16 Best Websites to download free Audiobooks legally


free audiobooks


If you are fond of reading books then you must aware that reading trend has gone through with major transformation from hard copy to soft copy (e-books) then kindle an advance way of reading the books over the Device. From past couple of years, the trend is changing at a very fast pace and audiobooks are now gaining popularity. Because It gives you the same vibe as someone is telling you the story.

The best thing I found with audiobooks is that it gives you the sense of feeling where you can imagine the story as real. And it makes you feel like that it just happening in front of your eyes. If you also prefer Audiobooks over e-book or paper copy.  Then check out our entire list of websites where you can download free audiobooks legally. However, there are tons of websites available which are providing free audio books. But most of them are running illegally or their countries are restricted. This list is completely safe to download Audiobooks in MP3  and Itunes podcast.

Following are the Websites to download Free Audiobooks Legally.

1. Loyal Books

Loyal Books have a huge collection over 7,000 free audiobooks on their website. You can easily sort out through the genre which is listed left side of the homepage. Here you can download audio books as Itunes podcast, Ipad M4B, MP3 and listen directly from your RSS feed. Along with this, you can also see the synopsis of the book, published date, and author name. The site is completely safe and smooth to navigate and even easier to search and Audiobook.

Here you can download audio books as Itunes podcast, Ipad M4B, MP3 and listen directly from your RSS feed. Along with this, you can also see the synopsis of the book, published date, and author name. The site is completely safe and smooth to navigate and even easier to search and Audiobook.

2 Scribl

Scribl was formerly known as Podiobooks. This website provides the platform both ways whether you want to publish or listen.  You can receive the file as a podcast, download directly from the website or listen from your RSS feed. They have a vast array of collection and almost all genres.

Scribl provides both free and paid Audiobooks and they also have crowd pricing system through which you get the best price. Their software automatically sets books prices based on download popularity within a specific genre.

3. Manybooks 

It was established in the year 2004 with the objective to provide an extensive library of books in digital format. It works same as scribl author can also publish their Audiobooks.

Browsing an e-book is a very easy task all you have to do is click on the genre and select your book for download. They provide some important details to review the book before initiating the download. E.g Flesch reading ease, Number of downloads, wordcount and published year. Other basic information is also there like author name, Genre, and title.

You can choose the type of file and format under which you want to execute the download. They have more than 15 supported format.

4.  Audiobook Sync

It is a free summer audiobook program for teens which offers two audiobooks per week. They are doing this to let teens know that reading can be done through listening.

Sync is sponsored by Audiofile Magazine. Sign up to get notification related to free audiobooks through email, text messages and by visiting their website.

5. OverDrive

OverDrive is like finding all solutions of your digital books under one roof. Here you can sell & publish ebooks, connect with libraries & schools and can find all types of educational ebooks.

If your local library is connected with OverDrive this can be the best source for you get free audiobooks.

6. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a 501 non-profit library. which was established in the year 1996 with the objective to share universal knowledge in digital form. They have 279 billion of web pages, 11 millions of books and texts, 4 Million of audio recording, 3 million of videos, 1 million of images and 100k software programs.

So they have massive data on their website and the free audiobook is one of them. You can also sort the book through the number of views which gives you the glimpse of some popular books to download.

7.Open Culture

Another good website for free Audio Books to download. They have around 900 of audiobooks including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Apart from audio books you will find a good collection of movies, online courses, ebooks, business courses, and textbooks.

The website has some self-hosted files whereas some will redirect you to others. Some files you can’t download can only stream online.

8. Lit2Go

One of the best place to download the audiobook. you can search the book through genre, authors, collections, and readability. Some of the popular category you will find their genre is Gothic, Memoir, mystery, and realism.

Before downloading you can review the details like book synopsis, published date, and Flesch reading score.

9. Librivox

Librivox works on volunteer bases where anyone can record their chapters. Which will be published by Librivox for free on the internet. They donate its recording to the public domain.

You can search the audiobooks through genre, author, reader, and subject. The file can be downloaded directly or you can subscribe their podcast.

10. Storynory

This place is perfect for kids not only fairy tales and educational but you will also find a great collection of Seasonal stories. Like Christmas stories, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. George’s day, St. Patrick’s day and St Valentine’s day.

Listening story through audiobooks helps children in developing listening skills, concentration, understanding complex language, accents, and dialects.

11. Librophile

A complete HUB of free audiobooks with almost all genres. Most of the audiobooks will find are also free with Amazon and listed on Librophile. The website has more than 1,00,000 free audiobooks listed with best authors.

The site also provides you a great collection of books and a special section as Trending where you can check the most popular books both in audio and ebook.

12. Free Classic Audiobooks

If you love reading classical books then this website would be really helpful for you. because it has a great collection of classical audiobooks including some of the best like Emma from Jane Austen, Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll.

You will also find some other good audiobooks like Italian language course, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and my story by Hellen Keller.

13. Gutenberg

Michael Hart is the founder of Gutenberg project and he invented ebooks in 1971. You can browse through author, title, language, and recently posted. There is also an RSS Feed you need a feed reader software to read this.

And if you are not sure where to start from you can check their popular section of Top 100 Books this will definitely help you to find you some best audiobooks.

14. Light up Your Brain

The website is completely dedicated towards kids. Which enhances their listening skills. Not only audiobooks but you will also find some brainstorming games for children. They have many challenging appropriate games which stimulate their imagination and thought process.

The collection of audiobooks includes both human and system generated voices. Really great for those children who are not good at problem-solving.

15. Thought Audio

Thought Audio offers free wide range audio books in literature and philosophy. You can search the books through the whole list, title, new posting and directly from the search bar.

