How to make money online through HYIP Programs

What is HYIP ? and how to make money online from HYIP

Well this word has become more popular since the Bitcoin gain popularity in last couple of years. HYIP is HIGH YIELD INVESTMENT PROGRAMS. In this article we will share all the details how to invest ? safety measure while investing , strategy how to take out most from the investment. What is the source of their earning. How they are able to provide so much high returns on our investment.

Have you tried many other sources and couldn’t figure out how to make money online ? do you want to earn money fast ? Are you looking something where less efforts will get you better results. Then you are at the right track. And you won’t believe you can really make good money from this but need to invest wisely and carefully. When we first started it was quite difficult for us as well but now we are getting good returns on our investment. We have some plans where you can make 3 times of your investment only in 100 days. Difficult to believe but we are making.  


First of all we need to understand these plans mostly work on digital currency which is easy to transfer any where in the world without paying much fee to any third party. So if we running a project in India we can easily get clients or customer across the world. Which is quite difficult with local currency. Those who are not aware about bitcoin and digital currency. Please visit our other blogs related to bitcoins.

These plans Make payment  3%, 4%, 5% or even  up to 10% on daily or hourly basis. 



Source of Earning


Binary Trading


how to make money online




Before we choose any platform to make money online the first question should be what is the source of their income through which they are giving so much high returns. 80% of the HYIP websites make money through Binary and Digital coin trading. Now we will start thinking why we can’t make money from trading when we know the  actual source. But we would recommend not even think about until you are an expert and have good trading experience. Potential of Binary trading can get you 5 or 10 times of your investment in a day. But if you are amateur you might loose everything in a single trade.

And next question is what about other 20% website who are not doing trading. Some of them are lending in market on high rate of interest or investing in other business and sharing the part of their revenue. Also known as Revshare programs but it has low percentage and different business model as compare to hyip,Rest all are frauds. While learning how to make money online we also need to learn the safety measure as online frauds have increased a lot .


Digital Coin Trading


How to make money online

How to make money online

At present trading in digital currency is one of the most profitable trading. If you know the coin behavior earning $500 in a day is not a difficult task.  All you need is one BTC supported trading account to start the trade. You can go for Poloneix . Use cryptocompare to analyse the coin behavior of last 1 week or may be a month. And then buy the currency you want to trade in. Please refer the transaction charges.

Most profitable coins are , Ethereum, Dash, litecoin and Monero.


We will soon going to post a blog completely on Digital Coin  and Binary Trading as it need more details to understand.


Are these legit or scams ?


How to make money online



Since this platform have huge potential of making money so scams are also very high here. But it does not mean there are no genuine programs. We know some of the plans which are working from last 2 to 3 years. Most of the programs are run in such way where collected money from members are distributed among the members. which is worked on Matrix basis all you need a good mathematics and you can run your own program but life of these programs not more than a year. Let me explain you how does the scams work here

They will offer you a plan with high returns and direct commission and it is structured in a way where bringing people would have more benefits. So it means every one would want to earn money and will try every possible way to bring people. So here cash which is coming in the program is much higher then what they paying out in a specific time period. 


Lets understand with example


We have launched a program where we are giving 3% returns on invested amount and providing 20% on every direct referral and 10% on  indirect up to 5 levels. Which means if person bring 5 people in the system he would take out his invested amount in one go. Apart from this he would also make 20% additional on referrals and 10% all referred by his referral. so here every one would fight to bring 5 referrals at least. So if plan has a minimum investment of $50 they will collect $300 and their pay out at this time is only $59. $50 commission for 5 people and $9 return on investment.

So these are run till the time people are joining in system. The moment new people stop joining their pay outs get increased. And this the time when the will shut down the website with maximum profit. This concept has derive from Multiple Level Marketing


Smart people are making money with scam website as well they join at the beginning and leave after making certain amount of profit



HYIP Monitors

How to make money online with the help of HYIP Monitors.

how to make money online


These are the websites which provide status of various HYIP websites when they started and how much percentage they are paying. In short we can say HUB of hyip websites. But they certainly won’t tell which one are genuine. This is we need to figure out our self. Some of the sites are paying from last two to 3 years. So if we go by strategy we will definitely make money from this. We have started this from last 6 months. And we made lots of money in this period. We invest almost 30 of 40 websites in one go. And on an average we are always in profits. As we all know some of them run away before the maturity. Here are the links of some HYIP Monitors.

