10 Best Ways to make money online

A money minded person always looks for the ways to make extra money through the Internet. The Internet is the best platform to earn money easily and faster. Earning through online is a simple concept.  These micro-jobs are really helpful in making good revenue at the free time. Now, there are large numbers of job opportunities that offer the chance to earn money without any kind of investment.

Moreover, this one is the great option for all the employed as well as unemployed people. The individuals who can grab these opportunities are such like students, housewives, Job seekers and also for the retired people who want to earn. You can review large ideas as they will help you to grow extra income salary very fast and easily. Hence, one has not to go anywhere but the only requirements that he needs are the Computer system and good internet facility.

Benefits while going through the Online Options

Get extra money, extra fast through various possible online ways. In the current going time, there is an availability of more and more self-employed as they spend most of the time in browsing the internet.  Thus, the below are some of the advantages of the online money making options:

  • There is no need of making any kind of investment as most of the online making services are available at free of cost.
  • There is no need of any kind of hard work as one can do this job effortlessly and Moreover, one can attain a good experience through these efficient services in his free time.
  • The best ways to make money online is completely safe and easy process as the payment criteria are done through the PayPal-like options.
  • One can achieve endless opportunities as well can engage large offers.

Let’s start with some best ways to make money online that really work in making good fortunes:


Option1:  Freelancing Work


Easy ways to make money online

Now, it’s great time to show your skills and talent and this one is the most popular way that is going these days. By having this option, one can continue with two jobs. Hence, freelancing makes the money double by working with small as well as big organizations.

You have not made any kind of investment from your side but only needs some extra skills and knowledge. You can grab different opportunities such like of a content writer, web designer, graphics designer, SEO, data entry options and much more. Depending upon your skills and according to the interest, you can adopt any one of the options.


To work as a freelancer, you don’t need any kind of specific requirements. One has to only work with the help of his skills and knowledge. Only by sitting from one place, one can complete his or her tasks. For example, if you are a content writer then have to write articles from home. By doing this, you will get more pay than your organization.  To accomplish the required work, you need a good internet facility and a laptop or PC and good English skills.


Depending upon the skills and knowledge, a specific freelancer can earn up to a range of $500 to $1000 per month from home.

Popular Websites

  1. Freelancer
  2. Fiverr
  3. Up work
  4. Craiglist
  5. Total
  6. I-freelance
  7. Project4hire
  8. Simplyhired
  9. 99designs
  10. Guru

Option2: Online Seller


ways to make money online

Being an online seller is also one of the ways to make money fast; one can earn a lot of money by only selling items to a large number of audiences. One has to become a member of some top online shopping sites such like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal and many more options. Hence, After getting login into this site, you can make sales as much as you can.


One must hold appropriate selling tricks and check out for the products which you can sell on this site. This one is the easiest work that you can do from your home without any investment. Moreover, this activity is the appropriate option in the free time and you have to try out the best products that you can able to sell in the marketplace.



Somehow, it is difficult to say about the earnings as the earnings are totally based upon their sales. For example, if the seller is selling the product at the cost of $500 then with 5% commission, he can make earnings of $25.

Popular Websites

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Ebay
  4. MrPorter
  5. Zappos

Option 3: Online Data Entry Jobs


Quick money


The online pathway is full of data entry jobs even there are some of the companies who cheat with the people by providing fake data entry jobs. To earn money through these data entry jobs, make sure not to make any kind of payment to work for them.

There is also the availability of the data entry jobs which provide better job opportunities without any kind of investment and before indulging into these jobs, always check the status of the company and then only go for that.


You can consider it a kind of part time home based job or one of the ways to make money fast. For doing this job, you don’t need to qualify any kind of qualification criteria and One must have the ability and skills to perform the different data entry tasks. Hence, you need a PC and an internet facility to continue the work and install the required software that is needed for completing the task.


Under this job opportunity, one can earn up to $500 if you work on regular basis.

Popular Websites

  1.  Axion data entry services
  2.  Capital Typing
  3. Elance data entry
  4. Clickworker
  5. Guru

Option 4: Start your own training business


fast money


It is one of the ways to make money fast for those who are experienced in teaching line. One must have some extra skills to teach the students and one can open his online training business online and earn a large sum of money.

