Zabasearch ! A Free tool to find people database online

Zabasearch is a directory search engine which provides services like people search, reverse phone number & Address lookup and some other vital information of an individual person. You can use this tool to find someone online or to validate an existing information without paying any charge. You might be thinking that they are invading the privacy but that’s not true because all the information which is available is pulled through public sources.

Public search database websites have been around for a long time the only thing is changing is that they are providing more better and accurate information. But still all the information available might not be accurate all the time because they pull the information from the public feed which may or may not be up to date.

How to search an individual database on Zabasearch?

Searching someone database is very easy all you need to do is to enter the details like first name, last name, city, and state. And it will bring following information.

  1. Phone Number
  2. Address
  3. Zip Code
  4. Property Information
  5. Year of birth
Note:- Zabasearch provides the data only for the United States.

What are the sources of their information?

You all must be thinking how they are getting someone’s personal information without their approval. Do they breach any law in order to get the information? absolutely not and they don’t maintain any database. They pull all the data from public record which anyone can access. It includes Social media profiles, white pages, voter registration, Civil & Criminal record, a deed of trust of home purchasing, and research & Marketing firms.

In any way, they are not breaching any laws and not providing any sensitive & deep level information. They are only providing data which is already available and shared by you.

Most common ways through which you make your data public

  1. The primary and the best source of public data is a phone company. The moment you share your details with a phone company it becomes public. It is a primary source of information for any public search database website.
  2. Any purchase or sale of a property transaction will lead to a public record of that transaction. Where we share details like Name, DOB, Contact number and address
  3. Voter Registration records are also public an information.
  4. Sharing details for any sweepstakes, surveys, and filling out forms for marketing and research company can result in your information will be made publicly available.

So these are the common ways through which most of the companies pull the data. We are not even aware that we are making our data public. Every personal information we share on the internet is actually used for the commercial purpose. And most of the company also write this in their disclaimer. Any signup that we make on any website is actually a part of data capturing.

Nowadays it is really difficult to make all of your data private. It is only possible if you stop using internet which I think is impossible. So to a certain level, some data will always be public. But if still, you don’t want anyone to search your data then you can specifically block your details from the website.

How to block information from being seen on Zabasearch?

If you think that information shared by Zabasearch is invading your privacy you can simply block your details being searched.It works like a search engine which means they don’t maintain any database. Neither they can delete or change the information which is available.

In order to Opt-out Zabasearch, you need to fax the ID Proof which can be your state-issued ID or driving license. And they take around 6 weeks time to process your request. After that, no one can search your details on Zabasearch. For more details, you can visit their website and check details about how to block record?


How accurate is the information on Zabasearch?

As we already discussed Zabasearch does not maintain any database. So neither you can update or delete the information which is already available. It only pulls the data which is already available on the internet. As far as accuracy is concerned it rely on your data that you shared with the third party.

If you are finding incorrect information in Zabasearch it simply means you need to update your records.

Is Zebasearch chargeable?

Most of the information you can search completely free but some of the intensive details like to conduct a background or criminal records you need to signup with their premium service which is chargeable.

In $20 you can get a complete background check of any individual. But most of the vital information is already available at free of cost.



Zabasearch is search engine directory which allows you to find data of an individual they offer both paid and free services. Most of the information you can find completely free which include name, address, DOB and phone number. You can use Zabasearch to validate an existing information or can find a new one.

12 Best Free Torrent Clients ! Download your files more Faster

Torrent is basically a file extension which we download through BitTorrent network and the torrent client is a medium which supports these files to download. It is a peer to peer transfer protocol where users are connected to a server through internet.

It is a great source to download movies, music, games, software or any other file. And the best part is that you not only download your desired file but you can share your file with the rest of the world. For movies download, Torrent is the best place because here I can see what kind of video quality is available how fast I can download my file.

Using Torrent clients and downloading file is legal but it does not mean all the files which we are downloading is legally uploaded and free from copyright issue. So it is really important to download the file from a legal sites only. We have already published two articles related to this issue best websites to download free movies legally and Best websites to download free music legally.

Following are the Free Torrent Clients Downloader

1. Utorrent

Utorrent is the oldest and most popular torrent client which is very light only 2mb in size. I have used many torrent clients but this one is the best in all of them. Because you can create your own .torrent file, supports Mac, Windows, and Linux operating. system.

You can also download your upcoming items through their RSS feed. Just subscribe their feed and rest of the work will be done automatically.

2 Vuze

It supports Mac, Linux, and Windows operating system. Along with this, you can also download their Android app to use this on your cell phone and tablets. It has some good features like remote administration which allows you to delete and create new torrents without connected to the same computer which you used to initiate the download.

Through their RSS feed, you can keep an update on your favorite TV shows and movies. RSS Feed push your desired item towards the download queue automatically.


Usually most of the torrent clients we need to download but this one you can use online. Which means not associated to any particular system and you don’t need any remote access to manage with other systems. Simply open in any system and access your data.