  1. Allhyipmonitors
  2. Toppayinghyip
  3. Popularhyip
  4. Azhyipmonitor

It is one of the safety measures which you can use  while taking steps towards how to make money online through HYIP.

Strategy and Safety Measures

  1. Never invest huge amount in HYIP or in single program. Always divide in small amounts and invest in multiple programs in one time.
  2. Always refer HYIP monitors before investing. How many HIP websites have confirmed their paying status.
  3. Never go for the project which is old but not too old i mean try to invest within six months. Most of the sites get shut down within this period.
  4. Always try to invest amount at the beginning of the project and should leave it within 4 to 5 months.
  5. Some plans are so good they are running from years. We invested in three programs which are paying almost from last 2 to 3 years and paying around 2% to 3%. But still can double our investment within 60 or 100 days.
  6. Try to figure out the source of their earning if you know the source you can rely on the programs.
  7. You can also check website authenticity and their registered address.


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Earn Money Without Investment

Make money online Without Investment

Passive incomes are easy money but that needs lots of investment. And most of the people who want to earn a lots money end up their dreams due to financial problem. So what is the easiest way to make money with no investment? Today will discuss those areas where we can make money online without putting any substantial money at stake.

We will try here to share the ideas where everyone would have a chance to make money online without paying anything. On basis of our skills, we can choose a particular area to earn money.


Areas to earn money without investment.

Websites Testing

Websites testing is one of the easiest and highest paid sources of online income. but this requires some specialized skills “your voice quality ” which includes multiple factors like speech rate, voice clarity, intonation, and pronunciation. so if we are good at this we can easily make $10 to $15 in just 20 to 25 minutes. Depending on the company and their profile. Will discuss some of the good websites where we can earn money easily.

  1. User Testing : – This website provides $10 per task which is about 15 to 20 minutes. All we need to do is download their software. And follow the instruction once we record the video then we need to upload for approval. Once they approve the test we ready to make money online sitting at home. Usually, they provide us the task where we need to guide to the customers on their website how to perform a particular task. We must have seen many websites where they guide customer how to buy the products and what is the procedure of making payments. Same thing happens here but instead of text, we need to guide on recorded video. Because it is more convenient for the customer.


Website Testing

2. Testingtime :- Here we need to test digital products. First, we need to sing up where most of the details they will collect in order to provide the study on basis of our skills. Duration of study can be between 60 to 90 minutes and € 50 per study they pay. Most of the studies they perform on skype.


3. Utest :- This website will provide us varieties of testing projects. Most of them are so easy that we don’t even need any specific skills. If we know how to operate a system we can easily perform. Payment varies from project to project. Simply create your account and start making money online.

Website Testing

4. Analysia :-  This website is almost same as Usertesting we first need to be approved our self as paid tester. Once it is approved we are eligible to earn money.  Most of the task is about 10 to 15 minutes and the payment amount is mostly $10 per task. So working a couple of hours can give us a decent amount of earning in a day.

Website Testing

Userlytics :-  This company collects the feedback data of various websites and mobile apps for their clients. They pay $10 per feedback which takes around 10 to 20 minutes. Most of them are usability test, where few task are given to complete and we need to provide the real feedback which helps them to make website and apps more user-friendly. Most of the task need Cam, Microphone,   Windows 7 or newer and MacOS 10.7.3 or newer.

Make money online

PTC (Paid to click) Websites

Can you imagine now we can make money online by watching advertisements on websites? Yes, what you heard is true and will also let you know why they pay for watching an advertisement.  Online advertising is a billion dollar industry everyone wants to be top in Google ranking. companies want to know their customers and clients so they conduct surveys, takes feedback and opinion. It helps them to improve their services and product in order find the right customer. Sometimes they only want traffic on their website. So all these works are outsourced to PTC websites. And they pay a part of their earning to the users who perform daily given task on their website.


So will provide some good PTC website where we can make pretty good money. Though it’s not that easy because some of the tasks has a very low payment.  But if you follow the strategy they are not that bad.


Clixsense :- Earning money with PTC website is not an easy task. Only good part is that we don’t need any specific skills to earn money. We need to conduct surveys and view adds.  it ‘s really hard to make even $5 in a day. But still, it is one of the ways through which people are making money and some are earning pretty well. If you review the website you will find there are certain ways through which you can make money more than average people. E.g upgrade accounts to premium and it will double our earning in all the task. Try to use the affiliate it will help to increase the earning.