16. Learn out loud

Learn out loud has a huge collection of audiobooks around 1200 free course collection, 3000 free audiobook section, 2000 free documentaries collection. They also have a great collection of interviews, talks, and speeches.


For some readers audiobooks is a significant change in reading era however some still perfers the old way of reading infact they don’t even prefer ebooks over paper copy. But Audiobooks have their own benefits like it feels more real, you can read books while doing other works, improve listening skills and helps you to understand story more better and faster. And this list will help you to reach all kinds of free audiobooks with just click of mouse.

16 Best free cloud storage ! Access your data online from Anywhere

Free cloud Storage


Cloud storage is an awesome technology which allows you to access your data anywhere, anytime with any device through internet. It also solves our major problem of carrying the data in portable hard drives & USB. And the risk of losing the data is also very low because the third party is responsible and usually they maintain the back of all the data. So you must be thinking with these many facilities cloud storage must be a chargeable service. Yes, it comes with paid packages but free cloud storage is also available. We would take you to the entire list of free cloud storage services so that you can choose the best according to your need.

Before choosing a cloud storage please read their guidelines and policy as some companies don’t keep the backup of your data and legally you can’t claim if you lose. Because they already mentioned this in their policy, terms, and condition.

Following are the best free cloud storage options available for us.

1. Amazon Cloud Storage

If you are a prime member of Amazon you will get unlimited photo storage plus 5 GB for Videos and other files. Whereas in digital storage plan you will get 5GB storage to store files, photos, and videos. They also have paid packages where you can get large storage like $11.99/year you can get 100 GB. And in $59.99/year you get 1TB space on their cloud storage. Being a prime member storing photos won’t be count in your storage.

2. Icloud

Apple provides 5gb free cloud storage to their members. It’s not like Amazon where anyone takes the advantage of free storage. you should have an Apple device to access your free storage. If you are looking high storage with Icloud that option is also available but there you have to pay a monthly charge. In $0.99/month you will get 50GB storage, In $2.99/month you will receive 200GB  Which you can share up to six members of your family. The highest storage they provide is up to 2TB where you have to pay $9.99/month.

3. Google Drive

A widely known free storage device which almost 80% of the Gmail subscribers are using. If you are using Gmail you will find the option of google drive on the top right of your email account. It provides you up to 15GB free cloud storage. And for higher storage, you can move on to their paid subscription in $1.99/month you will get 100 GB storage whereas in $9.99 you will get 1TB/month. They count google photos and images in free storage but excluded in paid subscriptions.

4.  Hubic

Hubic is quite famous for their cheap commercial plans but it also provides 25 GB free storage space. It was developed by OVH group a French company specialized in data hosting. it is the second largest web hosting provider in the world. Their paid subscriptions are also quite popular because they are cheap as compared to other prevailing plans in the market. In 10 Euros you will get 100GB yearly whereas in 50 Euros you will get massive storage of 10 TB yearly.

5. Mega

Mega is highly beneficial who are looking free storage as they provide 50 GB as free space to their cloud. You can also take 4TB for in $9 per month. They don’t store your password so you need to keep a secondary backup once you lose the data you can’t claim it.

6. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft is also the key player in cloud storage they are providing 5GB of free cloud storage. In paid subscription, you will find 50GB storage in $1.99/month and 5TB storage in $99.99/year. These are for personal and home usages you can also choose their cheap business plans. Which is quite competitive with other cloud storage services.

7. Jump Share 

Jum share is not only in cloud storage but also provide services like screen sharing and capturing the screenshot. Here you will get 2GB free storage and or 1TB in $99 per year. They also have some additional features including real-time sharing, file tracking, advanced controls, custom branding, military-grade security and organize everything in one place. It also supports more than 100 apps which makes it more convenient for you to access your data. Just signup and claim your free cloud storage.

8. Yandex Disk

Yandex is a Russian search who are also in free cloud storage business. they provide 10gb free storage. In paid services, they offer additional 10gb for $1 per month whereas 2 months are free so in a year you will pay only $10. Same way you have to pay $10 for 100 Gb and $100 for 1TB yearly. so there are slightly cheaper than Amazon and Microsoft.

9 pCloud

It is a Switzerland based company and they are in cloud storage business since 2013. They have more than 6 million active users across the globe. pCloud offers 20GB free storage with signup and provides unbreakable security to stored data. Their referral programs provide you additional 10GB and if you are looking more space then you can opt 500 GB with  $4.99 per month and 2TB in $95.88 per year.

10. Sync.com

You will get 5GB free cloud storage for more storage you can choose their pro personal plan for $8 per month and you will get 2TB secure storage. And in the pro-business plan for $5 per month, you will get 1TB storage. Their paid subscription comes with advanced features like Per user per folder access control, user permission such as read-only, remote wipe, no file size limits, deleted file recovery, transfer account ownership and

Their paid subscription comes with advanced features like Per user per folder access control, user permission such as read-only, remote wipe, no file size limits, deleted file recovery, transfer account ownership and 99.9% uptime SLA.

11. Syncplicity

Syncplicity gives 10 GB free cloud storage with their personal plan. However, there are two more plans which come with advanced features and more storage. And the best part about them they provide free trials for 30 days in paid packages as well.

In the business plan, you have to pay $60 per year where you will get 300GB storage plus 5GB per user storage and minimum 3 users. whereas in enterprise edition you need to contact them personally.

12. Dropbox 

You will get 2GB Free storage and they have four paid plans starting from $8.25 per month where you will get 1TB space. In $12.50 per month, you will get 2TB other plans has unlimited spaces with advanced features.

13. Idrive

Idrive claim to protect the data from Ransomware and provide 5GB free data with Signup. In case your data is infected with encryption based ransomware. All you need to just select the timeline before the infection and restore that. You can also take advantage of their referral programs where you can earn up to 25% on paid signups. You can also join their bulk referral program where you buy bulk space and then convert this into multiple sub-accounts and resell at your price.