Some of the best features include privacy of your IP address (hidden), no limitation of download, you get email alerts when your torrent file is ready to download.

4. Frostwire

Frostwire has a very smooth interface and easy to navigate. It is very convenient to share your own files and folders. Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. Its search capability is quite versatile as it allows you to search torrent file among all the competitive websites. And it also facilitates you by file type, size, and seeds.

It also allows you to listen to free music through internet radio stations. And you can also control the usage through their advance setting feature of bandwidth usage.

5. Bitlord

Bitlord is also popular and free torrent client which comes with great features. It supports Mac and Windows operating systems only. And you can download by magnet link, torrent, and URL. There is no limitation of data downloading but you can control your Bandwith usages with their advance setting feature.

It is compatible with any torrent site to download your file. Not like some of the torrent clients which supports only limited websites to download.

6. Deluge

Deluge is free torrent downloader that supports windows, vista, MAC, OSX and Linux. It includes some of the cool features like you can specify your file which allows you to download only the desired file instead of the whole folder. Bandwith usage can be adjusted according to the need.

You can also prioritize your download by moving the file up and down in the queue. Download encryption can be enabled which protects your data and system both.

7. qBittorent

Qbittorent features will provide you integrated torrent search engine, Downloader and RSS feed, Prioritization of torrent, country & hostname of the peer is visible, Remote administration through a secure server and supports Mac, Windows, OS, and Linux.

8. Bitcomet

It has some unique features which you won’t find with most of the currently available free torrent client. It provides virus scanning facility and gives you account access with free advertisement. It supports Windows, XP, Vista, severs 2000 and 2003. And can integrate with most of the currently available browsers.

A portable version of BitComet is also available and you can also control the bandwidth usages.

9. Zbigz

It is online free torrent tool which does not require any kind of registration or installation. Gives you the flexibility to access its features through any browser and system. This works even with mobile browsers and keeps your IP address hidden.

But you can’t download torrent file more than 1 GB and its download speed is about 150kb/s which is quite slower than with other regular torrents.

10. Miro

Miro is an HD Media player which supports almost all types of file. But it also works as a torrent downloader. It has a nicely designed interface and supports Windows, Mac, OS, and Ubuntu. Subscribe their BitTorrent RSS Feed and download your favorite TV shows and movies automatically.

11. TransmissionBT

It is a most popular free torrent client but supports only Mac and Linux. It supports IP filtering, peer to peer encryption, sharing own file, remote management, and provide complete flexibility to adjust and prioritize your downloads.

12. Halite BitTorrent

It is a lightweight free torrent client which supports only windows. It is certainly not good for heavy files. However, it does supports some vital features like downloading specific files and peer to peer encryption.

As compared to the other free client torrent this one has a very limited access and only good for small size downloads.



Whether you want to download movies, music, software or any other file nothing is better than using the torrent file. But in order download a torrent file you need a torrent client which supports BitTorrent network file. Above list has all the best torrent clients with advanced features that will fulfill your all needs. Please review all the features before installing or using a torrent client and there are lots of data which may have copyright issue so you need to be careful about that.






13 Best Websites to get Free Kindle Ebooks

free kindle ebooks

Kindle now has its own market and a certain percentage of readers prefer to read books only on Kindle. And that’s what increasing the demand for Kindle ebooks which eventually increasing the potential suppliers as well. Now days almost all books release with Kindle edition in order to grab the substantial buyers.

But there are lots of websites which offer free kindle ebooks which you can download and read. There are hundreds of websites available over the internet you just need to search the right one. And to make your job easy we have already compiled the list of best websites which offering free Kindle Ebooks.

Those who don’t have kindle can also use Kindle ebooks for reading. There is a Kindle app for mobile and Desktops and you are all set to read your Kindle ebooks.

Following are the websites that offer Free Kindle Ebooks

1. Amazon Free Kindle Ebooks

Amazon is the biggest source of Kindle Ebooks including both paid and free. You can download hundreds of free books of different genres including, Novels, biographies, business, technology, education, history and entertainment.

Amazon has two popular categories for free ebooks Top 100 free and Limited time offers and both have great collections to review. If you are a prime member of Amazon then you can get a free Kindle ebook every month.

2. Hundred Zeroes

This website is a good place to get free kindle ebooks of new releases. They list new releases with $0 for a couple of days for promotion perspective and then move this into paid category.

So you need to keep an eye on their updates to get the latest edition of free ebooks. You can browse ebooks through genres or search directly to their search bar. They have plenty of categories listed including, Arts, photography, biographies, business, cookbooks, history, entertainment, education, children, Money, Law, Medical, Mystery, religion, romance, sports and outdoors.


Manybooks is a huge library of free digital ebooks and they also provide a platform to the authors for publishing.  Which means you can also get free ebooks of new releases as author offer these as part of the promotion.