If you are masters in English and have best skills in any of the computer course, then earn extra money by conducting online classes. Moreover, there is a large number of teaching options that you can teach online and show your talent.


To become an online teacher, you can interact with the students through email id, message boards, and chat rooms. Moreover, You can also post online post videos and audio lectures and the material that can be download by the student. Or you can join some online websites where you can upload your videos and sell for earnings.


The teacher pay for all the online teachers is dependable upon their level of education and experience.  The income is based according to the part-time as well as full-time jobs and As per the calculation, by delivering online teaching classes, one can earn up to $50 per hour.

But you can also earn by joining online websites here you can upload your pre-recorded tutorials and can charge any reasonable amount of your skills. we have seen people are charging $5 to $100 per course. And the biggest advantage is that the same tutorial can give you earning again and again.

Popular Websites

  1. Udemy
  2. Tutorhub
  3. Vedantu
  4. Happy Tutor
  5. Learningfy


Option 5: Online Food services


Online food services


If you are interested in making food and cooks well then can offer online food services to the customers. It is one of the ways to make money fast that you can choose to earn a good income. In most of the big cities, it is found most of the restaurants offer food delivery at their customer’s home. Hence, one can do this task alone on his own and if the good services start then you can hire people & manage all this from home.


To get boost up your sales, you can start your own online Food ordering system that actually works. You can start your business online as a part time work like all other restaurants. Further, you can open your own food delivery company. In the today going time, most of the people love to purchase online as this one is the most convenient option and saves a lot of time. Hence, this option will really work for you.


Hence, one can earn good cash revenue from these online food ordering systems and earnings can be rise to the counting of Lakhs if the business starts greatly.

Popular Websites

  1. Ezcater
  2. Foodtoeat
  3. Chopnow
  4. Squarespace
  5. Seamless

Option 6: Make use of GPT sites

GPT WebsitesGPT sites are the best ways to make money online at free of cost and these sites allow you to make money by completing the free offers. One has to simply follow the TOS, complete the offers and get a good pay at the end of each month. By taking small surveys, watching videos and playing games and doing some other kind of activities, one can obtain a good sum of a rupee.


You have to simply create a Gmail account to login into the GPT sites and one must hold a Gmail account to complete the offers. You can simply join any of the GPT sites in order to get the pay. Moreover, there is also a requirement of the PayPal account.


The earnings are based on the type of GPT site and the sites which are available for more than 3 years are recommended to earn good money. Hence, the money will be transferred through the cheque and you have not to pay anything for that.

Popular Websites

  1. Superpay.me
  2. Cashcrate
  3. Rewardways
  4. ZoomBucks
  5. Buxp

Option 7: Online Web designing

Best ways to make money online

If you are a web designer, then earn great money on the internet and One must have the excellent web designing skills to continue the online process. Hence, one can take orders from the customers online who want to develop their websites.


To do this online job, one can take training in web designing from some reputed institute. After that, he or she can start his online business of web designing services. You can calculate your customers online and by solving their development tasks, earn a lot of money.


In development, a specific person can earn a lot of money and according to the project’s requirement, a web designer can earn in thousands of dollars.

Option 8: Sell used items

Craiglist, Amazon, and eBay have become the most popular ways to make money fast and are meant for those individuals who want to earn some extra money without doing any kind of investment. Hence, one can sell a large number of things that are of no use to make a good sum of money.


There are no specific requirements.  One has to simply follow the official sites and by selecting the appropriate category and image; he can easily make a sale.


The earnings while making money through these websites completely depend on the type of product that we are selling. Hence, if the item is the valuable, then one can earn huge amounts


Option 9: Online Typist jobs

Data entry jobs


There is a large number of online typist jobs that one can join from home without any payment. There are huge opportunities for those candidates who are good at typing speed. On the internet, there are large numbers of service providers who offer online typist jobs every year.


One can complete the work easily by working from home. And there is no joining fee and or any kind of hidden charges. An individual must have a desired 90% typing accuracy to do this job. Hence, to start a work, install a software and earn a large amount of money.


