21 Best Sites like Craigslist, Alternatives to boost  your leads

Craigslist Alternatives


We all know Craiglist is a fabulous American classified advertisement website. And that is the reason you are looking similar websites expecting something better. So we would like to tell you are absolutely right. There are lots of websites like Craigslist and have much more targeted audience.  We compile a list of all best Craigslist alternatives that will help you to buy and sell used items, Services and allow you to participate in the discussion forum.

Do you know there is a certain percentage of people who do not want to use craigslist due to scam and no law enforcement on the deal? This happens because it is a free classified website where buyers and sellers make the deal independently.  Due to its popularity and high volume of users, scammers are looking opportunity to make money by cheating genuine customers.

Despite all of this, it is a good website and there are many ways to make money with Craigslist. You can  sell your Artwork, Services, and Goods. Here are the list of some Craigslist Alternatives and some people even claim that few of them are even better than Craigslist.


Following are the Craigslist Alternatives



This website allows us to buy and sell used furniture. List your products and they will enhance the visuals within 24 hours of its uploading. you have to confirm the purchase request within 24 hours else they will cancel. Provide the pickup date and they will do the delivery on time. You will receive the payment within 2 to 5 business days once the product is delivered to the recipient after deducting a fixed percentage. So this is a craigslist alternative for those who want to buy and sell furniture and they only deal in new york which means you will get highly targeted customers.

2. CityNews

This is one of the best sites like craigslist which locally focus through United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Asia. They offer free classified where a one-page site is created for the user. You just need to select the correct category and country to upload the ad.

3. Oodle

Oodle is also one of the best Craigslist Alternatives and competitor. It is a fastest growing classified network. which includes newspaper, network portals, community sites, broadcast television sites and yellow pages. Once you post an ad on Oodle it appears on hundreds of leading media and publishing sites. They also provide an additional facility to post the ad through facebook account. Due to this, it is considered one of best sites like Craigslist.

4. Recycler

This website is similar to Craigslist but this is majorly famous for pets, electronics, cars, Rents, Real states, Music, and sports. They also allow free listing and don’t’ charge any commission on sales apart from this they are also very renowned in the United States. Due to this website also considered as top competitors of Craigslist.  I

5. Close5 (Ebay Classified)

Most of us must not be aware of this that Close5 is the rebranding of eBay classified. eBay not only deals in e-commerce but they also provide the service of classified. This is an app based platform where the customer can buy and sell items directly. Listing is free and here you can buy and sell almost every thing from pets to house.

6 Abadoo

Abadoo is a European website which is a complete Craigslist alternatives. They provide free listing but they also offer paid listing which helps the customer to bring the listing on top in the related category. This is one of the top websites in Europe for classified advertisement.

7. Rackons

This is a best-classified website in Australia and also the Craigslist Alternatives. As they also provide the free listing and target customer locally. Apart from this, they have the good amount of organic traffic from google which means the audience is highly targeted. So that’s why the sales conversions are also very high here. This is the Australian based website but they also allow post the ad from other countries.

8. Usedeverywhere

Usedeverywhere formerly, usedcanada.com is a Canada based website and has 73 classified networks in North America. They receive almost 2 million unique visitors and 50 million page views every month. This is also considered one of the best Craigslist Alternatives as they have more than 24 categories to list the products.

9. Locanto 

This website operates in 50 countries and in more than 5 languages. Mostly popular in America, Australia, and Canada. Listing is completely free. And they allow classified like pets, real Estate, personal, Vehicle, Jobs, Community, Events, Dating and classes. They are also on top in the list of sites similar to craigslist.

10 Adoos

This is a classified site which supports app and compatible with cell phones also. Product listing is very fast and easy as you don’t need to this on laptop or PC. Chatting feature is also available and this helps you to communicate with buyer and sellers in real time. In order to download the app just enter the mobile number and they will send you the link to download the app.

11 Backpage

This is perfect craigslist alternatives and operates Majorly in USA, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Australia, Latin America, Europe, Canada, and Africa. They provide a free listing for local and paid for multiple cities. Charges depend on country and number of weeks you choose to display the ad. They are top in this list of Craigslist competitors.

12 Classifiedgiants

Classified is a US based website similar to Craigslist. Account registration and the listing is completely free. You can post your ad for 30 days after that they will remove automatically. Categories like real estate, cars, pets, education, Finances, accounting, fashion, services, and jobs are allowed here. Users can add up to 12 images per listing and if they want they can upload video too. This helps to get the targeted audience and also helps you to increase the sales conversion.

13. Hoobly

Listing is free and you can post as globally or country specific. Unlike craigslist, hoobly users need to register their email id before posting an ad and this help to minimize the risk of fraud users. They have some unique categories like jewelry and gems. However, they cover most of the categories of Craigslist except personal.

14 Geebo

This site is just like Craigslist which allows free ad posting but limited to the US only. They provide categories like Farms & construction equipment, Vehicles. Merchandise, Services, Employment, Real Estate, Rental, Roommate, and Resumes. Apart from this they also provide to connect you with Geebo community across all states and country.

15 Peerhub

Peerhub claims that they are a combination of eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist. And have major categories of vintage, handmade and used stuff. You can post the ad locally as well as globally and it’s also integrated with Facebook which makes it more convenient for registration and item listing. They also accept steem dollars which mean we don’t’ have to pay the fee of PayPal and credit card.


16 PennySaverUSA

PennySaverUSA started their business in the year 1962 when people used to stand in line in order to publish the ad in their newspaper classified. But now they have setup their online business too. All you need to do is provide your email id and select the right category. They deal in Arts, Vehicles, Food Dining, Jobs, Merchandise, Pets, real estate and services. Next step is to enter the correct headline with item description along with their charges. Finally, add some images and zip code and your ad is ready.

17 USA Today Classified

USA today is most renowned circulated Newspaper of America which has both online and print classified. USA Today Classified is their online version. They have good categories like Auction, Automotive, Business, Careers, education, and notices.

18 USfreeads

USfreeads is a Craigslist alternatives and operating since 1999. They have three types of membership Premium it would cost you $9.99/year, Gold $10/year and Basic which free but has limited exposure.  They don’t allow adult content and prescription drug. However, they do allow affiliate links under paid membership. They include categories like Automotive, Collectibles, home & Gardens, Toys, Games, Models, Health & Fitness, employment, Clothing & Footwear, Announcements, Sports, Pets & Animals, Real Estates, Business opportunities, Hobbies & Leisures, Jewelry & Watches, Services and Wanted Ads.

19 Adsglobe

Adsglobe is to in this list of sites like Craigslist as it’s operating in more than 150 countries and serving over million locations globally. thousands of ads categories are available with image features and listing items is completely free.

20 Gumtree

This is a UK based website launched in the year 2000 by two entrepreneurs Simon ckrookall and Michael Pennington. which majorly used in US, UK and South Africa. The website receives 8 millions of visitors and one million of new ads every month. They also have live chat support which works from 9 am to 9 pm.

21 Trovit

This is also one the big classified website similar to craigslist and operates globally. It includes the category like Homes, Cars, and jobs.




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