How to make Money Online through Bitcoin

Earn Money through Bitcoin

Today’s we have plenty of option available to make money online but that need lots of efforts and time. There are few ways through which we can generate passive income. However, We know passive sources need investment but if the returns are good then it might not be a big deal for us. Today we will discuss few earning platforms where we can make money very fast. First of all, we need to know what is Bitcoin. Those who have heard this word first time please visit our links and you will find the details of what is bitcoin ? and how to buy bitcoins ?.

It is one of the most expensive and decentralizes digital currency in the world. Sources which we are going to discuss can double our money in a couple of months.

Money Earning Platforms

These platforms run on Bitcoin. So all investment would be in bitcoins only. We will go step by step and will share entire details how we can double our money? The first system where we invested money in a couple of months ago is mypayingcryptoads. And they are providing really good returns and still continue. This company allows us to buy advertising pack which we buy in bitcoins and then they provide 2% daily returns up to 60 days on our investment. Now the question is how they are going to double our money? So there is a strategy through which We not even double but take out three times of our total investment.


Investment Process and Strategy


Here is the Signup link first we need to get our self-register.


This is the screen shot of my account I had invested 1.5 Bitcoin in this system and so far my total earnings reached at 2.3 bitcoins.

Once we create the account and login in the system it will take us to the home page which will have many advertisement options like banner, text and login ads. But we will start first with the Ad packs. So first click on purchase ad-packs


Once we clicked on purchase Ad-packs we will find an icon like notepad as visible in the screen shot. After clicking on this icon we need to fill the banner details. Now set up a advertising banner or you can use company banner. If you don’t have any banner to advertise


Money through bitcoin

Now set up a advertising banner or you can use company banner. If you don’t have any banner to advertise

Now last step is to buy the ad-packs. Here is the screen shot. For the first time we need to by through our bitcoin wallets. Follow our above link how to buy bitcoins. That will provide you the entire details of bitcoin wallets. After first investment you can also buy through your earnings.

Earning money through bitcoin




Here we follow a simple strategy to grow our money. for the first 60 days instead of withdrawing keep reinvesting through purchasing ad-packs. what ever we are reinvesting we will get 2% on that. E.g if we have purchased the ad-packs of 1 Bitcoin my daily earning is .02 Bitcoin but if I reinvest than my next day earning would be .204 which is on 1.02. within 60 days you will find your Bitcoin money is almost twice of what we have invested not only investment but daily earning as well.

It may sound unbelievable but it’s true we can withdraw more than twice of our invested amount. However, the company has already mentioned that they are not the investors. But this system works as an investment.

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Referrals and commission

Here we can make extra money through referrals and repurchase. The sponsor gets 6% on first purchased and 6% on ever repurchasing on ad-packs. So if we have a good number of referrals we can get pretty good returns on our money.

There are two more companies which are working on USD instead of Bitcoins. Following are the links. Register and refer to others in order to increase the revenue.





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What is Bitcoin and How it’s going to change the world’s financial Structure



Bitcoin is a Digital Currency and a payment system which was created by a programmer name Satoshi Nakamoto. It was introduced in October 2008. Bitcoin is the first decentralize cryptocurrency where no physical paper and bank was required in order to make the transaction. This is what it makes so popular and robust itself which predicts it’s upcoming future. Most of the flaws which we currently have in our monetary system can control under bitcoins. For example like our current biggest problem in the economy is fake currency where we can print paper currency more than it’s actual value and we don’t have any control over it. In Bitcoins, this is not possible because we already know there are 21 billion bitcoins we can ever produce. So we have an open ledger to identify any fake transaction.

Since Bit coins numbers are already fixed so generating fake is not at all possible in this system. Now the question arises if numbers are fixed then how can it be possible for the entire world to use this currency. Then the solution is already available it has divided up to eight digits and the lowest digit is called satoshi. This means as soon as the uses increase value of each Satoshi is going to be increased. That’s why we see lots of ups and downs in Bitcoin value on a daily basis.
Now the next question is how to buy bitcoins ? There are lots of vendors available who provide wallets. Given link will provide you all details about bitcoin wallets.