You can also subscribe their newsletter which will give you update on new releases, discounted and free ebooks. You can browse books by Authors, Titles, Genres, Languages and popular.

4. Freebooksy

The best way to get the free ebooks is to first signup their newsletter. you will be notified via email about free ebooks or you can review their categories. Because As per website they post free ebook at least once a day in most of the genres.

They don’t self-host and Most of the ebooks links are routed through Amazon. So we can consider them as a third party.

5. FreebooksHub

They are dealing books in three categories first is free kindle ebooks where you will find all ebooks free of cost but you should be Amazon members because the download links will route to Amazon website. The second category is Dollar books where you have to pay $.99 and third is free prime books. These are for those who are

The second category is Dollar books where you have to pay $.99 and third is free prime books. These are for those who are Amazon Prime members.

6.  Open Library

Open Library is not only a great place to download free kindle ebooks but you can also lend. They have huge collections of books in recipes, textbooks, children, and history.

They have more than 1.7 millions of scanned ebooks and also provide the link to external sources like Amazon and WorldCat.

7. Book Lending

Book lending is a platform where you can lend and borrow books. It was created with a perspective to solve the issue of book availability. If your library does not have any specific book that you are looking for. You can try book lending the free Kindle ebooks can be borrowed for 14 days.

Create an account and browse books by genre, title, and name. Once you become the member you can lend your book and can borrow the book you need.

8. Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has a huge collection of more than 54,000 of free ebooks. Not only ebooks but you will also find audio books with good quality. Most of the books you will find under the classical category.

You can search books by popular categories like recently added, Most frequently download, Top 100, and Book search.

9. One Hundred Free Books

All the ebooks on this website are linked to Amazon and they don’t host their own copy. But the great thing about them is that they have a good collection and it is very easy and convenient to search ebook on OHF.

You can search books by popularity, ratings, sales rank and genres.

10. Overdrive

You can borrow books through overdrive App directly to your kindle account. But make sure that your local library should have a subscription to overdrive. They are connected with more than 38,000 schools and libraries. And huge numbers of retail sellers are available who are dealing with audio and ebooks.

They also provide a platform to the publisher to promote and make revenue from their books.

11. ebook daily

This website updates free books daily in many different categories. So you need to keep an eye on their updates and the other best way is to subscribe their newsletter.

All the updates related to free kindle ebooks will reach directly to your inbox.


12. Gospel Ebooks 

This website has a great collection of Christian ebooks and every morning they update the site with free ebooks and discounts. Be the part of their alert services and get the details about new free Kindle ebooks.

13. Vessel Project

This one is also similar to the gospel which means you will find the majority of books based on Christianity. The site does not host their own copy so in most of the cases it will redirect you to Amazon.

They also provide platform to authors to promote their books at $5 per day cost. At the same members also get the oppurtunity to get free kindle ebooks.




Redbox Codes to get Free Movies and Games

Free Redbox Codes

(Credit goes to Redbox)

Redbox is a platform which provides movies on rent at a cheap rate which you don’t want to buy. Most of the movies you can rent under $2 for 24 hours. It also offers promotional codes to their customers which allow you to watch free movies. All you need to do is to apply these codes while checking out from any Redbox Kiosks which are placed outside of restaurants, movie theatre, and shopping malls.

You can also search Redbox Near you and use the promo code while checking out. Just follow the instruction and add your debit or credit card for payment. If you keep the DVD or Bluray more than 24 hours then additional rent of next 24 hours will apply.

In this article, we will share all the free Redbox codes which would get you free movies and games. Apart from this, we will also let you know some more ways to get free codes from Redbox.

Current Free Redbox Codes which received most success

These codes received most success but still not working for all customers. So you can just give a try. If you have used these code in past you may not get the benefit again. These are one-time applicable codes.

1.REDBOX:- It is only for the new customer and you get a one-night free rental movie.

2.DVDONME:-  We can use this code only once and your selected movie will be free after applying this code.

3. BREAKROOM:- This code will also get you one-night free rental movie and this is only for new users.

4. DVDNIGHT:- same as breakroom but for all users.

5. DRIVEIN:- only applicable to kiosk at SONIC Restaurants

6. DVDATWEG:- Applicable to Wegman’s location and only Wegman’s shoppers can use this code.

7. RDBOXHEB:- Applicable to HEB locations

8. DVDKROG:- Applicable to Kroger’s location.

9. WALGREENS:- Applicable only at Walgreens location

10. Text code:- MOVIE TIME, EMAIL, MOVIE, MOVIENIGHT, FREEBIE  send this to 727272 and you will receive a code back to get the free 1-night rental movie.

11. Game Code:-  Text GAMENIGHT to 727272 and get a free game rental.

Other popular ways to receive free Redbox Codes

We have already shared the most popular codes which have high success rate and usually work only once. Now we are going to discuss some additional ways through which you can receive more promotional codes to get free movies and games.