 PTC Website

Neobux : Most of the PTC websites earning are between $0.001 to .005 per click. And the only way to increase our earning is to get tons of referrals and we have to upgrade the package as well. These websites can never be the source of regular income. But still, some people manage to make money as they have a big network and many referrals which are running. So we may be successful if we have a good network. This website is almost as same as Clixsense.



Make Money Online

Here are the list of PTC Website which you can review and join.


Rewards Affiliates





Captcha Solver

This is also one of they way through which we can make money online without any investment. But here we need good typing skills with accuracy. Apart from this, we should also be able to understand the words and it’s pattern. This one also a low source of income. But we will try here to share the best Captcha Solver websites.

2Captch: Here the earning start from $.50 and it can go up to $1.00 for 1000 captcha. First, they provide sample task for training. Then we can go on live task but please ensure accuracy matters a lot here. If there are too many mistakes they will suspend our account. This type of work does not need too many skills but we should have good typing speed along with accuracy.



Make money online

Protypers :- We can start here with $0.45 and can go up to $1.5 per 1000 captcha. The website claims their proficient solver making $100 to $250 per month. It could only be possible if you are too good at typing with 95% accuracy. If you are beginner even making $1 in the entire day could be a challenge.


Make money online



How to make Money Online through Bitcoin

Earn Money through Bitcoin

Today’s we have plenty of option available to make money online but that need lots of efforts and time. There are few ways through which we can generate passive income. However, We know passive sources need investment but if the returns are good then it might not be a big deal for us. Today we will discuss few earning platforms where we can make money very fast. First of all, we need to know what is Bitcoin. Those who have heard this word first time please visit our links and you will find the details of what is bitcoin ? and how to buy bitcoins ?.

It is one of the most expensive and decentralizes digital currency in the world. Sources which we are going to discuss can double our money in a couple of months.

Money Earning Platforms

These platforms run on Bitcoin. So all investment would be in bitcoins only. We will go step by step and will share entire details how we can double our money? The first system where we invested money in a couple of months ago is mypayingcryptoads. And they are providing really good returns and still continue. This company allows us to buy advertising pack which we buy in bitcoins and then they provide 2% daily returns up to 60 days on our investment. Now the question is how they are going to double our money? So there is a strategy through which We not even double but take out three times of our total investment.


Investment Process and Strategy


Here is the Signup link first we need to get our self-register.


This is the screen shot of my account I had invested 1.5 Bitcoin in this system and so far my total earnings reached at 2.3 bitcoins.

Once we create the account and login in the system it will take us to the home page which will have many advertisement options like banner, text and login ads. But we will start first with the Ad packs. So first click on purchase ad-packs


Once we clicked on purchase Ad-packs we will find an icon like notepad as visible in the screen shot. After clicking on this icon we need to fill the banner details. Now set up a advertising banner or you can use company banner. If you don’t have any banner to advertise


Money through bitcoin

Now set up a advertising banner or you can use company banner. If you don’t have any banner to advertise

Now last step is to buy the ad-packs. Here is the screen shot. For the first time we need to by through our bitcoin wallets. Follow our above link how to buy bitcoins. That will provide you the entire details of bitcoin wallets. After first investment you can also buy through your earnings.

Earning money through bitcoin




Here we follow a simple strategy to grow our money. for the first 60 days instead of withdrawing keep reinvesting through purchasing ad-packs. what ever we are reinvesting we will get 2% on that. E.g if we have purchased the ad-packs of 1 Bitcoin my daily earning is .02 Bitcoin but if I reinvest than my next day earning would be .204 which is on 1.02. within 60 days you will find your Bitcoin money is almost twice of what we have invested not only investment but daily earning as well.

It may sound unbelievable but it’s true we can withdraw more than twice of our invested amount. However, the company has already mentioned that they are not the investors. But this system works as an investment.

If you want to know how to take out 3 times of your investment then join our newsletter we will share the details via email. 


Referrals and commission

Here we can make extra money through referrals and repurchase. The sponsor gets 6% on first purchased and 6% on ever repurchasing on ad-packs. So if we have a good number of referrals we can get pretty good returns on our money.

There are two more companies which are working on USD instead of Bitcoins. Following are the links. Register and refer to others in order to increase the revenue.





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