Future Of Bitcoin




Every one has its own view but future is not certain for this digital currency. With numerous benefits, it has some serious flaws. Due to decentralization tracking payment and its source of origin could be a difficult task as we completely need a different management for this. Most of the people finding this as a good finance system for illegal activities which is a raising alarm of its controlling and tracking. And due to this some of the countries have banned the bitcoins. But as per the experts, this is the future currency which we are going to use and have unlimited benefits. It works 24*7 with less fee and peers to peer instant transfer as compared to the bank where there is working time slot, transfer takes time and it cost a lot of money as well.

So there is a race of collecting bitcoins as many as we can. We never know how much rise it can take in future and how much profit we can earn with few numbers of Bitcoin. In the year 2009 1 Bitcoin was somewhere $6 and in 2017 it reached at $1100 by looking this it seems it has a great future. At this point of time, Bitcoin investment will definitely give us good return as compare to any other investment but we need to make sure to follow the Bitcoin price chart in order to estimate the future. It gives an idea of rising and fall of the currency and duration of its stability

Current Challenges in Bitcoin


Transaction Volume


Bitcoin Transaction volumeThe biggest debate over this is how it is going to handle the volume of transaction. like it’s competitor visa handles around two to three thousand transactions per second. And It has potential to handle over 60,000 transactions per second. whereas bit coin supports only seven transactions per second. This means as soon as volume increases payment confirmation duration will also increase. Imagine you went a grocery shop and made the payment via Bitcoin and it taking more than half an hour for payment confirmation. We surely don’t want any such currency at the cost of our time. Before we start considering this as a future currency. We need to understand it should have at-least all the features which we currently have in our monetary system.

Now the only solution is that they have to increase the size of the block. But we can’t increase more than 1 mega byte from its current size. So the maximum it is going to handle is 27 transactions per seconds. This is still not enough to meet our market demands. As per the experts, we need to change the bit coin block structure completely before we accept this as a global currency. So it is too early to say that it is going to be our main stream currency.




It is the next most challenging and serious issue associated with this currency. A Trojan is able to capture the wallet details stored in hard disk and can get access to your account. There were much news in the past where bit coins were stolen. Some secure hardware wallets are available but those are quite expensive and still out of reach from common people. This is an area where we need improvement on an immediate basis. No one would like to have that currency which has a security issue.





We all are the aware thing which is our greatest strength is also responsible for our weakness. And same goes this with Bitcoin. Due to its decentralization smugglers and drug dealers using this currency as a payment method. Here we are not compelled to provide any explanation no need to file any paper against the payment transfer. We can simply transfer money to the recipient without any interference. Currently, there is no solution in this area. But we surely need to work on this. Otherwise, the dream of making its main stream currency will never be possible.




All we need to know About Bitcoin Wallet And Virtual Money


How to buy Bitcoins .?




Place from where we buy and keep our Bitcoin are known as Bitcoin wallet. These wallet provide address through which we can receive, transfer, buy and sell Bit coins. There are many vendors across the world who provide Bitcoin wallets with multiple features.Most of the companies does not allow non resident to register due to multiple reasons e.g Government restriction, Difficult to authenticate person identity and unable to verify their documents.


But there are many companies who offer Bitcoin wallet worldwide and any one can open account with some valid ID proofs. e.g CEX.IO , Coinbase They not only provide us wallet but trading platform as well. Most common feature of any wallet is receiving, transfer, buying and selling of bit coins. Along with these some of them provide us facility like buying through credit card or with multiple other currencies like USD, EURO and INR. We can also see current bitcoin value against other local and popular trade currency.

Here are some of the the sites to buy bitcoins.


  1. Coinbase

  2. Coinmama

  3. .Unocoin

  4. Yobit

  5. Paxful


We are sharing a list of website where we can choose according to our country and need. It is necessary to review all the feature of Bitcoin wallet before we decide to buy bitcoin. Bestbitcoinexchange

Price of bitcoin fluctuates almost in every second. So it is good to Refer bitcoin exchange rate before buying. There lots of good sites which will provide detail information about rise and fall of prices in entire day. Therefore we should also subscribe bitcoin news for regular update.