14. Box

The box will get you 10gb free cloud storage with 250MB file upload limit. It supports almost all devices ios, android, blackberry and windows phone. It has a smooth interface with great features including upload multiple pictures and video files from a mobile device. download the entire file as a zip folder. Two-factor authentication can also be set up.

15. Flipdrive

With the Flipdrive, you will get 10Gb free data with basic features. For higher storage starting plan will give you 25GB with $5 per month. And their pro plan offers 100 GB with $10 per month whereas business plan will give you 250 GB with $20 per month. However you can choose any plan for 15 days free trial.  It provides some great features like share & Collaborates, global access, online storage, and secure online backup.

16. HiDrive

It is a Germany based company whose headquarters is located in Berlin. HiDrive gives you 5GB free cloud storage with the signup for higher storage you can choose their paid subscriptions. Their first paid plan offer 100GB in 5.8 euros per month. And their second plan provides 500GB in 12.52 euros per month.















10 Best Free Email Accounts


Free email accounts

Today we have many options of fast communication like WhatsApp, Skype, Social media platforms, internet call and many others. But still, email is the most prominent part of business communication.  Be it sending a document, informing your counterpart (CC, BCC) and keeping the conversation as written proof email still plays a vital role in professional communication. We can use free email accounts only for personal purpose until we are not crossing their specified limit. If you have a business where you need to send thousands of emails to the customers and clients from a single account then free email won’t work for you. Then you need to look some commercial email toolkit like Getresponse, Aweber, Convert kit, and MailChimp. Or you can choose paid subscription offered by Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, Zoho and by many other email service provider.

After Gmail, many companies came forward and started offering free emails to the customers but the only handful of them could meet the customer requirements. So this article will help you to choose best free email accounts.

Following are the list of Best Free email accounts.

1. Gmail

It is one of the most popular email service provided by Google. And has almost same important features that you will find with any paid email subscription. Here you get 15 GB of storage to send you files, attachments, and emails to your friends and family. And you can always manage to storage by deleting unsolicited emails from your account.

Apart from this you also get some additional features like Google drive to share heavy data and files, Google+ to connect with Gmail community, google calendar helps to manage your scheduled emails, events reminder, video calls and creating an appointment. The same email accounts you can use to access youtube and play store. So this could be your first choice if you are searching for a free email account. I am using this from last 8 years and my experience is outstanding with Gmail.

2. Yahoo Mail

Another best free email account we can create with Yahoo. Yahoo was launched in the year 1997 seven years before launching Gmail. And they have made lots of improvements in their service. Currently, they are offering 1000 GB storage in their free account.

Yahoo emails include services like yahoo groups, yahoo search engine, yahoo answers and yahoo messenger. As soon as you login in yahoo email you will get recent news update which is a unique feature and you won’t find with any free email service provider.

It takes care of your privacy and provides secure platforms to exchange data and conversation with your friends, family or any other third party.

3. AOL Mail

This one is also top rated free email tool which you can use. Here you will get unlimited storage whereas for email attachment it is up to 25 MB. Here will get additional domain as compared to other email service provider. Usually, in the free account you get providers domain and if you want to use your own domain then you need to choose the paid subscription.

But In you will get some additional domain. like @love.com, @ygm.com, Games.com, and wow.com. The biggest limitation it has that you can’t import contacts from social media accounts.

It also provides spam filtration of low, medium and high. However, AOL  recommends to keep it on medium else you might miss some important emails. If it is high then email need very low spam score in order to reach your inbox. And it’s very difficult for a normal email to meet that standard.

4. Zoho Mail

It is specially designed for the business account but they also provide a free personal email account. They have a smooth and clean interface with no advertisement. They have features including task, notes, calendar and 5GB of storage which is quite low as compared to other providers. You also won’t find any video calling option.

With a free lite plan, you can register only one domain and they don’t scan your email for marketing purposes.

5. Outlook Mail

Outlook is provided by Microsoft as free email account to the users. It provides one stop solution where you can integrate social media accounts and other email accounts at one place. You can add other email accounts in outlook with a click of a mouse. This feature makes it more powerful as free email service provider.

you will get 7GB of storage with one drive and it also supports IMAP. Which means you can set up your email with smartphones and tablets. It does not prove feature of video calling. Since it is a free email you will encounter lots of advertisement hovering over your email.

Email forwarding feature is not available in this which is a major drawback. Because nowadays this is considered one of the important features of any email.

6. GMX 

GMX is new in the market and not much popular among the existing free email accounts providers. But we have incorporated in our list because it has some good feature and smooth navigation.

It has all basic features which you are currently getting in any other free email accounts. And the most popular feature they have the integration with Facebook where you can pull the contact details. But it has certain limitations like it only pulls email addresses no contact and other details can be pulled.

They use SSL secure connection which gives full security and privacy. Along with this, you get unlimited storage with your free account.

7. Hushmail

For the security point of view, Hushmail is the most popular free email accounts. it scans your all emails for viruses and also provides you the feature of blacklisted to secure your account. They don’t display any ads in the box which is rare with free email accounts.

It allows the third party to access the account with POP3 support feature. Which means you can access your email through any smartphone or IOS and Android device using your email App.

8. Inbox.com 

Inbox.com is also a great tool to access free email but also has some limitations. Like social media integration is not possible in this which is a common feature that we expect from any email provider. But it has good navigation and interface.

It comes with levels of spam protection from none to exclusive whereas exclusive allows the only whitelist of email to enter in your inbox. You can also block HTML images as protection filter.

9. Yandex Mail

Yandex is a Russian search engine like google who provides Yandex mail as a free email account. It provides unlimited email storage, after signup you get 10GB storage inbox space which gets increased by 1 Gb once total space is left less than 200 MB.