Mostly the payment is done through the Cheque or through PayPal option. One must have a good knowledge of internet surfing and excellent typing skills.

Most of the freelancing website offers typing jobs so you can refer above-mentioned websites.


Option 10: Online Ad Clicking Jobs


PTC Websites

This one is the easiest job and best ways to make money onlineThis job can do from the home. Online Ad clicking job does not require any kind of experience and skills. One has to only click and view the ads and on the every click, and person will receive payment.


To accomplish this job, one only needs an internet facility and a Smartphone. You have to just arrange minimum 15-30 minutes to do this job work. Just join some best PTC sites and earn good amount of money. Get login with your account and view all the relevant sites on the daily basis.


By only working for 15 to 30 minutes daily, one can earn up to earnings between $1 to $10 from home. So, do a search on various PTC sites and attain large income opportunities.

Popular Websites

  1. Paidverts
  2. Clicksense



So, best ways to make money online is the most popular query that is going in today’s time. With the increasing time, the ideas are also on the increasing ways to make some extra profits. Check out the most common options that talk about how to make money online easily and faster. Probably one of the above-mentioned options will take your skills to larger heights.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing ?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is generating sales or leads on behalf of the third party, in exchange of this they pay a certain percentage of predefined commission. This is one of the booming industry which has immense potential of earnings. In fact, there is no limit of making money in this industry. Internet marketers are making millions of dollars by selling affiliate products. And there are various methods through which we can promote products E.g Creating own website, Creating youtube channel, direct selling (without a website) and email marketing.

Google Trends

1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

If you review the Google trends. You will find that how fast industry is moving towards this. In the year 2015, it was only at 58 whereas in the year 2017 it has reached to 100 Points. Almost double in just two years. And as per expert analysis, this will grow more in upcoming years. So we have a huge scope in this industry.


2 Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing

Look at this graph how fast the internet marketer numbers are growing. The graph was barely touched 55 Mark in January 2016 and in June 2017 it reached 81 almost 60% growth in 17 months. So enter before its saturated or competition gets higher.


How To Promote Affiliate Products


1. Create niche based website.

Affiliate Marketing

First of all, find out a profitable niche related with your interest. Niches like wealth, health, and Entertainment are most popular and profitable as compare to any other niches.  This is the most effective way to generate leads in affiliate marketing because it provides the customer a platform where he can find all the answers related to the product. In order to create the best niche website please ask yourself following questions.

  1. Are we providing the exact product which customers are looking?
  2. Are we providing answers to all the questions which they have while buying a product?
  3. Does our website clearly define the products specification and its quality.
  4. How easy our website in order to choose any product.

Once we consider all these questions that mean we have created a well niche based website.  Next step is to Monetize the website so that we can drive good traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Only niche based website is not enough to generate the sales. We need a significant amount of Organic Traffic. And for that, we need to optimize our website. We can do this ourself or outsource to the third party. Now place the affiliate links to the website so that whenever a customer buys any product we get our commission.

2. Create YouTube Channel

How to create youtube channel


Create youtube channel and start promoting affiliate products with video and place an affiliate link in the description. YouTube is the fastest and easiest way to gain the customer attention. Because it’s a human nature we believe more what is visible to us. And as per the data analysis, it has proven that YouTube takes very less time to generate the traffic. It has a very low competition.

3. Email Marketing


Email Marketing


This is a new concept of affiliate marketing which is evolving at a very fast pace. And almost every marketer is using this strategy to increase the commission. It’s is a very simple strategy yet so powerful. In this particular method instead of placing an affiliate link, we provide an Opt In Page to the customer to get their email and other essential data. Once we get that email we can promote our product any time through email.

It gives Marketer a power where he can sell the product again and again to the same customer which was not possible in traditional affiliate marketing. E.g Suppose we have captured 1000 emails on health related niche now we can promote various health products to the same audience.


4. Direct Selling

In direct selling, we do not need any website or YouTube channel to promote our products. Please read our other blog to find out more details regarding this.How to make money with affiliate marketing without creating any website?


