Make your buying and selling more effective with My eBay

My ebayIf you are buying or selling products on eBay you must have used their feature of My eBay. But do you know the proper use of this feature can make your buying and sell more effective? It is a panel where you can track your buying and selling activity, send and receive emails and can also update your account information.

It provides you purchased history of last 3 years, saved seller list, wishlist, and any other custom list which you have created. You can track your current selling and all the items which you had previously listed.

Some of the important key features of Myebay

  1. On this page, you can update your personal information like user id, password, payment method, email address, mailing address, and telephone pin.
  2. You can also update your communication preferences to receive notification related to our buying and selling activities.
  3. Does it provide seller dashboard where you can observe your performance how well are you doing on eBay?
  4. You can buy tool subscriptions for buying and selling on eBay.
  5. It also provides billing information, selling fees, along with payment links and you can also view any statements application on eBay that you have subscribed.
  6. You can also track your feedbacks that you received or you want to leave any feedback for others.
  7. Here you can also update your site preferences whether you want to make it selling or general.
  8. It also facilitates you to make a donation and request tax receipts.

Increase sales by updating email signature

This is one of the most effective ways you can promote your business on eBay. Update your contact information in your email signature with your store link. It allows your buyer to access and contact directly and this is ultimate source to promote the business.

Got to my eBay and select the message from the main category. Then click on changed settings there you will find the option of the email signature. Select the checkbox “show” and a pop will appear to update the email signature.

Manage your selling activities through third-party applications.

To make your sales more effective eBay provide some third party applications which you can use to gauge your sales volume and it’s activity. Like Turbo Lister 2, Terapeak, just ship it and much more.

Go to My eBay then the application and click on apps center. You will find all the apps which eBay is providing to manage your business. 

Activate out of office reply when you are on holidays or unable to reply your customers.

This is also one of the power features on my eBay which intimate your customers immediately when they send you an email. In any business, an unreplied email is considered a negative impact on your customers and clients.

So whenever you think you are unable to reply your customers simply activate this feature and create an autoresponder for them. This is a more professional way of informing your customer on priority.

Customize your My eBay summary according to your need.

Customizing your my eBay summary can provide you a better overview of your business. Some of the information can be more important than others and sometimes some of the information does not have any significance. So in my e-bay summary, you can customize your view according to your need.  Here are the details what all you can customize in my ebay summary.

  1. We can change the order of view by simply clicking up and down arrow which is located at the upper right corner of the view page.
  2. You can also add and remove a column of information in a view page.
  3. If you want to remove view page simply click on the cross button which is located at the upper right corner of the view.
  4. Add specific notes to your every item. This will help you to remind your specific transaction.
  5. Change the number of items in the view. On my summary page you can display maximum 25 items but on other pages, you can display up to 200.
  6. Here you can also customize your item view in such way so that you can see each item title in its own row.
  7. You can sort items based on price, listing, bid, end date, and a number of bidders.
  8. Item filtering is also allowed which narrow down your display list. Like, show all, winning and not winning.
  9. Remove items from view is also allowed. If anything which you don’t like you can remove that anytime.


My eBay summary not only allow us to track our buying and selling activity. But also help in customizing the view which shows the true and effective picture of our account. For a seller Perspective, it is very important to see where he is standing in the business and for that he needs a customized view of his sales and activities. And my eBay summary perfectly stand out in delivering this.



Boost your Amazon Sales with AMZ.ONE ! Get 7 Days Free Trial

The e-commerce industry is growing at very fast pace. especially if we review the data from last 5 to 10 years. No one would have imagined that an e-commerce company can beat Microsoft but it eventually it happened. And it also gives an idea that how much growth we can expect from this industry. Today we can make lots of money by selling products on eBay, Amazon or any other local e-commerce website.

But during the period competition is getting higher and more and more seller are coming to sell the products online. And that’s what impact the revenue of the sellers. If you are an active seller of Amazon or eBay you must have seen that some sellers are making more revenue than others. And there could be many factors which can lead to low revenue. Like the type of products, decrease the demand, negative reviews,  and Keywords research.

