How to Get Free $1000 Gift Card from Walmart Survey

Currently, Walmart running a survey where they are looking feedback from customers about their recent visits to Walmart. The survey takes hardly 10 minutes where you will be asked several questions related to your Walmart experience.  Lucky 5 winners will get a chance to win $1000 Walmart gift cards whereas 750 customers would get $100 gift card.

Surveys are conducted to improve the products, services, and sales. It helps the company to produce better or compatible products for their customers. Walmart will announce 5 winners in every 3 months who would get $1000 worth of Walmart gift cards.

Eligibility to participate in Walmart survey

  1. The first condition is that you should have survey invitation which you will get on your recent receipt from Walmart.
  2. The invitation is valid for one week. Which means you need to attempt the Walmart survey within one week of the invitation received on receipt.
  3. Citizen of US resident, district of Columbia and Puerto Rico are eligible to attempt the surveys
  4. Must be 18 years of age
  5. You should also have the recent Walmart receipt.
  6. Need a computer and internet connection with a valid email address.

Guide how to Attempt the Walmart survey

  1. Visit which is an official website to attempt the survey.
  2. Select the language there are two options available English and Spanish. If you are Canadian then here you will find a different link to attempt the survey. If you are US resident you can continue moving to the next page.
  3. Next page will provide you details about the surveys.
  4. Now you need to enter your zip code
  5. After this, they will ask you whether any of your family members is Walmart or sam’s club employee.
  6. Next is to enter the year you were born. This to confirm that you are 18 years of age.
  7. Enter the store Number and ID number as mentioned on your receipt.
  8. From here you will start receiving surveys questions.
  9. After completing the surveys don’t forget to enter the draw to win one of 5 for $1000 Walmart gift card. In this step, you also need to supply your personal details.

How to get the details of the winners?

  1. Sweepstakes winners will be notified via email and phone after each drawing which happens in every 3 months.
  2. The winner will be informed after two weeks of each sweepstakes withdrawing.
  3. Please check the sweepstakes rules for better understanding.
  4. Walmart publishes the list of the winners which anyone can see.

Document required for claiming the sweeptakes.

If you win the sweepstakes the administrator will ask you to complete an Affidavit/liability release in order to confirm your identity. Once you are it is confirmed you can take collect your prize.


Be aware to get scammed

This is the good opportunity for fraudsters to scam

people. As per the Walmart, there are several complaints where customers were receiving emails asking personal and financial information. Even emails were also looking legitimate with Walmart logo. And in some cases, they got successful in getting the credit card and pin details.

In order to protect the customers, Walmart has released a complete guideline for privacy, security and fraud alerts.  Please read the guidelines and understand how can you protect yourself from being hacked or scammed.


Surveys are the best way to understand the needs of your customers and also helps the company to identify improvement areas in order to make the better product. At the same time, surveys can be a good opportunity to earn some free money or gifts. Walmart surveys could be a good opportunity to get some free money by attempting 10 minutes survey.


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