1. Sign up Redbox Newsletter

Whenever a customer signup their newsletter you are eligible to get a free Redbox code which you can redeem for 1-day free rental. And the second advantage is that you get updates related to all discounts and coupons. you can use multiple emails account in order to repeat the benefits.

It is an optional service which you can cancel at any time. But if you are a regular customer of Redbox than newsletter can be really beneficial for you.

2.  Sign up for the Redbox Text Club

It is similar to the newsletter the only difference is that here you will receive updates via text rather than emails. In order to enroll send message SIGNUP to 727272 and your account is ready to receive the deals and discounts.

Redbox text club gives updates related to deals and discounts right in your inbox. Service is completely optional you can cancel it anytime.

3. Download Redbox App

Download Redbox App in your phone and get the code of free rental which you can be applied to any selected movie. The whole process does not take more than an hour and if you have multiple phones you can repeat the benefits.

4. Follow Redbox on Social Media

Nowadays social media is a vital source of targeted customer and that’s is the main reason companies are highly active on social media. And doing promotion on social media helps them to engage more audience.

Redbox offers many free promotional codes directly on their facebook, twitter and Instagram page. So it good to follow them on social media and take the advantage of their promotion.

5. Join Play Pass

Being a member of play pass can get you free movies. On every rental, you get 10 points and on 100 points you get a free one-night rental. So it is highly beneficial if you are a regular customer of Redbox.

There are some additional benefits like on your birthday and anniversary you get the free rental movie.

6. Reserve a Movie online

Create a new account and reserve a movie online. Collect your DVD from kiosk and make the payment for this purchase. Once you return the rental you will receive a code of free rental that you can use for your next movie.

7. Redbox Locations

Don’t forget to check the Redbox Location for free rental movie and games. Most of the time it based on the location that can offer you free redbox rentals.


Redbox is a company that provides movies and games on rental through an automated retail kiosk. It is a best source to get movies at cheaper rate in bluray and DVD. But we can also get free Redbox rentals through their promotion codes. Which eventually saves our money. Most of these codes you can apply only once where as some you can use multiple times by changing account and phones.


12 Best Free Word Processors ! Alternatives to MS Word


Free word processors

We all must have used Microsoft word but do you know there are many free word processors available which has same features as MS Word? The Major features we generally use is to create, edit, print, spelling check and free templates. And these are available with almost all free wordprocessors.

As per our personal experience, we found that these free word processors are not less in any way from MS word especially if we talk about the core features. We all know Microsoft office is paid and expensive too. So these processors can help you to save lots of money.

But before you select any of these free processors please ensure to review all features so that its meet your all requirements.

Following are the free word processors

1. Apache Open Office Writer

It is one of the best free word processors which has all the necessary features of MS word. Including Auto correct dictionary, Autocomplete, text frames, table of contents & References, multi-page display and you can see notes and comments to the side of documents.

In order to use this software, you just need to download the complete open office writer partially word installation is not possible. It is quite user-friendly so creating complete books, indexes and diagrams are very easy. You will also find some additional features like producing documents such as agendas, faxes, mail merge, and you can also download your own templates.

2. Jarte

Another popular name in free word processors which has plenty of vital features. It can be used as a portable word processor also through CD and USB. Its spell dictionary not only provides English but some additional language like Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

Features also include Automatic screen reader mode, touchscreen support, clickless operation, single click bookmarking, supports RTF, DOC and DOCX file, adjustable document zoom and full drag and drop file support.

3. AbiWord

Abiword is similar to MS word and has the same layout which you will find with most of the word processor. Abiword is compatible with MAC, LINUX, and OSX and currently, they don’t have any developer for windows. So you might not find the updated version for windows.

It supports ODT, DOCM, DOCX and RTF files, automatic spell checks, mail merge, and other common features are available to use.

4. Kingsoft Writer

It is one of the best replacement of Microsoft word supporting all the words files. It not only easy to use but also has a robust interface, storage format, and operation. And you will also find some cool features like converting file from word to PDF and automatic spell check.

Now they have also added some new features such as UK English spell checker, save documents in docx, dotx, docm, and dotm. You can also add border and shading, can also export pdf files with the background color.

5. Able Word

Able Word is compatible with Doc & Docx and can read and write with RTF, TXT, HTML, and PDF. It is very simple to install and easy to access and has user-friendly navigation and mostly used as a PDF editor or converting PDF to word.

But Spell check is not automated and they have not updated this software since 2015. However, it still good to use as a free word processor.

6. Judoom

Judoom is a perfect substitute of MS Word which supports word documents, plain text files, and OpenOffice documents. And it also supports following windows edition with service pack 3 XP, Windows Vista, 7, and 8. Judoom has an additional feature of tabbed ribbon which means all the files we can see in one tab. And with a single click, we can switch to our working file.

We can use DOCX, ODT and RTF file formats. You can work and track two projects at the same time from the side panel to see all the associated documents.