5. Social Media Advertisement

Facebook, Bing and Yahoo ads are very effective to get the audience attention. Almost 90% of our customers have one of these or all three social accounts. So it is very easy to target our audience from these platforms. But this could be quite expensive if we don’t’ know how to optimize an ad. This needs lots of time and practice as we need to try multiple combinations in order to find the perfect campaign. Which also known as AB testing.

But this is so strong that you will start getting the result within an hour. Those who are not good at creating and optimizing website can start from social media advertisement. In fact, Clickbank suggests all their marketer use this technique if they are not able to generate sales.

Signup Affiliate Partner Programs


Email Marketing


These days almost all the companies are providing affiliate signup but we need to choose only those which are profitable to us.  Most profitable affiliate programs are Amazon, JVZOO, ClickBank , and CJaffiliate. Once you sign up you can select niche based products for promotion. Grab your links and promote with any platform in which you are comfortable.

Clickbank and Jvzoo provide digital products which have commissions up to 80% on sales. On these platforms and average marketer makes almost $10000 every month.


3 Online Money making ideas which you can start from the comfort of your sofa

Some are best online Money Making Ideas

Are you looking for some extra income? Nowadays, it becomes much easier to make money online and offline to save up for vacations, shopping, and other luxurious things. In this article, you can find some genuine Money making Ideas. One can make money with or without any investment while working online. They have to do some work to earn extra money. On the other hand, passive income needs a lot of investment whereas lots of job opportunities available on the Internet. These online jobs are becoming more popular as well as one can earn high amount of money across the world. Some require technical skills whereas other does not. Actually, working from home is one of the best ways to spend leisure time. You can earn money from the comfort of home. One can find lots of ways to make quick and easy money on the Internet. Part time earning is a good option to improve financial condition as well as lifestyle. Isn’t it? From this article, you can get some ideas to earn some extra money.

Free Paid Online Surveys


ways to make money online


This is the best way to earn money from home and is suitable for most of the people including students, women’s and retired person. Free paid online surveys do not require any skills for completing the job. Here, you just need to share your thoughts, suggestions and to drop review about a product and service such as clothes, cosmetics, and footwear etc. Are you thinking how these surveys work? One can easily get paid for online You can earn between 0.5 to 5 USD for posting your opinion and reviewing product or services. The payment criteria based on the geographic location and the country of participation. You need to have a computer or laptop with Internet connection for starting this job. In addition to this, you have to register with your Gmail account for survey invitations and require a payment processor such as PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money to receive your payment.


How Does Survey Panel Works?

 Actually, survey panel is a company which conducts research on products and rewards their participants with cash or gift vouchers. It requires lots of technical work to conduct a survey and the multinational companies do not have that much time to do all these activities. Hence, they hunt for survey panels to conduct surveys on their behalf. You receive an email invitation along with attached link to a survey. One has to attend that survey and answer the asked questions. It will hardly take 10 minutes to complete the survey. Once you have successfully done the process, you will be paid the promised amount into your account.


Following are the best survey websites.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Instagc
  3. Rewardingways
  4. Superpay.me
  5. Prizerebel
  6. Points2shop
  7. Uniqpaid
  8. Toluna
  9. Opinionoutpost
  10.  Surveysavvy 



Money Making Ideas


You can make money by blogging whether it is a hobby blog or business blog. To make money by blogging does not require building a company. An individual can easily earn money by doing it in a right way. Blogging is one of the best money making ideas that anyone can follow. One needs to follow some steps for making money with his/ her blog. Firstly, you have to start a blog of your interest or can also use an existing one if you have. For making the blog more interesting, one can insert more themes and templates that are easily available on the internet.

Once, the blog is created and then you have to write the eye-catching content to post in it.  While creating useful contents you can also build up a relationship with others on social media and around the web. In fact, you should have to comment on others blog and can also share their blogs to build a great relationship. After this, you have to establish a strong platform for the reputation that you want. You have to make the use of your blog to get exposure and gain the trust of others. As you have done with all this, then start thinking about the ways to generate blogging income.

Ideas to Make Money from Blogging:

The bloggers cannot earn huge money by just posting blogs. It is just a platform or home base. In contrast to building a relationship with other and creating a trust level, they have to use blogs to launch other products and services. By doing this, they can earn money. A blogger can earn huge amount of money from various money making ideas. In this work, there are endless possibilities. Mostly, bloggers use two popular ways to make money.