So how can a seller manage all these metrics?  Amazon is now providing a tool through which you can increase your sales which would ultimately boost your revenue. provide all the required metrics which a seller need to increase sales and revenue. And the best part is that company is providing free access for 7 days before you make any payment.

Some are the vital features of

1. Keyword Rank Tracking

This is a most important part to optimize your products in Amazon search engine. A single missed keyword can affect your sales drastically. You might be missing tons of leads just because you did not choose the keywords which are related to your products.

Keyword rank tracking gives you some of the important information like which keyword is generating more inquiries and sales. You can easily track & analyze keywords and optimize your sales. Pick any product from Amazon and enter the ASIN number and tool will give you all keywords associated with that product. This can also let you know which products are more profitable to sell.

2. Best Seller Ranking and Arbitrage

This is a best-featured tool that can help you to increase your profit. Here you can filter top 100 products in any selected category based on saler rank, sale price, and review. And the system will scan hundreds of stores online for best price. We can pull results on excel sheet and can do the analysis in order to target the profit-making areas.

This data you can pull for last 60 days and you can find some highly profitable products for your online store.

3. Sales Tracking

With the help of this tool, you can spy competitors inventory statistics like daily sales, total revenue, search volume and much more. This gives you the power to review the actual sales and revenue of others. And this also helps you to decide which are the profitable products in which you should also invest.

4. On Page Analyzer

You must have heard the term “search engine optimization” this is a technical term we use to optimize any content to rank in google. Here the same thing we need to apply to Amazon search engine. It receives substantial search of keywords as compared to Google. So it is important to optimize your products in Amazon search engine.

This tool can help you to identify any missing metrics which is required for a product to get optimum search results. Like if the product description is short, proper keywords positioning and  Image resolution is not good. These are the part of on page optimation which can be easily tracked with this tool.

5. Negative Review Notification

We know how important the reviews are for sellers. Nowadays before buying any products, the first thing we do is to analyze the product reviews. It gives you an idea how great the product is and how many other consumers are satisfied. And it can literally affect your sales if you got a couple of negative reviews of your products.

So this tool can help you to minimize your negative review at earliest. The moment someone leaves a negative review of your panel system will send you a notification. Now you can approach the buyer and resolve the issue to remove the negative reviews. This tool doesn’t give a guarantee to make your negative reviews zero but this would surely help you to minimize the numbers.

6. Super URL Seo Tool

This helps you to increase the keyword rankings in Amazon search engine. Just select your product and all the keywords for which you want to create the redirects. now one redirects will use a combination of associated keywords to show you the results. So simply generate links and boost your rank in Amazon search engine.

7. Email Notification

This feature allows you to pull all the emails based on keywords. And you can have direct interaction with your clients instead of visiting the website. You can professionally approach your client and send notification related to your products.

8. Amazon Keyword Research

If you are adding any new product and you don’t have any idea about keywords. you can use this feature to find some great suggestion related to your products. There are two ways of choosing the keywords first suggestion given by the tool or you can search the similar product from the website and pull all the keywords of an existing product. Now filter the desired keywords and apply to your own products.

Pricing Plans for AMZ.ONE

Currently, they have four plans basic, standard, advanced and professional but you can also try free for first 7 days from any of these plans. And if you do not want to use your credit card you can go for their trial plan but you would only be able to access only Four features. Which include sales tracking, negative review, keywords, and products.

So it is a great opportunity for you to try this tool and measure your growth. If you feel the tool is working then choose any of their plans according to your budget.





AMZ is the best tool to increase your sales and revenue. It provides perfect metrics to optimize your search results in Amazon search engine. And also provide a great suggestion for new products you can dive in. It also helps in removing negative reviews which plays an important role in increasing sales in e-commerce.

Best Places to find free Ecards


Ecards are the best way to express your feelings for someone or getting in touch with your dear ones including friends and family. It is one of the fastest media to greet someone for their birthdays, marriage anniversary, festivals, holidays and much more.

Over the internet, you will find many websites which provide ecards but there are major problems which you might be facing. Like low quality, strings attached and navigation which makes you difficult to find your desired ecards. However, there are many websites which are providing high-quality ecards with no string attached.