One of the best features I like about Yandex email is that they allow 30MB as an attachment. In case if the size gets exceeds they automatically upload the file on cloud disk. And recipient receives a link through which file can be downloaded anywhere.

Yandex comes with full protection with inbuilt antivirus software, Dr web. which scans your all emails to protect from virus threat. And they don’t’ display promotion ad.

10. Proton Mail

Proton offers free end to end full encryption to the email. You can send password protected emails to the recipient with set emails to expire. It offers 500 Mb to free email user whereas paid one can get up to 20 GB.

It does not offer POP and IMAP so you can’t collect emails from other accounts. Proton neither collects your personal information nor it saves your IP address. So here you can easily create an anonymous account without any difficulty.


We are using emails but we are not aware of their unique features and their optimum utilization. This list is created to help you to understand that there are many free email providers are available with different storage capacity and with many additional features. So according to your need, you can choose the best free email account for your personal use.







11 Best Free Antivirus to save our Digital Assets


Free Antivirus


With the growing technology risk of losing the data is also increasing day by day. And today almost everything from personal to financial data of our life is scattered over the internet in form of social media and internet banking. Systems are getting more fragile against the hacking and becoming easy prey of attackers. Not only hackers but there are lots of websites which are already affected by Malware and Trojans. Which can easily affect our systems? So in order to save our digital assets, we need internet protection and there Antivirus comes in the picture. A good antivirus not only saves your system but also intimate you against the system vulnerability for future attacks.

And the best part is that for personal use there are many free Antivirus available in the market. Which you can download and make your system more robust to fight with any kind of cyber attacks. However, for commercial purpose, I would recommend going for the paid subscription.

Following are the Free Antivirus to protect your system

1. Avast Antivirus

One of the most downloaded and popular Antivirus. As per the company, they have 400 millions of active users and software is fully capable to seize new and current threats. They have three packages Free, Advanced and premier. However, on trial versions, you can use other two packages for free up to 30 days. It is compatible with windows, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. I am using Avast from last 5 years and its performance is great. You will get the notification in advance or it will fix it once it’s reached to your system. Just select the affected files and fix with Avast.

2. AVG Antivirus

AVG free antivirus best to protect your emails and files from malware, and trojans. It also best for detecting future threats and fixing the current ones. They keep updating their software so that it can fight with latest viruses. And you will be notified time to time for software updating.

I used AVG on my cell phone and my experience was awesome with that. It’s very user-friendly nothing much technical. All you need to do is scan whenever you need or it does automatically even if you don’t. And you can fix the affected files easily.

3. Ad-Aware free Antivirus

While most of the antivirus performs cleaning, detection of most popular virus threats. Ad-Aware provides anti spyware solution to protect you from cyber attacks. It also blocks unsafe email threats, downloads and keeps passwords safe. It can easily install and has a well-organized interface.  you can also do quick, full and custom scans.  Real time protection can also be done with a click of a button. And it can malware before it affects your system. It supports windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

4. Comodo Free Antivirus

Comodo is a powerful antivirus that scans your system and removes any type of Viruses, spyware, and malware. It also protects our computer for future threats thought the notification. The configuration of software is quite technical but interface and fixing problem is quite easy. A log file gives you the full view of all antivirus events and notification and on the other hand, scanning setting allows you to set up a customize scan be it a part of your computer or a whole drive scan. It also has defense data base where you can add and remove files from your local file database.  Comodo supports Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista.

5.Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Bitdefender is one of the trusted Romanian antivirus software which protects your computer from spyware, trojans, worms, and spam. It has some advanced features like Virus scanning & removal, Advanced threat detection, Anti phishing and anti fraud. Both paid and free versions are available. For personal use their free version is enough to protect our system however for a commercial purpose I would recommend choosing the paid version.It supports windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

6 Avira Free Antivirus

Easy to install and smooth to use Avira antivirus gives whole lot new experience to the user. It is very light but yet so powerful to protect our system from any kind of virus threat. It protects our computer from malware, worms, viruses, spyware, and trojans. They provide cloud protection which means your system will be notified before hitting the threats. It analyzes unknown files from the cloud from millions of users to protect our system in real time. It supports windows, Vista and XP.

7. Baidu Free Antivirus

Baidu has some great features like blocking phishing URLs, removable hard drive & USB protection includes anti hacker firewall and can detect any type of malware and trojans. It automatically scans all files and software before downloading. It has three levels of security low, normal and high so you can adjust your scanning according to the need. it compatible with windows, Vista and XP.

8. Amiti Free Antivirus

Skin and multi language support and fully capable of removing infiltrated viruses and can alert for future threats related to malware, spyware, and trojans. Sites menu and options are well organized and completely user-friendly. So even if you are using this first time it won’t let you in any kind of confusion. Navigation is as simple as you can think of and so of fixing the affected files. It supports windows, Vista and XP.

9. Sophos Home free Antivirus

In order to download the free version first, you need to create an account with them. After that, you can download their free version. This is good for personal use and powerful enough to stop any kind of threat which can harm your computer. It blocks all websites URLs which are malware or virus affected. It also analyzes the suspicious behaviors and activity and sends you the notification on real time. The software is compatible with XP, Windows, Mac, IOS, and Vista.

10. Panda Free Antivirus

It’s very light because all its activities are done in the cloud. which makes this software little faster than another antivirus. Very easy to use most it do automatically so all you have to do is just install and forget about your system security. It provides a protected layer of a shield to your wifi from hackers and piggybacking neighbors. Panda comes with parental controls so you can decide what your children are going to access. And it also protects the system from Ransomware. Compatible with windows, vista, XP, Android and IOS devices.