7. LibreOffice

Libre office is free word processors which provide common formatting features and supports Linux64, 86, Mac, OSX, windows, and vista. You can open the file in DOCX, PDF, DOC, RTF and HTML formats. It is majorly used as PDF Editor and PDF to word converter.

It does not have automatic spell check but it is really easy to use and has a smooth interface.

8. Focus Writer

It is a portable free word processor which you can use through USB and CD. You will find all the basic formatting tool along with, page margin, background, line spacing, color, and New themes.

Spell check feature is not automatic which is a drawback but it has all the required features which we need a word processor.

9. Neo Office

It is a free office suite which is compatible with MAC. We can edit, view and save open office documents. Some of the great features include Open at launch menu, Browse all version, file locking, grammar checking, floating and tool windows.

Neo is not as popular as other free word processors but it is on the market since 2003. And has a certain percentage of users which are increasing gradually.

10. Word Graph

It is very light and you don’t need any .net or java to be installed and also help you to save lots space of your hard drive. You can use word graph for tables of content, bibliographies, indexes, and illustrations. You can also create high-level documents including charts, table, and Accel sheet.

11. Zoho

Zoho is an online free word processor which you can link with Gmail or Yahoo to access. Since it is online so you don’t have to install on your system and can access online from anytime anywhere.

It contains all standard document formatting features and can also export file into DOCX, ODF, PDF, Latex, RTF, TXT and HTML.

12. Etherpad

Etherpad is an online document editor which is a perfect alternative to MS word. In order to use etherpad, you don’t need to sign up as required with other free word processors.

Online word processors are getting quite popular because it does need any installation and we can also use from anywhere with any device.


Whether you want to create a cover letter, resume or you have to do any other writing work we all use MS-word. And we know it is paid software but we can save our money by using their substitute which is completely free and contains all the required features of MS-word. But before selecting any of these free word processors please make sure to review their all features.

How to get Free Stuff on Craigslist

Free stuff on Craigslist

Craigslist is the favorite place for buyers and sellers for local deals whether it is a physical product or a service. But you might not aware that you can find free stuff on Craigslist. This article is all about how to find free stuff on craigslist. You will be amazed to see some of the good products are listed under the free category. I have seen furniture, T.V, dresser, video games and many other times which you can’t expect but they are available in free.

So if you need any product in free you can easily search on craigslist. If the item is in good condition you can save your money.

How to search free stuff on Craiglist list?

There are two ways of Searching the free stuff on craigslist.


Navigate free stuff on Craigslist website
  1. Visit the website and select the country and city where you reside.
  2. Now select the nearest location of your city like if you have selected new york then your sub selection could be Manhattan, Queens, and long island.
  3. Once you have selected the nearest location now you can search the category listed as free.
  4. Click on that and you would be able to see all the products that are free.
  5. Now there is search bar you can directly search your desired item. Or you can also use other search option available on the left side column.
  6. Contact the person and get the more details about the product. As I have noticed in free stuff very fewer details are available.
Search Directly through Google Search bar

You can also search free stuff directly feeding your query to google search bar. But please make sure that you feed the correct keywords as won’t get the desired result. Below given search patterns can give you better results

  1. Craigslist free stuff “specific location” E.g Craigslist free stuff in long island

free stuff on craigslist

2. Craigslist free stuff near me. This will automatically pull the results based on your searched location.

Google search is a quite tricky part as you need to provide the right keyword incorrect pattern to get the better the results.



How to Get Free $1000 Gift Card from Walmart Survey

Currently, Walmart running a survey where they are looking feedback from customers about their recent visits to Walmart. The survey takes hardly 10 minutes where you will be asked several questions related to your Walmart experience.  Lucky 5 winners will get a chance to win $1000 Walmart gift cards whereas 750 customers would get $100 gift card.

Surveys are conducted to improve the products, services, and sales. It helps the company to produce better or compatible products for their customers. Walmart will announce 5 winners in every 3 months who would get $1000 worth of Walmart gift cards.

Eligibility to participate in Walmart survey

  1. The first condition is that you should have survey invitation which you will get on your recent receipt from Walmart.
  2. The invitation is valid for one week. Which means you need to attempt the Walmart survey within one week of the invitation received on receipt.
  3. Citizen of US resident, district of Columbia and Puerto Rico are eligible to attempt the surveys
  4. Must be 18 years of age
  5. You should also have the recent Walmart receipt.
  6. Need a computer and internet connection with a valid email address.

Guide how to Attempt the Walmart survey

  1. Visit which is an official website to attempt the survey.
  2. Select the language there are two options available English and Spanish. If you are Canadian then here you will find a different link to attempt the survey. If you are US resident you can continue moving to the next page.
  3. Next page will provide you details about the surveys.
  4. Now you need to enter your zip code
  5. After this, they will ask you whether any of your family members is Walmart or sam’s club employee.
  6. Next is to enter the year you were born. This to confirm that you are 18 years of age.
  7. Enter the store Number and ID number as mentioned on your receipt.
  8. From here you will start receiving surveys questions.
  9. After completing the surveys don’t forget to enter the draw to win one of 5 for $1000 Walmart gift card. In this step, you also need to supply your personal details.