Here we are going to share the best websites from where you can get best ecards without any problem. The popularity of ecards is increasing day by and due to this now websites are providing additional feature to customize your own e-cards. Personalizing makes it more interesting for the sender and full of feelings for the recipient.

Following are the websites to get free e-cards

 1. Crosscards

Apart from e-cards Website deals in multiple categories including wallpapers, facebook covers, and printable calendars.  They have wide collections of e-cards which you can choose for birthday, anniversary, holidays and other special events.

Sending an ecard is very easy simple browse the categories and select your desired e-card.  Enter your and recipient, name and emails IDs along with the date on which you want to send. After entering your subject and message click on send button. Once the recipient opens the e-card you will be notified via email.


Another great website to share free ecards with your dear ones. You not only can send but can personalize your ecards with beautiful images. After selecting your ecard you can upload your front and back image along with the message.  But for sending an ecard registration is mandatory if you have not created an account then after finishing editing it will ask you for the registration.

You can send your ecard immediately or you can also schedule for the future date. Website navigation is quite smooth you can easily find what you are looking for. The site also notifies once recipient opens your ecard.

3. Punch Bowl

Punch Bowl is leading company in digital solution for events and celebration. And they also offer tons of free ecards for holidays, birthdays, wedding, anniversaries and much more. The site is designed very well you can easily access your desired ecard with a click of a mouse. However, your search result will show you both paid and free results. You can choose the free one and send to the recipient.

You can also personalize your ecards by changing color, font, text, and alignment. But all free ecards go out with add attached if you need without advertisement then you have to join their paid membership. You can send a single ecard to multiple recipients in one go.

4. Ojoile

Ojoile not only provides high-quality but innovative ecards. Their animated ecards are quite popular and unique. The site provides both free and paid ecard there are thousands of free ecards so you can easily choose. Account registration is mandatory before sending the email.

5. Pingg

The site provides more than just ecards you can use this platform for invitations, announcements, and for seasonal events. Full editing is available so you can personalize your ecard according to your requirement. Make sure to check before selecting the ecard because you will find both free and premium category whereas in premium you have to pay the fee.

As we said pingg is more than just ecard so you can also use this for invitation purpose and if you have any announcements e.g engagement, graduation, baby shower, bridal shower and bachelor party.

6. Care2

Care2 was founded in 1998 and has the world largest social network with 41 million members. And are associated with some of the biggest media including national geographic, the new york times, log Angeles times, NPR and ABC news. The site also provides great collections of ecards and almost include all the occasions.

You will also find lots of animated, funny, nonprofit and wildlife-related ecards.

7. Alldownunder

This is an Australian website which is running for last 18 y, ears and has some good collection of ecards. The site was launched with the perspective to share Australians lifestyle, culture, rural health, medical practice and much more. The ecard section was added later on which provide some amazing ecard which we can use for birthday, holidays, wildlife, and romance.

Sending an ecard from Alldownunder is just a three-step process. Select your card, choose music, type your message, stamp and email address of recipient and sender.




Best Restraurants for free meals on Veterans Day

Veterans Day

If you are searching restaurants for free meals on veterans day then you landed on the right website. This article will give you in-depth details of best restaurants who are offering free meals on the 11th September. Some of them are old and some are newly added in this year. This is the special occasion when restaurants offer thanks to veterans for their service by providing free meals.

Under free meals, you can enjoy appetizers, Drinks, meals, desserts and much more. Visit any of the listed restaurants near your area with your military I.D and enjoy free meals on veterans day. But please ensure to cross-check because some of the franchisees may not participate.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria depend upon the restaurants usually those who are active in military services are primary members of this offer. However in some restaurants even retired can also enjoy the free meals. Please cross check with restaurant before grabbing your freebie.

ID proofs which you need to carry to avail the service

Following are the ID proofs which you can carry

  1. Military ID
  2. Dress in uniform
  3. Veterans Organization card
  4.  Statment of current earnings

Following are the restaurants which will offer you free meals on Veterans Day.