11. Forti client Free Antivirus

It is California based company founded in the year 2000 with headquarters in Sunnyvale. the latest version of this software is completely free and it is compatible with wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, X snow leopard 10.6 or higher. Good at the automatic scan and fixing the affected area of the computer. Scanning can be customized according to the need same as another regular antivirus. It also has parental control so good for those wants to keep the control and track their user search.



Today we keep our personal, professional and financial data on the internet so it becomes inevitable to protect them from phishing and hackers. For this we need antivirus and usually, you will find paid options which are quite expensive. However free options are also available but you need to search a lot in order to figure out best one. So above list will get you the best Antivirus to protect your system and also help you to save money.

31 Free Magazine Subscriptions ! A Smart way to save money

Free Magazine subscription


If you love reading magazines and spend a significant part of your income on this. Then you should explore the internet little bit more because there are tons of magazines in multiple categories are available for free. There is no need to spend a single penny for certain types of magazines. However, In some cases situation could be different like you are fond of reading a specific magazine which is not available for free. But still, with the free subscription, you can save almost saving 80% of your total cost. If you are paying for more than 2 or 3 magazines monthly.

The idea of sharing this freebie came from my close friend who did not spend a single dollar in last three years on the magazines. Last weekend when I visited his home I found a huge stack of magazines on the floor which he was about to sell to trash picker. And by looking the huge quantity I asked how much do you spend monthly on the magazine? and he replied not a penny from last three years. Which was quite surprising for me so I asked him how he gets free magazines and then he shared some sources from the internet. After that, I explored this and compiled the entire list of free magazines for my readers. Hope you would also save lots of many or perhaps won’t pay for the magazine anymore in the future.

Following is the list of Free Magazines Subscriptions

1. Parents Magazine

2. National Geographic Magazine

3. Florida Sport Fishing

4. Bridal Guide

5.  Better Homes and Garden

6. Eating Well Magazine

7. Ski Magazine

8. Sports Illustrated Magazine

9. Entrepreneur Magazine

10. Hearing Health Magazine

11. Arthritis Today Magazine

12. Good House keeping Magazine

13.  Boating Magazine

14. Scuba Night Dives Magazine

15. Marlin Magazine

16. Yatching Brilliant 

17. Martha Stewart Living

18. Health Magazine

19. Matt Bomer Magazine

20. Maite In the Heights

21. Outside Magazine

22. Elysian Magazine

23 White Tail Journal Magazine

24. Road & Track Magazine

25. House Beautiful Magazine

26. Elle Decor Magazine

27. Town & Country Magazine

28. Diabetic Living

29. Orphan Magazine

30. Shape Magazine

31. Cosmopolitan


Points to remember while signup for free subscription

  1. Never share your credit card details while signing up. If you signup with credit card details most likely you will end up signing up for the paid subscription. In such cases, you get a free subscription but that is only for the limited period after that they will start applying charges to your credit card.
  2. Most of the Magazines will ask you to attempt surveys in order to offer you their free subscription.  And this is done to collect the data for their market analysis.
  3. Magazines available both print and in digital form so please ensure while signing up.
  4. Every data that you share to get the magazine is used for marketing. Please make sure if you don’t want to share your details with advertiser than these free subscriptions are not for you.


How to get Digital Magazine Subscription

If you want you can also go for Digital version of your magazines which will be delivered to you directly to your inbox. The links we have shared those are for the print version. Same companies also offer digital subscriptions of the free magazine. Here are the links which you can refer.

  1. Mercury Magazines
  2. ValueMags
  3. Rewards Gold


Free magazines are available in multiple categories which keep changing. which means you always have the opportunity to get the fresh edition. So if you love reading magazines than above-mentioned links can be a good source and also help you to save a substantial amount that you spend on the magazine.


11 Best free PDF Readers for Windows, MAC and other Devices


Portable document format is a most secure and user-friendly document created by Adobe. The PDF format is a file which is used to exchange documents reliably, independent of hardware and software of the operating system. In 1991 Adobe co-founder Dr. John Warnock the digital paper with an objective to capture the data in the digital file from anywhere and can view and print them. After launched by Adobe there are many companies who have started their own PDF file format which has same based as Adobe. In the market, you will find both paid and free version. In this article will let you know all the free versions of PDF available for us.

Following are Free PDF Readers for Windows, Mac, and other devices

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is free and easily available over the internet. It has some additional features apart from viewing and printing. Like you can sign and create a pdf file. You can also Annotate pdf documents by typing text directly or can use sticky on to the page. This is the most secure format of a digital file which we use in almost everywhere be it office documents, bank statements, sending documents to a third party and any type of authentic exchange of digital files. An Adobe supports almost all the devices and their platforms. Including Linux, Windows, and Mac. For mobile phones, it is available for Windows, Android, and ISO.

2. Sumatra PDF

It is also a free PDF software which is easy to use and light in weight. Which makes it navigation faster. Adobe had always been the leader of PDF file but Sumatra has changed the trend by giving the audience a faster way of using the PDF file. It supports e-book format file epub, Mobi, XPS, DjVu, CHM, CBZ, and CBR.

3. Foxit Reader Review

Foxit Reader is a PDF reader with some additional features like create PDF and add annotations. they also have Plugin which you can add with Microsoft programs and can create PDF files almost with every type of files. currently, we need some additional software to write the files in PDF. Like I use cute PDF writer to convert my word files into PDF. But with Foxit, you don’t need any additional software to download. One of the best features they have is their security toolbox. which prevents your document from hacking. It does allow any script to get the pass.

4. Evince

Quite good for those who are looking a faster PDF reader. it supports several files and formats. it has some amazing features like copy text from a document made from scanned images, copy data to the clipboard. It supports DVI, DjVu, XPS, CBR, CBZ, CB7 and MS.