  • CPC/PPC ads (Cost per Click/ Pay per Click): You can place some ads on your content or sidebar on the blog. As a reader clicks on the ad, you get paid for that click.
  • CPM Ads: Cost per 1000 impressions ads pay the individual a fixed amount of money based on how many people have viewed your ads.

Blogging may seems like an easy job but almost everyone finds it difficult when they start. Because it need lots of efforts, time and patience.


One can also make money by writing sponsored posts in which you have to write about or give the review of advertiser’s product or services. You can earn money by blogging in a different way.

Pre-recorded Tutorials

Money making Ideas





This is an interesting idea to make money by using your skills. It is a perfect business to make money by tutoring online. You can help students in their learning while setting your own hours. This is a traditional method of advertising as well as reaching huge customers through the Internet. One can post an educational tutorial, fashion related tutorials, online dancing and more according to their skills. You just need to post them on your website and in return get paid on every click. One has to record the video and then edit that video. While editing, you can highlight some features, add text for making content easier to follow. After editing, you have to export the video from editing format into a format that can be easily uploaded to the video streaming platform. You can promote your tutorial on your blog, which is one of the best Money making ideas. One can promote the videos in navigation as well as on sidebar in the blog. You can also promote by creating Youtube Channel. And you can also make money through youtube  The more people watch your videos means more you will earn. As the tutorial goes live, you can share it on the social networks wherever you used to market your blog.






3 Quick Ways to Make money online with your designing skills

Make money online with your innovative designing skills

Do you want to squeeze out a few extra incomes out of the complex world of the Internet?  There are lots of ways to earn money Online. Some task requires skills and some do not need to have any technical skills. In this article, you get Quick ways to make money online through designing. A part of Internet is involved in the sort of designing. Here are some ways to make money by designing:

1. Logo Design:

  1. Nowadays, there is lots of business that are making their debut in the market every week.  They all need logo designers and graphic designers for marketing and branding. Logo designers play a vital role in business because they design the identity of the company which creates a visual impact on the customers. You just need some time and Internet connection for this and can earn a lot of money.


Quick ways to make money online


How to start

How to Start? This is a big question for everyone who wants to start earns an extra income by using their skills. For logo designing, you have to find some good logo suppliers and some company website with no logo or bad logo. After this, you can offer them cheap logo design.  If you are good in Photoshop then, you can create your own logo and save $10 on each design that you sell to the customer. But it requires lots of time and efforts to design a logo. Instead of creating from scratch, you can use logo creator program that creates professional logo within 2 minutes.

Finding Customers:

Okay! This is also a big question. No need to worry. There are lots of sites where you can find lots of customers. Here are two best sites that will help you in finding Quick ways to make money online

You can find many new websites and some with bad logo design. Actually, you have to go through 100 of sites to find 5-6 sites with no logo or bad logo design. As soon as you find the site, you have to fetch their contact details and Email address and send them a professional message.  Just make sure that the price you are going to send must be reasonable so that they accept the proposal. This is the easiest among all the Quick ways to make money online and also needs only 1-2 hour of work per day.

2. Web Designing:

This means to create a new website or redesign an existing one. One can find lots of web design jobs on the Internet across the world to earn a part time income. There are lots of online web designing jobs available for a skilled person such as web development, graphic design, SEO and copywriting etc. For getting online work, you have to promote your web designing skills. And one can do this by developing their own website or blog to showcase the skills they have. If the site or blog created by you look professional and beautiful then many companies want to work with you. And you can earn a huge amount of money. Web designing comes under the list of Quick ways to make money online.