1.  Applebees

Applebees is offering thanks to veterans since 2008 by providing free meals on veterans day. It is only available on 11th September but for the whole day. They are participating in 1800 location in across U.S

Menu includes American standard burger, Butcher’s meat & potatoes, Fiesta lime chicken, chicken tender platter, Double crunch shrimp, oriental chicken salad and three cheese chicken cavatappi

2. Outback Steak House

If the bloomin’ onion is your favorite than congratulations because Outback is offering free onion and beverages to all veterans on 11th September. Check out the nearest outback at your location and confirm all the details.

Apart from free meals if you show your military ID at the time of service. You will also get 15% off on bills from November 12th to 31st December.

3. Olive Garden

Olive Garden is also on the list of restaurants that offer free meals on veterans day. All active military members are eligible to receive their free meals. Which includes unlimited soup, salads, garlic bread, cheese ravioli, chicken piccata, chicken parmigiana, and spaghetti with meat sauce,

4. Denny’s

Denny’s doors are open for both active military members and veterans for free Grand Slam breakfast. They are offering this on November 10th a day before the veterans day.

They have a long list of items in their breakfast and you can choose any of them including. Egg whites(2), Eggs (2), English Muffin, Buttermilk pancakes, Buttermilk biscuits, oatmeal, grits, Bacon strips, Chicken sausage patty, hash browns, sausage links, slices of toast, turkey bacon strips, gluten-free English muffin, and hearty wheat pancakes.

5. Red Lobster

If you love eating seafood then don’t miss to visit Red Lobster this veterans day. They are offering thanks to all veterans by providing free appetizer and deserts on September 11. All who are active military members, veterans and reserves are eligible to get their free meals at red lobster.

Their menu includes Signature shrimp cocktail, seafood-stuffed mushrooms, Mozzarella cheese sticks, sweet chili shrimp, lobster & langostino pizza, and parrot isle jumbo coconut shrimp

6. Chili’s

Chillis’s is also not behind on this veterans day all active military members and veterans are eligible to get their free meals. Chili’s is quite famous for burgers, Ribs, and Fajitas but their all locations are not participating so you need to confirm before visiting.

Their menu includes chicken crispers, chili soup, Salad, oldtimer with cheese, and chicken bacon ranch quesadillas

7. TGI Friday

All active military members are eligible to receive complimentary lunch on 11th November. The free veterans day lunch is valid only from 11 Am to 2 PM. For retired military service members they are offering half rack of big ribs and $5 coupon for their next meal.

As long as the menu is a concern you can choose anything from the menu but make sure it should not be more than $12.

8.  RedRobin

Both active military members and veterans are eligible to get free meals.  It may be possible that all locations are not participating so we highly recommend confirming before visiting.

They are offering Red’s Tavern double burger and bottomless steak fries meal.

9. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse also offering free lunch to active military members and veterans on this 11th September. The lunch hours are from 11 Am to 2 PM at all the participating locations.

The menu includes Barbecue chicken sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, pulled pork dinner, country fried sirloin, country fried chicken, grilled chicken salad, chicken critter salad, all American cheeseburger, single grilled pork and 6 oz sirloin steak.



7 Best websites to get free Monograms

Free Monograms

Customized & Personalized gifting is gaining popularity and due to this demand of customized monogram is also increasing. Especially if we talk about wedding then we can use monogram to personalize wedding gifts like a pillow, towels, and beer steins.

If you are looking for free Monogram for your wedding invitation, company, and address label. Then these websites would be really helpful to create your own Monogram and the complete process will take only couple of minutes. Just put your initials and select the style and color of the fonts and your desired monogram is ready.

You can download your monogram in Jpeg, PDF and in some other formats depending on the website feasibility. You can also create your monogram by using free monogram fonts and these are easily available on free fonts website.

Following are websites where you can generate your free Monogram

1. Designmantic

The website provides free monogram, especially for a wedding couple. Just enter the bride and groom name and click on get my free monogram tab. Select the style that you want to choose. In the next step, you would be able to do formatting like changing font size, color, position, font type, grid and much more.

Now click on download you will encounter the page to design your wedding card which is optional. Sign up is mandatory in order to download your design. You can find your free monogram under the purchased category of “MY DESIGN” this is because the price of your logo is $0.

