less subscribers. Give your channel a appropriate name which describes your channel’s goal and specification. Account can simply be created with any gmail account.


2. Upload Videos with precise content and description

Make sure we have high quality video along with relevant keywords. It helps our audience to find our videos on YouTube.  Mistake in this area will lead our videos untraceable and our audience will never be able to reach our content. Now you all must be thinking how we can find relevant keywords. So there is tool just put your primary keyword and you will find the list of related keywords with their volume and CPC.

YouTube Kewordtool


See the below screen shot at what level of details we can get from this tool.


Youtube Keyword



3. Review  YouTube guidelines before monetizing

It’s really important to go through with YouTube guidelines  because if there is any thing which violating their rules and policy . Then they can remove our channel without any intimation. E.g they don’t allow others copy right videos to monetize by anyone.  We are eligible for monetization after reaching 10,000 total views on our channel.  Here is link of YouTube guidelines

YouTube Guidlines


4. Setup Adsense account with Google. 

Once partner program approve our channel we  need to setup an adsense account to receive payment for our videos. Here is the link how you can add an adsense account

Adsense Account


Earning Sources from YouTube

Once your channel is approved and adsense account is set up our next step is how to make money with Youtube videos. Making money with ad views is actually and an traditional way. Now you can increase your earning by sharing affiliate links. This method can increase your earning from 200% to 500%.


 1. Affiliate Marketing

Most of the YouTuber makes money only through  Youtube ads but very few are aware that we can put affiliate links to increase our earning. E.g if we are earning a channel related to muscle building we can simply choose any good product from affiliate sites like Amazon and JVZOO. And put this affiliate link in description. If any one buys product through your link you will get commission.

This will increase your earning almost 200% it’s a proven method. Try this technique with your channel and observe the results.


2. YouTube Ad Views

In reality YouTube never pays for views of your videos. Because they don’t make money with our views they earn through advertiser and that’s why they share the part of their earning.  And this earning varies from country to country. With same number of views you can have different earning depending in which country the ad was viewed.


How to make money with YouTube videos without creating and optimizing the channel.  

So far you have learned how to make money with YouTube videos with your own channel. But now we are going to let you know you can do this without even creating your own channel. Yes you heard it right. You can make money with other YouTube channels. We tried this technique and it actually works. All you need to do is to  find a good channel which has significant number of subscribers and related to some good niche where we can promote our products.

Select the YouTube channel and click on tab About. Please refer the screen shot.


Youtube email

Once you get the email ID now you can send email to the owner asking to put your affiliate link on their channel. And you can negotiate the commission distribution. May be you can pay a monthly charges for putting this link. It’s completely up to you how you want to make the deal. But this way you can make money without even creating your own channel.  Does it seems a difficult task ? it is super easy. I think it is good for those who want immediate earnings. Because it takes time to create a channel and then have good number of subscribers. And at the end you need 10,000 total views for the payment eligibility.

Try this technique with 10 to 15 YouTube Channels and if you get a single approval you can easily make $300 to $1000 monthly depending the type of products you are promoting.




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