Ways to make money online


How to Start:

One should have to build their portfolio and reputation to get work online. They have to include some good samples of their work. One can apply for freelance web design jobs on various available bidding sites. In the beginning, you should have to choose small business owners and design sites for them. You have to create a network with other web designers, web developers, writers and SEO specialist for more earning. It is also advisable to join some Internet marketing forums and advice people who need help with web design. List of websites where you can find web designing jobs is as:

Above mentioned are some bidding platform where one can get online web designing jobs. This is the best way to earn money by working from home. From all of these, upwork is one of the best and Quick ways to make money online by web designing. If you take a look on the main page of this site then there are hundreds of jobs posted daily. Here, you can find some projects to bid on. As soon as you get a client on the site and work for him/her, they will probably back for more business. It is necessary to build a strong client base for higher and more stable income level

3. Android App Designing:


Best ways to make money


You can also make money by developing Android Do you want to know how? To make money one must have to publish their app in the Android market. And it is a great idea to build an android app for your blog to give it more professional look. The mobile applications make it easy to advertise and sell products and services. Nowadays, every businessman is trying to build an app for their services to promote the business. This is a great way to encourage mobile users towards maintaining brand loyalty. The Android market is vast and offers a great scope for the Android developers to succeed beyond their expectations. This is among the Quick ways to make money online by designing Android applications.

You can design application for small businesses to promote their services in an attractive way. One should have to read carefully all the terms and conditions of the app store before submitting their app. You have to develop an innovative, usable and engaging app that will increase the chance of approval. After this, you need to get the customer to download your application. There are many app stores that feature new apps on daily basis, hence you can get a great chance of exposure. The application design must be of high quality for getting potential users. A good looking polished application will enhance the chances of sales. More traffic means more you get paid. Hence, you can go through one of these Quick ways to make money online.




How to Make money with Affiliate Marketing without creating any Website ?

Affiliate Marketing Without website and YouTube Channel. 

We all are aware how affiliate marketing works. It has a specific path through which we sell affiliate products for the commission.  In this process first, we need to create a website then we need to optimize in order to gain a substantial visitors. Once we have good numbers of visitors we have a certain percentage of conversion rate which will eventually lead to sales. And that’s how we make money in affiliate marketing. But this complete process takes time and money both.

But what if I tell you that you don’t need any website“, YouTube channel or any other kind of optimized internet existence. This is a proven method through which lots of people are making money these days. It is fantastic for those who are new in this industry and have less budget to start their own website.

Affiliate Marketing




Following are the ways through which you can promote your products. 

First of all, create affiliate accounts and need to figure out which products you want to promote.  Go for Clickbank, JVZOO, Amazon and CJ Affiliate these are some good affiliate partners.  And Clickbank is one of our favorite because they sell digital products where the commission is almost 70% to 80%. Whereas in the physical product the average commission is around 5% to 10%.


1. Facebook Groups 

This is a very powerful tool to promote any kind of products and services. Add groups in your Facebook accounts with the related niche. E.g if you are selling food supplements ad groups which are related or close to it. Ensure that groups should have substantial numbers of members. Usually, we should target those groups where members are more than 10000.  Within an hour you can send your message to almost millions of customers that are the power of this tool. You will find some groups even have 50k members which mean single post will reach to a huge number of audience.


Some of the statistic of Facebook users.

Affiliate Marketing


2. Social Media Advertisement.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most powerful tools which we are using in affiliate marketing for instant results. Facebook, Bing and Yahoo ads are very effective and popular platforms to target the audience. It requires additional money but results are amazing usually we try to convert $1 into $3. which means the cost of the advertisement should not be more than 33% of the revenue but this can vary from marketer to marketer. This is what we try to keep when we run an advertisement. So it is an important aspect to optimize the ad otherwise there is no sense of running an ad when it’s consuming 50% or 70% of the revenue.



3. Instagram

This is next good tool to promote the product. Create an account and promote your link with #HASHTAG. hashtag basically means categorization of content in their database or in other words you can say segregating niches. Even IF you have a new account on the Instagram hashtag will help you to reach maximum numbers of customers. Now you must be thinking how to find which hashtag is going to beneficial for our niche.  So there is a tool which will help you to find your relevant hashtag.




Affiliate Marketing


4. Twitter

This social media channel also have huge numbers of an audience to target and it works exactly same as Instagram. you can use the same tool to identify your relevant hashtag for promotion. And why are we using social media channels? because almost 90% of our audience are using one or all of these platforms. So it is the best way to get the conversion faster.


Affiliate Marketing

5. Youtube Channel

Here we are not saying to create your own tube channel but you can promote your products with other’s YouTube channels. This particular area we have already covered in our previous article so you can visit below link and see how does it work.