2. MarkandGraham

Create your desired monogram in just three simple steps without any registration. Visit their website and at the home page, you will find the option to create your free monogram. Enter your initials and select the type of style you want to choose currently they have 27 styles available.

Next is to choose the color and your monogram is ready to save or you can also share to your social media accounts. The site is not only provided free monograms but you can also browse products related to lifestyle and wedding.

3. Invys 

Invys offer free wedding monograms without any registration however you need to provide the email ID in order to receive the raw file. Creating monogram at envy is super easy. Visit their “try Invys for free” section and click on free wedding monogram maker.

Currently, they have 16 styles which you can choose. Select any of the design and it will take you to the art page. Where you can do formatting and designing of your monogram. Like changing color, font, alignment, and position of your logo

Finally, click on email my monogram and enter your email address. It will directly be sent to your inbox.

4. Zilliondesign

This is one of the cool websites where you can get your free monogram in one single step. Click on free logo maker and there are 21 styles available. Do the formatting on the same page and change your font size, style, and color. And at the bottom of the editing box, you will find the download option.

Here you neither you need any account registration nor you have to provide an email ID. On a single page, you can design and download your file.

5. Wedding Chicks 

Wedding Chicks is a popular site for wedding shopping and accessories. But the site also provides facility to create free monograms. Currently, they have 18 unique styles which you can choose to personalize your monogram.

First, select the style and then edit your design and on the same page, you will find a download option. Social media links are also available if you want to share with your friends and family.

6. Wedding Wire

Wedding wire is also one of the popular websites for free monograms for weddings. Enter your initials and select the style. They have around 20 elegant styles which you can choose.

Account registration is mandatory with wedding wire and while registration you might have to provide your wedding date. The last step is to download your PNG file.

7. Onlinelogomaker

Don’t get confused with the name you can also design your monogram with onlinemaker. The best thing about this website is here you won’t find and predefine templates. Instead, you can freshly design your own monogram and can also upload your image. So if you are creative then this website can deliver you some cool unique monograms.


Monogram is the great way to brand your items with your own initials. This could be associated with your wedding or any other special events. And the best part is that you can get these at free of cost. Most of the website who deals in wedding items generally offer service of free monograms. Because this is the best way to approach the potential buyer.


Get thousands of free fonts from 1001 Free Fonts

1001 Free Fonts Review

1001 Free Fonts

There are numerous of websites who offer free fonts but only handful of them are good. And 1001 free fonts is one of the best among them. So if you are searching free fonts for the personal and commercial use you can definitely review this website. However, for the commercial purpose, you might have to pay but for personal use, these are completely free.

We don’t know the exact numbers of available fonts. Because numbers are not mentioned but they have 1978 pages and each page is full of different fonts. An approximately they have 20,000 unique fonts available and the number keeps increasing. Including some of the popular fonts like Decorative, fantasy, ice snow, gothic, calligraphy, Christmas, Rockstone, and much more.

Site not only provide free fonts to the users but also beneficial for designers as well. It offers the platform to the designer to promote the new font in the market.

How to download font from 1001 free fonts?

Visite their website and browse the font through category or if you know the name of font then you can search directly through search bar. You can also serch font throught most downlaod or newest category.

Once you select your desired font you would be able to see some more details like designer name, license type, file size and their website. Before downloading the file you can review the font with your desired text. Just enter the text in “custom font preview” box and select the size, quantity and color of fonts and click on update button. All the fonts will appear with your customize settings.

The last step is to click on download button and you will get your setup file in a zip folder. Which you first need to extract and then you can install in to your computer.

How to promote your own fonts on 1001 Free fonts

The site is not only famous for free fonts but it is quiet popular among the designers to promote the fonts. The first requisite to submit the font is that you should be the sole owner of the fonts.

On top left of the website you will find a button of submit fonts. Click on that tab and a online form will appear. Where you need to supply the details like email address, font name, font designer, website URL, font category , commercial license url, additional notes if you want and final upload the zip file of your font.

Now click on submit and your request will go under scrunity where they will review your request. Once your font is approved they will inform you via email and your font would be live on their website.

