Opinion Outpost ! A Survey Site to make Money


From the past 5 to 6 years making money from home has become easier. And it has many advantages which are difficult with regular jobs. The first benefit is that you get freedom of work which means no one is your boss and you can decide your own working hours. There are many ways through which you can make money from home like Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, data entry jobs from home and Survey Sites.

Making money from survey sites could be the easiest and fastest way but this is certainly not quick scheme to become rich. However, this would definitely add some value to your earnings. There are many survey sites running over the internet but most of them either are fraud or you will end up getting disqualified. So in order to make your job easy, we are writing this article about a survey site Opinion Outpost which legit and good to make some extra income while sitting at home.

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a survey site which pays to its member for sharing their opinion on surveys and it includes, product testing, mobile surveys, and online surveys. It is one of the leading market research company which is running from almost 8 years.  For every survey, you get some points which you can convert into a gift card and Cash. On the other hand, it also helps companies in their market research which eventually gives information about product development scope and what are their targeted customers.

How to join Opinion Outpost?

Joining process is easy and completely free all you need to do is to supply the details like first name, last name, email address, and country. After confirming the email your account will be active. you can earn your first 10 points right after creating the account.  Visit their website and create your account today.

Benefits of Joining Opinion Outpost

  1. Referral Program 

In Opinion Outpost, if you refer any friend you get $1 and if your referral completes its first survey then you get $4 additional. So in total, you get $5 per referral. And for survey site, it is considered a good amount.

2. Quarterly Prize Draw

Here you have a chance of winning $10,000 quarterly cash draw. If you disqualify in any survey you automatically get enrolled up with the quarterly draw. Every quarter they announce 4 winners of $10,000 each. So it is great chance to win such huge amount with a survey company.

3. Fast And Easy

Opinion Outpost is very fast as compared to any other survey sites after requesting gift card or Paypal cash it takes only a few minutes or hours to receive. This is the best features I like about Opinion Outpost.

4.  Plenty of Surveys

The biggest challenge with Most of the survey sites it that they have limited number of surveys, in fact, you won’t find surveys on daily basis. But here you will plenty of surveys to attempt. And this is also a positive sign for a company perspective as they have ample business coming in and simultaneously their members can make money.

5. Sweepstakes

At the end of surveys, they offer games which give you the opportunity to win points or additional sweepstakes entries.

How to Redeem the points?

  1. With minimum 50 points, you can start your withdrawal as Itune gift cards worth of $5.
  2. You can also get $5 worth of Amazon e Gift code with 50 points.
  3. For PayPal payment, you need at least 100 points which are equal to $10.
  4. And if you want you can also donate your money to charity.


Opinion Outpost is a legit company who provides surveys to their customers and in exchange of their opinion, they give some points which you can convert it into gift cards or PayPal cash. Every 10 points are equal to $1 and you will find ample amounts of surveys here. As we always recommend our readers never look survey sites as an opportunity for full-time income or become reach. You will be happy if you consider survey site as an additional source of income.



How to make money with GlobalTestMarket survey site ?


Paid surveys are the easiest and fastest way to make money online because neither you need any specialized skill nor any investment. And all you have to do is to attempt few questions in exchange of that you receive payment. There are many third parties who offer paid surveys on their website. But all of them are not legit. So it is really important to join only legit companies who are actually making payment to their customers.

Companies conduct surveys for Marketing research purpose. Which helps them to identify improvement areas, product development and who are their targeted audience. And it is not possible without paying money. No one will attempt the survey if money is not associated. So it is a two-way benefit for both companies get surveys and we receive payment in exchange. An average payment of a survey is less than $.50 but you can also make up to $1. Depending on the survey and the company.

Company’s Background

Globaltestmarket was founded in 1999 powered by lightspeed which is one of the biggest market research company. They have 1400 clients in more than 60 Countries. They provide solutions to the companies in market research and simultaneously offer money to the members who attempt surveys. If you are looking help in Market research than you can contact lightspeed if you want to make money then you can join GlobalTestMarket.

Till 2016 they have rewarded $30 million to the members worldwide. You receive points for attempting surveys which you can easily redeem for rewards items and gift cards. They have more than 200 partners including Macy’s and Amazon. You can even make a charity donation.

How to Join GlobalTestMarket?