5. Javelin 

Javelin is free PDF readers which support, MAC, Windows, Linux and mobile phones. As compared to others it does not have multiple features like editing and digital signature. However it does supports internal and external hyperlinks, a range of page display, formats, navigation trees, text searching, annotation, and Markup. Quite goods for those who usually need PDF software for viewing and printing purpose.

6. PDF-XChange Editor

A multi-purpose PDF reader which is available completely free. Create, edit, view, OCR, Annotate and sign PDF files with PDF Xchange editor. you can also use to open and convert Microsoft documents. This one of those free PDF readers which provide almost all the features which are currently prevailing in the market. There are almost 30 tools available for you to make required changes and look data presentable. About 85% of the features do not require any license but for rest 15% you need a license.

7. Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro is available free but with limited features like print, view, share, convert to pdf, MS Word, excel, power points format, highlight underline, cross out, and add notes to text and pages. Where as paid version has some additional significant features including searchable and editable with OCR technology and permanently redact information. After downloading free version you will also receive a complete guide how you can use Nitro PDF reader although navigation is quite user-friendly.

8.   STDU Viewer

STDU is free PDF readers which come with multi language interface. You can choose the desired language by changing strings in XML external source. It also supports multiple formats including, FB2, TXT, TCR, PCX, DCX, TIFF, DjVu, JBIG2, It also supports multiple formats of images, like jpeg, GIF, WMF, EMF and PSD Files. STDU is quite helpful for managing multiple pages together. you can open multiple pages in tab and can easily navigate. It is a good PDF reader but has fewer features compared to PDF Xchange Editor.

9. Nuance PDF Reader

Nuance has recently made some changes and their latest free version is only available for 30 days. But you can download the older version from Softpedia. Or you can also go for 30 days trial if you want. It supports windows XP and Vista including 64 bit.

10. Sorax Soft

One of the popular free PDF readers which comes with long list of features. It is small in size and faster than Adobe reader. Some of the vital features include supports eastern Asian languages, export pdf to text, bitmap, XML Files, Advanced user interface, select text on the viewed pages and copies to the clipboard, and display document bookmarks and page thumbnails. It works only with windows, Vista and XP version. It is also available in a portable version so you can access directly from CD and USB Flash Drives.

11. Expert PDF Reader

Exper PDF Reader is a free pdf reader which allows to view, print and modify existing documents. you can insert rubber stamps and can alter any annotation that was created from Exper PDF. you can also bookmark pages found in the PDF and files are visible in the side view section.


These free PDF readers are perfect for viewing, printing, and editing PDF files. Almost every system need PDF readers because most of the files come under PDF format and it makes data secure and portable. We can easily attach to an email and send anyone across the world. But these days we need PDF readers more than just viewing and sending as an attachment. Nowadays we need signatures, exporting files into PDF with other formats for that we need some advanced level of readers. So as per the uses you can choose the paid and free versions of PDF readers. But 80% of the features you can access completely free with these readers.




9 Best places to get boxes of free samples

boxes of free samples


If you are one of those readers who follows our Freebie section most than this article is going to be more interesting for you. Because today we will discuss the companies who are offering boxes of free samples to their shoppers. We have already discussed many other ways to get free samples online like product testing, Walmart free samples. free stuff online, and Free products from Amazon review sites. These are those websites where you are going to get a specific sample of a brand but now will provide the list of companies who offer boxes of free samples.

These boxes are completely free but you have to do some small tasks in order to get these. Like leaving an honest review on their site, sharing feedback on social media and taking a survey. These are a prerequisite of getting free samples from any branded company. Because this helps them to improve their market as well as the product.

Following are the websites where you can get boxes of free samples.

1. House Party

If you want to organize a party but don’t have a budget you can try to get free from House Party. They offer boxes of free samples for the party. But it’s not guaranteed you need to qualify for that. And the product that they offer to the parties is Food, cleaning supplies, household items, office supplies, Babies stuff and board games. All you need to do is to join their community and need to visit the website. On the top of the page, you will find a tab of “find a house party” click on that and their open applications are available. Select which one you want to go for that and provide all the required answers. If you get selected you will receive an email from them. Please be sure to provide the best answers to their questions. Because lots of people are going to apply and only best of them are going to receive.

All the details would be available to your home page of your account login. Like what are freebies are you going to receive and when. the details of the box items would also be given to you.

2. Sample Source

Get boxes of free samples from Sample source in just 3 easy steps. Signup and select the product that you want to choose and they will deliver to you. Their boxes usually contain 6 to 10 samples which may include cereal, toothpaste, Detergent, Vaginal gel, and tissues. The best part is that the process of requesting sample is very easy and chances of getting a free sample box are quite high as compared to other websites.

3. Daily Goodie Box  

Become a member of Daily Goodie box and get a free sample box. Following items, you may receive in your boxes like a Snack bar, body spray, cookies, peanut butter, cleaner, Shampoo, cheddar cheese, Protein shake, organic coffee brews and many other items. But in Exchange for this, you must have to share the review it could be in writing or a complete recorded video.

4. Smiley 360

We had discussed this in our previous article how you can get a free sample from Smiley 360 but you might not aware that they also offer free boxes of samples. Qualify members receive surveys in their account and if you answer gets matched with their requirements you may receive the box of free samples. Increases your chances to receive more boxes by attempting surveys when ever it is available in your panel.

5. Bzzagent

This is same as Smiley 360 but here you need brag about the samples to your friends on social media. this increase the chances of receiving more samples. Take their survey and you will get the free sample of boxes with your matching profile. It also depends on the availability so there could be chances when you are receiving the samples later. And then you need to share your experience with your friends on social media. So join Bzzagent and get best brands samples completely free.