How to get the details of the winners?

  1. Sweepstakes winners will be notified via email and phone after each drawing which happens in every 3 months.
  2. The winner will be informed after two weeks of each sweepstakes withdrawing.
  3. Please check the sweepstakes rules for better understanding.
  4. Walmart publishes the list of the winners which anyone can see.

Document required for claiming the sweeptakes.

If you win the sweepstakes the administrator will ask you to complete an Affidavit/liability release in order to confirm your identity. Once you are it is confirmed you can take collect your prize.


Be aware to get scammed

This is the good opportunity for fraudsters to scam

people. As per the Walmart, there are several complaints where customers were receiving emails asking personal and financial information. Even emails were also looking legitimate with Walmart logo. And in some cases, they got successful in getting the credit card and pin details.

In order to protect the customers, Walmart has released a complete guideline for privacy, security and fraud alerts.  Please read the guidelines and understand how can you protect yourself from being hacked or scammed.


Surveys are the best way to understand the needs of your customers and also helps the company to identify improvement areas in order to make the better product. At the same time, surveys can be a good opportunity to earn some free money or gifts. Walmart surveys could be a good opportunity to get some free money by attempting 10 minutes survey.


12 Best websites that offer Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

Printable coloring pages

If you are stressed out from work and have the anxiety problem then coloring pages could help you to get some relax. Believe it or not but coloring pages have therapeutic benefits which help to generate quietness, mindfulness, and wellness exactly same as Meditation. Carl Jung studied coloring Mandalas which has circles and geometric patterns can help you to become calmer and witness lesser stress.

Not only therapeutic benefits but it also enhances your creativity, concentration and helps in developing thought process. Along with this, it can also be a fun to take out some time and give your mind a different task which gets bored with regular activities. The mind tends to get bored and stressed out easily with the monotonous work so it is very important to bring something new in our routine work and coloring pages work in both ways.

In this article, we have compiled the list of free coloring pages which would help you to relax your mind and will make you free from the anxiety.

Following are the Free coloring pages for Adults

1. Just Color

Just color is a great website from where you can download tons of free printable coloring pages for adults. They have great categories like Relaxation, nature, Travels, Arts, History and special events. And then they have sub-categories like in relaxation they have Mandalas, zentangle, doodling, cupcakes, Psychedelic, Russian dolls, and vintage. You will find thousands of pages under a single category.

A perfect place to find all types of free coloring pages. The download process is also very simple. Click on the image and download it for print. Now you can color these pages with colored pencil or watercolors.

2. Art is Fun

Another great website for free printable coloring pages. Which includes Mandalas, Abstract patterns, owl coloring pages, and castle paintings pages. Along with this they also have a huge collection of paid ebooks which are printable from home printer.

For vibrant effects, you can use gel pens, pens, and combined marker. The site is designed to be a good resource for any skill level. Whether you are a beginner, occasional dabbler or seasoned aficionado.

3. Crayola

Crayola is more than just providing free coloring pages. Here you can shop for printing supplies, coloring guide and can join their community. Major categories are listed as Holidays, people, plants & Animals, seasons, sports and vehicles and these headers you will find multiple subcategories. And each subcategory has multiple free coloring pages.

4. Coloring

Coloring pages have more than 120 categories listed which are available completely free. There are not much tabs on the website on the home page you will find all the categories listed on your left side. Click on the category then select your page to download. The copy would download under JPEG image which you can easily print.

5. Everythingetsy

They have only 15 free coloring pages for adults. We can also explore this site for handmade gifts, Ikea hacks, and DIY tutorials. You can also check their business page where they share plans and ideas related to Etsy business.

6. Tried & True

In this website, there is no specific category listing.  You can swipe pages and see the list of free coloring pages and these are limited in numbers. They have around 25 to 30 free pages listed on their website. However, their tutorial section has some amazing things to learn about 100+ Christmas projects to love, DIY Snowglobe, Vintage Christmas sign, sewing & wreath projects, fashion and quick crafts and many other projects which would help to be more creative.

7. Edupics

Edupics will provide some good pages to print like a celebrity, Pegasus, saddled horse, butterfly mandala, Moto GP, Dinosaurs, skull and Tokio hotel. To download the pages you need to add an extension to your chrome browser which you will find on the download tab.  This is basically to convert your doc into PDF format.

8. Hattifant

Hattifant deals in toys and handmade decorative items. They good collection of paper & cardboard toys, cards, decor and upcycling. You will also find a complete step by step guide how you can make these items. Apart from all these, you will also find free coloring pages for the adult. The site is really great for those who want to learn about handmade crafts.