Features need to look before opening an Bitcoin wallet

It is important to review the features before opening an account because every wallet won’t be beneficial for us. If we are investor then slight high fee won’t be a big problem if wallet has many other good features. But if we are Bitcoin trader then it is completely opposite . Because we know transaction volume would be very on average basis which will lower down our profits.

  1. What is the lowest denomination they allow us to transfer and it’s fee . Like Unocoin does not allow less than .005 BTC to transfer and their transfer charge is .0002 BTC. On the other hand transfer fee is .0005 BTC per transaction.

2. Does our wallet provide the facility to exchange in local currency. E.g we want to sell bitcoins in USD and that currency is not available in wallet.

3. Does it allow multiple payment option like Credit card, debit card and wire transfer.

4. How much margin they have in bitcoin exchange . We have found the margins are between 40 to 80 USD per 1 bitcoin. And this could vary from wallet to wallet. There are various options available over internet through which we can check the real time prices. E.gBitcoin chart, This site provides detail information in more than 20 currencies across the world.


Now we are going to discuss types of Bitcoin wallets.


1. Online & Web wallets Bitcoin Wallet


Web based are widely popular where we get an personal key to login and access our wallet. All above online website which we just discussed comes under online wallets. It is very convenient and we can access anywhere in the world. The only disadvantage is that all our credential in hands of third party which can access our account if they want. Usually renowned company will never do this but if we have high number of bitcoins in our wallet then this would certainly won’t be a good option.

2.Hardware Wallets

it is one of the most secure wallets currently available. Private keys are stored in secure area of micro-controller and never transfer out of the device. It is almost impossible for malware to access this device without our permission. Now hardware itself has many types of wallets.

Following are some of the popular hardware wallets



Trezor Bitcoin Wallet
Hardware Bitcoin Wallet



It is an device which keep our private keys stored and does not allow to go out on internet. Which means even if it connected with an hacked computer our wallet is 100% safe from the attacker. Even if device is lost or stolen we can recover the details from other Trezor or any other recovery seed compatible wallet.



USB Hardware wallet


USB Hardware Bitcoin wallet
USB Hardware Bitcoin Wallet


In this certified we use micro processor which is capable to revoke any types of cyber attack. The device simply can connect to our computer with USB port and allow us to access our account with private keys. It is Very convenient to carry and easy to access.



BlochsTech card:


Harware Bitcoin Wallet
Hardware wallet for shopping


it is same like our debit or credit card and QR codes based wallets. which we will soon use for shopping and purchases. Debates are going on that this is going to replace the visa card across nation but that will be too early too say as we already no the limitation of transaction processing with bitcoin. But once we resolve all the major issue then yes this could be one of the best Bitcoin wallet we are ever going to use.

3.Desktop Wallets.


Desktop Bitcoin Wallet
Hardware desktop Bitcoin Wallet



This is also one of the most secure  Bitcoin wallet which we can install and access on our computer

,It also provide wallet backup in case if something happens to the computer we can recover the data. most important thing is here is that our private keys are not in the hand of third party. These are stored in our system.But still not secure as compared to Hardware wallets. There are several companies who provides desktop wallet. Like multibit, electrum, bitcoincore and Armory. This is probably not the best as compare to hardware wallets but still one of the popular.



4. Mobile Wallets:-



Mobile Bitcoin wallet
Mobile Bitcoin wallet


Here we need to download the app to our phone. We can login with our personal key and can access the wallet same as we do in web. we can buy, sell , receive and transfer bitcoin. We can access this anywhere as it is installed in our phone but from the security point of view this not the safest option to carry high number of bitcoins. From hacking point of view Android is the most vulnerable gadget. We have read lots of incident where entire phone was hacked and there lots of application available to hack the android phone.


The conclusion is that rather choosing the wallet blindly first we need to look our requirements and then choose the wallet wisely. And we also found if we have high number of Bitcoins then choosing hardware wallet probably be the best option we should go for.