6. Pinchme

Another great website to receive free boxes of samples. Here you can receive samples related to personal care, food, drink, household products, and pets stuff. Create your profile and choose the products that you want to receive as a sample. If you get the quality you will receive your desired samples but please ensure that answers you provide should be best because that makes you qualify. Once you share your honest review the chances of getting more samples are higher.

7. Influenster

If you spend lots of time on social media sharing new things with you friends and other than Influenster could be a good deal. They are looking for the people who can try their products and share with masses. And chances of getting more samples are also higher if you share their reviews on social media platforms. Their Voxbox freebie is quite popular as these are based on holidays and moms special.

8. Freebox of Sweets

This one is for sweet lovers especially chocolate bars. This website is running since the year 2008 and they deliver boxes full of chocolates and retro sweets. You can choose the brand like Cadbury, Wispa, and Lion Bars. Join and claim your free box of chocolates.

9. Walmart Baby Box

If you are looking babies stuff then try Walmart baby box this contains many kinds of stuff like body lotion, soap, diapers, and cereals. There are not many details available so you need to sign up and give it a try. while creating an account don’t forget to subscribe their newsletter as this good keep an eye on future freebies.


The above sites which we have discussed our very popular for free boxes of samples. And companies are doing this to promote their products with the vision to improve the quality, get better market and expecting that you will buy their products in future. At the same time, we can fully utilize the opportunity to get the free samples for which we are about to spend the money.  These boxes definitely not carry high ticket items but some of them are really worth of trying.


How to get free Ballard Designs Catalog ?


Ballard Designs CatalogAre you looking home decor items to make your home look more beautiful? Well, your search might be ending after reading this article. Because today we are going to discuss a home decor company who not only deals in luxurious home furnishing but also helps to make our home look exceptionally well.

What is Ballard Designs Catalog?

Ballard designs catalog is home decor catalog which is offered by Ballard Designs. They are much more than just a source of home furnishing as you will find all the ingredients you want to transform your decorative ideas into reality. Their designers keep exploring new trends, fashions, and color which eventually brings the perfect product for the customers.  And the best part is that you can customize your items are per your requirements. Their broader categories include Funiture, outdoor, bed & bath, Kitchen, Lighting, Rugs & Drapery, Decor, Fabric, and gifts.


How to request Ballard Designs Catalog?

Requesting catalog is a simple process. First, visit their website home page and scroll down to the bottom there you will find the option Request a Catalog click on that a page will appear. Now supply all the details like Frist & last Name, Mailing & email address, country, and zip code. While filling the details on this page please ensure that your desired catalog is already selected. You can see that on your left-hand side.

The last option of this page would be “I would like to receive Ballard Designs emails” this is an enrollment to their newsletter which you can unsubscribe anytime if you feel that their emails are not worth to you. And if you subscribe this you will get the updates via email related to new products, discounts, and change in their policies or guidelines.

If you want to unsubscribe their news letter simply open any of their emails and scroll down to the bottom of the page. there you will find the option of unsubscribing.

Some additional information about Ballard Designs

  1. If you want you can access catalogs online where as mailing is also an alternative.
  2. Every broader category has lots of sub categories which help you to find the exact product that you are looking.
  3. Never forget to explore their home page as you will find some cool deals like 25% off on all dining and kitchen, tables & upholstery offers end 09/14.
  4. They have a combination of both traditional and new trends merchandise.
  5. Before making a deal with them don’t forget to visit their return and exchange page.
  6. They ship goods up to 60 countries and you can check the list on their website.
  7. They can mail catalogs outside U.S.


Have you heard about Ballard Design credit card? If not then check this out today as this can help you to save lots on your purchases.

Benefits of Carrying Ballard Designs Credit Card

  1. 20% off on your first purchased
  2. $25 reward certification for every $250 spent
  3. 12 months repay on qualifying purchases.
  4. No annual Fee
  5. You get more promotion, offers, and deals.

Other Home Decor Catalogs

Collection Etc Catalog

Frontgate Catalog

Lakeside Collection Catalog



Ballard Designs is a home decor company who deals in luxurious home furnishings. And can ship items up to 60 countries around the world. You can access their catalog online as well as requests to get it mailed. And this is completely free. So if you are looking home interiors to furnish your home then Ballard could be the best the choice.

22 Real Ways to get free Amazon gift cards



Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce retail online stores. Where we can buy almost any products and we also know that we can buy Amazon gift cards but what if I tell you that you can get it for free. In this article, we will discuss some real ways of getting Amazon gift card. And with the help of this card, you can buy anything like you can do with real money.

Following are the ways of getting free Amazon gift cards.

1. Swagbucks

It is reward program site which gives you rewards as Swagbucks Points for doing the small task like taking surveys, watching videos and searching the internet. And these rewards can be converted into PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. Check out our complete article how to make money from Swagbucks?

2. Mypoints

Mypoints also works the same way as Swagbucks and it is also a reward program site. Where you earn points by completing the task like watching videos, taking surveys and online shopping. later on, you can convert these points into to travel miles, PayPal cash and Amazon gift card. Review our complete guide how to make money with Mypoints?

3. Opinion OutPost

Opinion post is a survey company which also deals with product testing. They conduct surveys for many brands and where they take the opinion of the customers. In exchange for that customers earn money which is also given as Amazon gift cards. Their surveys are associated with electronics, Medicine, politics, and sports. Here you earn points which you can redeem for PayPal cash or Amazon gift card.

4. Cashcrate

Here you can earn money through taking surveys, shopping, referrals, offers and Interact. You will get cash rewards for doing these task. And you can get Amazon gift card for the exchange of these cash rewards.

5. My Surveys

This website only conducts surveys and pay rewards as direct cash in the form of PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and other gifts cards. And average surveys pay out is $0.5 to $1.25.