9. Coloring pages for Kids

Don’t get confused with the name they also have free coloring pages for adults. However, the major part of the website is dedicated to kids. Easy to download and the file is available in PDF format which is best to get the paper print.

10. Hello Kids

This website is also dedicated for kids but they have a small section for the adult from where you can download free coloring pages. They have nine categories listed for adults which include mandala, Circles & Rosettes, Intricate patterns, Arabesque, Sophisticated adult, flowers & Paisley and adult coloring design. The best part of this website is that you can also color online if you don’t to take the print.

11. Faber Castell

Faber Castell also has good numbers of free coloring pages for adults. They have categorized on basis of your experience like beginner, intermediate, Advanced, and adults. It helps colorist to decide what kind of pages they can choose for coloring.

12. Momsandcrafters

The website is more than just free coloring pages. It is more about craft works, family, kids, teens and food. For moms, it is the best place to learn crafts, parenting, mom talk, and learn how to make easy dishes at home. They have something for all ages from babies to adult.



Free coloring pages are a good way to deal with anxiety and stress and it also refreshes your mind by giving a unique task which usually gets exhausted with regular activities. There are tons of websites available over the internet but for you, we have compiled a great list which will save your time and also provide you best websites to download free printable coloring pages for the adult.


13 Best websites to download free wallpapers

free wallpapers

Wallpapers make our gadget looks more beautiful from the inside Be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. I usually change my wallpaper every month as it makes the device more lively and refreshing while switching on. And the best part is that they are available completely free. All you need to do is to connect with a right website that can offer high quality of wallpapers.

To make your job easy we have prepared the entire list of free websites from where you can download wallpapers. There are tons of websites available on the internet but the only handful of them are best. Good websites not only provide the high-quality images but also update their site with unique and trending wallpapers. In addition to this, you will also experience a great site navigation and ease of searching a wallpaper through keyword.

Following are the Best websites to download Free Wallpapers

1. Wallpaper Stock

Here you can find a huge number of wallpapers to download with different sizes which are lying under multiple categories. Be it a normal, widescreen, mobile, tablet or HD wallpapers. They have some awesome categories like nature, celebrities, cars, and aircraft.

2. Deviant Art

Deviant Art was founded in 2000 with the objective to provide the platform to artists so that they can exhibit and promote their art. They have 38 millions of registered users and over 65 million of monthly page views. This website has tons of free wallpapers but all are in the Art form. Some of their best categories include Vehicles, photo manipulated, science fiction,  3 dimensional and whats hot.

This website has tons of free wallpapers but all are in the Art form. Some of their best categories include Vehicles, photo manipulated, science fiction,  3 dimensional and whats hot.

3. Vladstudio

The best thing about Vladstudio is that they haveseparatee category based on the devices like 2 monitors, 3 monitors, mobile devices, and e-cards. The website allows you to download free wallpapers for personal use. If you are looking for commercial purpose then you can go for their paid subscription which is a one-time charge.

4. Wallpapersnow

Download wallpapers for any devices in HD format. The website has lots of good categories including celebrities, 3 wallpapers, architecture, food, and love. Apart from this they also have one additional category of the company logo. If you are looking some unique logo for your company you can check out this section.

5. Wallpaperswide

Another great website to download wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets. Website has great collecitons of wallpapers with HD quality.

They have more than 25 categories loaded with unique wallpapers along with that you can choose as per your device resolution like, wide & ultrawide, oHD & UHD, standard, mobile ration, Mobile Brands, Dual Monitors and triple monitors.

6. Desktop Nexus

If you are looking high quality and unique wallpapers for your desktop then DesktopNexus is best. Here you can share your feedback directly with artist and photographer and you can also subscribe to their RSS feed so that you will notified once they have any new wallpaper in their database.

7. eWallpapers

You can browse wallpapers from categories as well as from their recommended favorites including lastest, Top and Random wallpapers collections. Some of the unique categories which you must check is sports, World and Animated. They also provide you option to sort as per resolution be it a Ipad, iphone, ipod, dual monitor and widescreen.

8. Social Wallpapers

It is single category based website where you will find scenery wallpapers. the reason we included this in our list in this single categories they have lots of wallpapers with high-quality of images. But certainly won’t be as good as compared to other websites we have discussed so far.


One of the best website if you are looking to downlaod HD wallpapers, for windows, linux, Mac, iphone, ipad, or android devices. Site is full of categories includinng quotes, space, sports, typography and world. They also have popular tags under which you can explore some great wallpapers like minimalistic, logos, night, illustration, christmas and stars.

10. Simple Desktops

Simple desktops is a collection of bling, drop shadow and gradient free wallpapers. They have good collections of wallpapers and you can also downlaod their IOS and Androd App which make it more easier to access and download wallpapers over cellphones.

11. WallHeaven

Wallheaven does not have specific categories as we have seen with other websites. Here you can browse with their favorite categories like toplist, latest and random. however they have a search bar which makes easy for you to search a specific wallpaper.