Some additional information about 1001 Free Fonts

The site provides free fonts but that does not mean all he fonts which are available would be completely free. It all depends the type of license they have choosen. In some cases you would also find fonts with license of demo, donationware, public domain, and shareware.

If you are searching fonts for personal use then you will find 90% of the fonts are free whereas rest are under shareware and other categories . On the other hand if you are looking for commercial purpose then you have to pay. And you can collect the information directly through commercial link.

Despite the fonts are free you still can pay designer through donate option. If you think that designers deserve monetary compensation for it’s efforts.


1001 free fonts is popular site to download free fonts. No registration is required for downlaoding or submting a new font. you can also check the preview in your desired texts before downlaoding. Apart from offering new fonts site also provides platform to the designers to promote the new font wihout any charge.

How to get free Pottery Barn Catalog?


Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn catalog is home decor catalog which provides a wide range of decorative household items. Including contemporary furniture, lighting, tabletop, rugs & windows, bedding, bath, outdoor and gifts. If you want to decorate your home with luxurious items then Pottery Barn can be the best option. They are in home decor business since 1949 and has a very high level of consumer satisfaction. And they are mailing millions of catalog every year and this is all started since 1987 and still continue.

They have many stores around the world and their design floor is located in San Francisco. Which helps the company to find new designs and create better products for their customers. Most of their products are crafted in American factory located in Hickory North Carolina. They also offer free design services at their stores or you can also make an appointment for home visits. Where they will do the measurements and suggest you colors and items which would make your home look fabulous. All the products in which they deal are very high quality but they are very famous for their furniture and bedding items.

How to request Free Pottery Ban Catalog?

In order to request a free catalog visit their official website and at the bottom of the page you will find the option of catalog request. This will take you to the next page where you will find all the available catalogs from here you can select your desired catalog.

Select the checkbox next to the catalog and click on continue. An online form will appear where you need supply some mandatory information like full name, mailing address, and email address. Now click on continue and your request is forwarded to their team. Within 6 to 8 business days, you will receive your catalog.

On the left-hand side, you will also find the option of “join our email list“. You can get many benefits for joining their email list like new arrivals, seasonal trends, special promotions, exclusive sales, special events and decorative classes. And any time you feel that their emails are not worth then you can unsubscribe instantly.

Online Catalog

Mailing a catalog takes around 6 to 8 weeks which is higher than the usual delivery time. In this case, if you want you can browse their online catalogs. In fact here you will find more option as compared to mailing catalogs. Everything is same except these are available in soft copies.


Restriction for requesting Pottery Barn Catalog

  1.   Whoever requesting free catalog make sure you are 13 years old else you won’t be eligible to receive the catalog.
  2. You can receive free catalog only if are living in united states. They won’t mail a catalog to any mailing address which is outside US territories.
  3. you can request only one catalog per household.


If you want to renovate your home with the high quality of luxuries decorative items then review Pottery Barn Catalog. It includes Contemporary furniture with seasonal trends along with thousands of other home decor items which would change the look of your home according to your desire. Request free catalog for mailing or you can browse directly from their website. They also offer free designing service at a store or home visits.

Get thousands of Free fonts from

The primary objective of selecting multiple fonts is to make our data look more presentable and clear to our readers. A single piece of content may include multiple types of fonts like for the core data you need regular fonts. Whereas if you want to highlight something then you may need a different font which can easily catch the user’s attention. And this could be a Title, headline or important message.

There are lots of websites which sell fonts but if you want you can also get thousands of fonts without paying a single penny. is a website which offers free fonts to the users. Here you will not only find regular but some special and unique fonts. And you can download any font with a click of a button. This is the best place for both designers to promote whereas users to download free fonts.

In this guide, we will let you know all the details about How you can find tons of free and special fonts. How can you promote your own fonts?

General Information about

It provides a platform to the designers to easily promote their font among the masses whereas for users it is the hub of free fonts. Currently, the website has more than 33,338 fonts of 9943 with accents and 11533 with euro symbols.