6. Reward Shopping

It is shopping based reward programs where you also get rewards for playing lucky button. And here you get rewards for things which you already do.

7. Toluna Quick Survey

Take surveys earn money in the form of Amazon Gift Cards.

8. Ibotta

It is an App used to claim your coupon and cash rewards on grocery and other household items. which you can redeem for PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Here we are getting paid for the activity which we already do.

9. InstaGC

It is quite similar to Swagbucks and Mypoints where we get points for doing tasks like watching videos, Completing surveys, online shopping and searching on the web. Amazon Gift card is one of their payment methods.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk

This website is run by Amazon you can signup as a worker and you will be paid for the small task. Like search engine evaluation, image and product categorization and data entry work. so what money you earn against these tasks will be paid directly to your bank account but if you want you can also get Amazon gift cards

11. Amazon Trade In

Here you can convert your used item into Amazon gift cards. Here Amazon looking mostly electronic products like cell phones, Tablets, laptop, Video games, consoles, and textbooks.

12. Gazelle

Almost same as Amazon they are also looking used electronic items and exchange of that you can get your Amazon gift card.

13. Valued Opinion

A survey site where you earn reward and get Amazon gift cards in exchange. It is very popular and old website which is still paying.

14. Survey Spot

The Surveyspot is also one of the popular, old and highest paying website. You can redeem your rewards for Paypal, Travel miles, Itunes and Amazon gift cards.

15. Amazon Visa Signature Card

Amazon visa offers 1% on all purchases and 2% on gas and 3% on Amazon products. And we can redeem these cash back for Amazon gift cards.

16. Cross Media Panel

If you are using google chrome then this could be a unique way to get free Amazon gift card for allowing them to track your search uses. An extension would be added to your browser which will track your activity on basis of which you would receive cash rewards.

17. Bing Rewards

Bing rewards work same as cross media panel. All you need to do is to register an account with Bing reward. After that what ever you search through Bing you will get the reward for that. there is a limit of reward earnings through Bing. So we need to ensure not to exceed the number of searches.

18. PrizeRebel

It is a survey site which has 7 million active members and pays 3k to 4k every day as a reward. And has 308 gift card rewards to choose. And Amazon gift cards is one of them.

19. Check Points

A reward program site where you earn a reward for watching videos, take quizzes, shop the web and complete offers. And we can redeem these rewards as Amazon, Target, and Walmart Gift card.

20. Viggle

It is an app where you can watch your Tv shows and movies and you get bonus points for watching certain shows and listening music. In exchange for that, they provide rewards point which you can redeem for Amazon Gift Cards.

21. National Consumer Panel

Get rewards to share your opinion to access their panel sign up online or download their app. Their app allows you to scan your grocery and household bills. You need to scan the barcode of your bills and in exchange, they will give you the rewards points. You can redeem point for gifts and Amazon gift cards.

22. Survey Downline 

A survey site which works in USA, Canada, Australia and united kingdom. They offer 45% of the total payment which they receive from the advertiser. 35% you earn for completing a survey and 10% the survey completed buy your referral.



There are various ways through which you can get free Amazon gift cards and most of them are reward programs. where you have to complete the small task like watching videos, taking surveys, searching internet and shopping online. But we need to understand these websites are certainly not to become rich, but they do provide some free cash which can add value to our life.









How to get thousands of free fonts from Fontspace ?




Do you know fonts play an important role in marketing your content? Not completely but to a certain extent, because data presentation is very important along with the significant content. It does not matter how beautiful thing inside the box if the package is shabby. The first thing which will strike in our mind is that thing inside the box won’t be better. That’s why we focus more on packaging, presentation and make data more attractive. So that your first glimpse would develop the positive perception towards it.

Fonts help to look data more attractive, neat, clean and clear. And there are tons of fonts available to choose but where to go to find these fonts? Fontspace is a popular website where you can download thousands of free fonts.

What is Fontspace?

Fontspace is a website which provides thousands of free fonts to download. It has 32873 fonts and 2203 designers along with 753393 active members. Website not only provides free fonts but allow you to advertise your fonts on their website. In other words, it is a platform where you can promote your fonts by giving them free. When you browse their website you will find a section of the new designer which means they got some new fonts in their data base.

How to download fonts from Fontspace?

Downloading fonts from Fontsspace is just like the click of a button. you just need to search font click on that and you will find an option to download. Once the file is downloaded now you can upload this into your system for further use.  You can choose font through the categories like calligraphy, elegant, decorative, cursive, bold, brush, logotype and much more. These categories are selected while uploading the fonts by the designer so that we can easily search these through search option, Categorization helps us to search fonts easily.


How to upload or promote your own fonts?

If you want you can create your own font and promote on Fontspace. It is good for both the designer and recipients. Becuase members don’t pay anything for the fonts and designer are also not charged for promoting. But there are certain strict guidelines which you need to adhere. First, you need to create an account with Fontspace. You create new or sign up with Facebook. You also need to provide the copyright proof of the fonts while uploading. In case if you have any question related to listing you can write an direct email through the contact page.

Benefits of promoting Fonts through Fontspace

  1. You get a bigger exposure in the market they have 20 million page views in a month. Which means you are going to promote your font with highly targeted and huge audience.
  2. Good for both users and designers as it is completely free. For commercial purpose, you can leave the separate link to contact.
  3. You also get statistics like the number of downloads, Favorites, and rating. which helps you in your growth analysis.
  4. You can also earn money through their donate option.
  5. They also have a blog for fonts community. where you can get the updates related to fonts.


Fontspace is a very popular site where we can download thousand of free fonts. it is not only good for users but for the designer as well due to its popularity. The website allows only copyright fonts which makes it safer for use. Site navigation and downloading process are very simple which makes it more user-friendly.