12. is great place for wallpapers lovers they have more than 60,000 high quality free wallpapers. Including some of the best catetgories like holiday, animal, Art painting, game, travel, CG Art and photography.

13. Interfacelift

Here you will get very limited numbers of wallpapers totol of 3890 and these are randomly uploaded. So you can’t search through any category however their collection is great and quality is also good.



Wallpapers are great way to decorate your inner walls of your desktop, laptop, tablet, notebook, ipad, iphone and other mobile devices. You can get wallpapers both free as well as paid. Most of us would claim that paids are unique and comes with better qaulity then we would like let you know that there are legit websites who offers high-quality of unique wallpapers which supports almost all available devices.

10 Best Websites to Generate Free Business Names


Business Name Generator

When it’s about choosing a business name we all get cautious that it should be unique, short, memorable, meaningful and must be related to the business. Something which leaves a footprint in the mind of our customers and clients that relate everything that we deal with. Well, you are not alone in this dilemma, in fact, most of us face the exact same problem while selecting a business name. And the main reason is that there are too many things we are trying to connect with our business name. Probably that won’t be possible that your name meets all your expectations but it’s worth if you get closer to it. And this article is all about filling that gap what you think and what best you can get.

So in order to lessen your burden, we have prepared a list of websites that can help you to decide a business name without paying a single penny. Not the only business name but you can find the same domain name. I have seen many companies whose name is not matching with their domain name. Technically there is no major difference of carrying a domain other than your business name. But if you have it is an advantage for you as it is easy for your clients and customers to remember. Apart from this Google search engine also give you preference on organic search when your business name is same as a domain but this is minor not a major impact.

Following are the Free Websites of business name generators

1. Shopify

Shopify is a famous e-commerce website which provides both domestic and international platforms for retail and wholesaling. But they also provide a free tool to generate the business name. All you need to do is to put the keyword or idea of your business name in their search column and you will get hundreds of options to select. Not only Business name but they will also let you know the availability of your domain.

2. Cool Names Generator

Cool names filter the process by adding some additional steps while feeding the information. In the first column, you need to give little details about your business. Then you have to provide details like the type of business and what benefits it could bring to the customers. The next you need to tell what style of business are you naming like, peace, bang, cool and simple. And the last step is to select the extension whether you want .com, .org, .net,US or any other desired extension.

3. Panabee

Another great website to search business name just key in the word related to your desired business name. And it will throughout the entire list of the suggestions. Basically, you will find two columns one is with your business name other with the available extensions. Navigation is so smooth that it takes almost few minutes to complete all the tasks.

4. Business Name Generator

It works similar with any other website where you just need to put the desired word and it will suggest you hundreds of related names. But this does not provide you the domain availability at the same time. However, when you choose any of the displayed business names it will take you to the Godaddy website in order to check the domain availability. Which is an additional step but still a good website if you are looking a unique name for your business.

5. Naming

Searching a business name with Naming is quite different and unique as compared to other websites. here you need to put a word in the first column. In the second column, you need to select “combined your entry with” like adding greek prefixes or suffixes. The next is to add syllables and where you want your selected word to appear right side or left side. Now you need to select the extension of domain and number of names you want with a single search. you can see up to 816 names in one go.

6. Name Find

The best thing about this website it not only gives you suggestion related to your business names. But also features special names on basis of events and festivals. Like Christmas is about to come you will see lots of names related to Christmas. And searching a business name is also very easy just put the word in search column and their system will come up with lots of suggestions. Along with some premium names which you can choose for your business

7. Worldlab

On this website, you won’t find any search tab and multiple filtrations to get the results. All you need to do is to click on the button “Get Name” and it will through you some random names from their database. they have more than 7.2 million unique business names.

8. Rhymer

The name is self-explanatory how this website provides a unique business name. What all you need to do is to provide a keyword and then you need to choose from their defined category like Rhyme from the beginning, middle or at the end. On the basis of the Rhyme, the site will pull out lots of results and you can choose one the best you want.

9. Dot O Mator

I think this one has a unique way of searching a business name. Choose a word in the left box and with some ending in the right box. And if you find any name that you want to take then save to scratchboard.

10. Netsubstance

With a click of a mouse, you will get hundreds of suggestions related to your keyword. Here you can provide more than one keyword with spaces and then you just need click generate brand names. And the site will show you plenty of business name matching with your supplied keywords. And once you select any name it will take you to the page to buy your domain name.


No matter what kind of business are you doing but the brand value start right from your name. And that’s why it is an important aspect of our business. Choosing a business name could be a difficult task as it connected with the overall business. A perfect name should be memorable, meaningful, catchy and should also be related to company’s vision. If it has all the qualities it can make a huge impact on your business. Now finding a versatile business name could be the toughest job. But now the best results are just away from a click of a button. Try these websites and find a perfect business name.