How can I earn money from YouTube



6. PDF Submission

This is also one of the unique ways of promotion. Write a good content related to your product and put affiliate links into it. now there are lots of websites where you can submit your PDF file. Make sure it should have the catchy lines which attract our audience to download. PDF submission seems a difficult task but it is not that difficult And if you don’t want to do submission yourself you can outsource this on  FIVERR. They charge $5 and they will submit this to almost 15 to 30 website.

List of PDF submission website


Affiliate Marketing


How can I earn money from YouTube ?

How to make money with Youtube videos

Do you know that YouTube has a huge potential of passive income ? In this article, we are going to let you know the how we can make a substantial income with YouTube videos. The top earner PewDiePie  made $15 million in the year 2016.  But here our target is not to become a top earner but to make maximum we can.


Steps to monetize YouTube videos

1. Create your own channel.

First of all, we need to create our own channel and make sure it should be niche based. And there is no sense creating varieties of videos in a single channel. As it will confuse our audience and it will eventually lead to fewer subscribers. Give your channel an appropriate name which describes your channel’s goal and specification. The account can simply be created with any Gmail account.


2. Upload Videos with precise content and description

Make sure we have high-quality video along with relevant keywords. It helps our audience to find our videos on YouTube.  The mistake in this area will lead our videos untraceable and our audience will never be able to reach our content. Now you all must be thinking how we can find relevant keywords. So there is a tool just put your primary keyword and you will find the list of related keywords with their volume and CPC.

YouTube Kewordtool


See the below screen shot at what level of details we can get from this tool.


Youtube Keyword



3. Review  YouTube guidelines before monetizing

It’s really important to go through with YouTube guidelines because if there is anything which violating their rules and policy. Then they can remove our channel without any intimation. E.g they don’t allow others copyright videos to monetize by anyone.  We are eligible for monetization after reaching 10,000 total views on our channel.  Here is link to YouTube guidelines

YouTube Guidlines


4. Setup Adsense accounts with Google. 

Once partner program approves our channel we need to set up an AdSense account to receive payment for our videos. Here is the link how you can add an AdSense account

Adsense Account


Earning Sources from YouTube

Once your channel is approved and AdSense account is set up our next step is how to make money with Youtube videos. Making money with ad views is actually and a traditional way. Now you can increase your earning by sharing affiliate links. This method can increase you’re earning from 200% to 500%.


 1. Affiliate Marketing

Most of the YouTuber makes money only through  Youtube ads but very few are aware that we can put affiliate links to increase our earning. E.g if we are earning a channel related to muscle building we can simply choose any good product from affiliate sites like Amazon and JVZOO. And put this affiliate link in the description. If anyone buys a product through your link you will get a commission.

This will increase you’re earning almost 200% it’s a proven method. Try this technique with your channel and observe the results.


2. YouTube Ad Views

In reality, YouTube never pays for views of your videos. Because they don’t make money with our views they earn through advertiser and that’s why they share the part of their earning.  And this earning varies from country to country. With a same number of views, you can have different earning depending in which country the ad was viewed.


How to make money with YouTube videos without creating and optimizing the channel.  

So far you have learned how to make money with YouTube videos with your own channel. But now we are going to let you know you can do this without even creating your own channel. Yes, you heard it right. You can make money with other YouTube channels. We tried this technique and it actually works. All you need to do is to find a good channel which has a significant number of subscribers and related to some good niche where we can promote our products.

Select the YouTube channel and click on tab About. Please refer the screenshot.


Youtube email

Once you get the email ID now you can send an email to the owner asking to put your affiliate link on their channel. And you can negotiate the commission distribution. Maybe you can pay monthly charges for putting this link. It’s completely up to you how you want to make the deal. But this way you can make money without even creating your own channel.  Does it seem a difficult task? it is super easy. I think it is good for those who want immediate earnings. Because it takes the time to create a channel and then has a good number of subscribers. And at the end, you need 10,000 total views for the payment eligibility.

Try this technique with 10 to 15 YouTube Channels and if you get a single approval you can easily make $300 to $1000 monthly depending on the type of products you are promoting.