The site has more than 9 broader categories under which they have 8 to 10 subcategories of fonts. Broader categories include fancy, foreign look, techno, bitmap, gothic, basic, script, dingbats, and holiday.

The website is well structured and has a good interface which provides great user experience. You don’t need to review all the fonts if you know the name of the font you can search alphabetically and if you don’t then you can drill down through the broader categories. No signup required for downloading the fonts but it is mandatory if you want to interact with the author.

How to download the font from

The downloading font is super easy you don’t’ even need to create an account for this. Simply search your font through category or alphabetically. You can also check the font preview before downloading. Put your text in the text bar and see the results.

Once the font is finalized simply click on download button which is at the extreme right of the page. Download a zip file and then you can unzip to get it install in your computer.

If you have any technical questions related to downloading you can visit their FAQ page. They have addressed all the queries related to technical compatibility and download.

How to promote your own font?

If you are a designer and have your own font which you want to promote then Dafont can be a good platform for you. The process of new font registration is very simple.

  1. On the homepage, you will find a button of “submit a font” click on that make sure that account is created else you have to create a new account.
  2. Next, you need to select the font you want to upload is your own creation or belongs to someone else. This step is to avoid any copyright issue if font belongs to the third party then you need to supply some additional information like author name, email, and website.
  3. If you are the sole owner then you can continue with the first option and supply some additional details like first & last name, select an appropriate theme.
  4. Select an appropriate license e.g 100% free, free for personal use, demo, public domain and donationware
  5. Upload the zip file of font including JPG images of graphics. If you want to pass any message you can also put a note.
  6. Once request is submitted the website will review and approve your font for listing.
  7. And there is no charge for listing a font.



If you are looking free fonts for your personal use we would recommend going for It is a great website which is super easy to use and you can download awesome fonts with a click of a button. Website not only provides free fonts to users but free platforms to the designers as well to promote their fonts. However, if you feel that author deserves monetary compensation for their efforts you may donate.



Ipsos Review ! A survey site to make money online

Ipsos I-say

Our primary objective is to provide our reader’s the easiest and fastest way to make money online. And survey sites is top on that list and due to this the quest of finding the best survey sites are still on. We have already shared some of the best survey sites with our readers. Including Swagbucks, Opinion outpost, Globaltestmarket, Mypoints, and Mysurvey. We all know survey sites are best ways to make money in extra time. And to increase you’re earning you can have accounts with multiple survey sites. Like I have more than ten accounts with different survey sites. This allows me to attempt multiple surveys in a single day. The primary problem with most of the survey site is the availability of enough surveys so if you multiple accounts you can have enough surveys to attempt.

This time we brought Ipsos I say a great survey site to make some extra cash in free time. you will have the opportunity to get an online survey, product testing, mobile surveys, and video Surveys.

Ipsos I-SAY Background

I say is a survey site which is powered by Ipsos. One of the leading market research company. They are operating their business in more than 100 countries and conducts 700 million interviews every year including 5,000 clients. The company was founded in 1975 is the third largest company in the world based on survey research.

I-SAYoffers surveys related to products and services for those companies who want to do market research and are looking to figure out what are their potential buyers and clients. There are many reasons due to which a company may need for a market research. If you are looking improvement areas in your existing product, want to launch a new product and not aware of the targeted audience, and what is the future growth of your market.

How does it work? and Areas to earn points

Whenever you attempt a survey with I-SAY you get some points for that and those points you can redeem for gift cards, Paypal cash, donation and sweepstakes entries. But before you attempt any survey you first need to signup.

Visit their official website and click on a sign-up link.  Supply all the required details and your account is active to take the surveys after email confirmation. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the whole sign-up process.

Similar to other survey sites here also you have to qualify for the survey. In case if you disqualify you will get 5 points for your attempt. Here you also find polls predictor which does not give you any points. But this gives you chance to enter in I-say Prize draws. In polls, you only have to answer yes or no these are completely different from the surveys.

Eligibility criteria

Currently, they are active in 11 countries including United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Please refer your country before registration. And you must be 18 years old at the time of registration.

Loyalty Program

It is a year based program where you get bonus points for completing a certain number of surveys. Like after completing 5 surveys you get 25 points and 50 after 10 and so on. More surveys you complete more bonus points you will receive.

Sweepstakes Opportunities
  1. Poll Predictor allows you to win more prize draw entries. Every time you complete a survey you get a chance to participate in polls predictor.
  2. With 200 points you can take entry towards winning a trade to travel draw.
  3. Quarterly 10 panel members get a chance to win 5000 points through click draw opportunities. If you are one the most active members you have a high chance of winning this sweepstake.
Referral Program

You can easily earn 100 points for referring your friends, family or any other person who is interested to make money with the survey. Sometimes you will find they are offering more than 100 points for referring members. These usually it happens when they are running any promotions scheme.

Referral is the most easiest way to make money. The moment someone complete it’s profile you get your referral points in your account.


How to Redeem your I-SAY points?

100 Points of I-SAY is equal to $1 and there are thresholds depending upon the redemption criteria you are choosing.

  1. For Paypal cash, you need 1530 points which are equal to $15. And it takes 1 to 3 weeks to credit your account
  2. Visa prepaid card need 2000 points which are equal to $20
  3. You need $10 for Amazon gift cards which is equal to 1000 points.
  4.  $15 for Target gift card and you need 1500 points for redemption.


Ipsos I-say is legit survey sites which provide their members to attempt surveys and exchange of that they credit some points to your account. Which you can further use to redeem against gift cards, Paypal cash, donation and entries for sweepstakes. Unlike other websites, it does not include multiple different tasks but purely based on surveys and availability is also quite high.


How to get free LTD Commodities catalog ?

LTD commodities

LTD Commodities is leading supplier of home decor and gifting items and running since 1963. They have a wide range of commodities including clothing, toys, games, bed, bathing, office supplies, garden, outdoors, personalized gifts, home decor and much more. You will also find a great collection of jewelry, decorative lighting, chairs,  sporting goods, and rugs.

Previously it was known as ABC Distributing catalog which has recently changed into LTD Commodities catalog. So those who are still searching ABC we would like to tell you to go for LTD commodities catalog it has all the similar items which ABC distributing had.

Catalogs are freely available for the masses but for that, you need forward a request from their website. Follow our instructions and get a free catalog.

How to request a free catalog from LTD Commodities?

Visit their official website and sing up for free catalog the page will ask you to provide some vital information in order to deliver the catalog. Please provide all the mandatory information in order to process the request. Like the first & last name, mailing address, city, state, zip code and email address.

Before you submit your request there is an option to subscribe to their newsletter. This checkbox is completely optional but in case if you subscribe then you will start receiving promotional emails and updates related to new products. It is always good to subscribe a newsletter because keep us updated about the new deals and discounts and at the same time it is also an optional service which you can unsubscribe anytime.

The last step is to click on signup button and your request is the fix with their system. You can also get your free catalog by raising request through their customer care. call at 1-847-295-6058 and forward your request to get a free catalog.

Please ensure that catalog is only available to US mailing address. If you are outside the country then we would request you to surf the catalogs online. All the paper catalogs which they mail to the users also available free on their website.

Shop their online catalogs

If you need catalog urgently and can’t wait for 3 to 4 weeks. You can directly browse their catalogs online. And online catalog has it’s own advantage here you just select the desired catalog and all the items listed in that will appear in front of you which you can further sort according to the price and category.

Point to remember while requesting LTD Commodities catalog

  1. Usually, it takes around 3 to 4 week to receive a paper catalog. And sometimes it takes more than usual. So in the meanwhile, you can browse the catalog online.
  2. The catalog is only available to US mailing address. If it is outside the US then you won’t receive the catalog.
  3. ABC distributing catalog is no longer available and LTD is the replacement of ABC.
  4. The catalog may provide you lots of information but still, it does not cover everything. So visiting website can get you the broader side of the view.


    LTD Commodities catalog is a free catalog for gifts and home decor and also the leading supplier in the US. They are successfully running the company from last 50 years with high level of consumer satisfaction. It has a wide range of quality products which you can buy at competitive prices. So if you are looking products for home decor or any special events you can definitely take a glimpse of their products.