Joining their membership is free just visit their website and signup. Supply your first name, last name, and email address. After that, it will take you to the registration page where you need to provide some more details like your mailing address, country, and DOB

Once you submit the online form next is to confirm your email address and your account is active to take the surveys.

How Does it work?

Whenever you attempt a survey you get some life points which we can convert into gift cards or in Paypal cash. Initially you have to complete your profile and you will also receive some life point for this.

You can earn points through surveys, product testing, mobile surveys, teen surveys, IT Surveys and by referring a friend.

How to redeem your life Lifepoints?

Once you earned the point click on Redeem tab and it will take you to the new page to choose the redeem option. You can choose the option through a number of points or you can select the direct option of PayPal and e-gift cards.

For PayPal payments, you need at least $40 and for the e-gift card, it is $35. In life points, you need 4,800 and 3850 in your accounts. Not only life points but you can also win sweepstakes that usually happens.

The number of life points for a reward may vary based on location. So please cross check before making any deal. 


The paid survey could be an easy money but it certainly not the source to become rich or have full time earning. Most of the third party surveys offer very less payment. And most of the sites are not even legit so first review the website, company and it’s background. Globaltestmarket is a legit company who offers a smooth platform to make some easy extra money.




Best data entry jobs from Home

Best data entry jobs from home

The Internet is full of data entry jobs but the Major problem is that all are not legit most of them are doing scam. So it is important to do some research and analysis about the company background and their work. Most of the time it is easy to identify the legitimate company but sometimes it becomes difficult.

So in order to help you, we have compiled the list of legit companies who are doing the genuine business of data entry. These are basically third parties who collect work from the different companies and offer work to us. And they share a part of their total earning with us.

Eligibility and skills required for Data Entry jobs

  1.  The primary requirement is that you need a good typing speed with a decent accuracy. Usually, 50 wpm with 96% accuracy is considered a good for data entry jobs. But this can vary from company to company.
  2. Basic knowledge of Microsoft office. Mostly work is done on the word, excel, and powerpoint. But sometimes companies use their own software for data entry.
  3. A well-working computer with high internet speed.
  4. A physical address with a contact number. Including your government Issue ID proof
  5. Bank account details to receive the payment

Type of work that you will receive in Data entry jobs

1. Form Filling

Here you need to fill the forms where you will find a specified field to enter the data. And these are basically two types either you have to enter the data in an online form or it could be a soft copy.

2. Transcriptionist

As a transcriptionist, you have to listen to audio files and then convert this to written or electronic text document. Here you also need to work on your listening skills. Mostly this is used by doctors and lawyers.

3. Typist

Being a typist you have to enter the data on word file from the given source. It could be a software an image or could be any other format. You just need to copy the data by typing.

4. Keyer

Here you need to enter the details into the given software. These are mostly used to enter the data of checks and licenses. Accuracy is very important in this, however, spell check is already inbuilt in their system. But if you are not good at accuracy then you won’t be much productive in this field.

Following are the Legit Companies that offer Data Entry Jobs for home

1. Axion Data Services

Established since 1996 Axion offer form processing and full data entry jobs. Most of their work is data capturing where you will get the data in image format and you have to convert this into a written word file.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

One of the trusted websites where you can signup and work small task like doing product categorization, Search engine evaluation and other data entry works. So they have both data entry and some analysis work. You can choose according to your capability.

3. Accutran Global

Accutran is established since 2002 and they offer jobs as a real-time stenographer and voice writers. They don’t’ want any kind of certification but you need to qualify in order to receive the projects.

4. ClickWorker

Best place for freelancer you can decide how much you want to work. They offer work like data categorization, participate in surveys, web Search, copy editing, create and correct text. First, you need to signup as a ClickWorker and then you select your work as per your requirement.

5. Dion Data Solution

Perfect for those who are looking part-time contract in data entry. But their skill requirement is quite tough you need to have at least 60wpm typing speed with accuracy. Once you submit your application wait for 90 days and if you don’t’ get any response then you can reapply.

6. Capital Typing

It is one of the best websites if which can offer many types of data entry jobs for home. Including Transcriptionist, Book Keeping, Secretarial Administration, Language Translation, Data entry and Market Research. Plenty of work you can apply for both full and part-time jobs.

7. Data Plus

It is a Georgia based company founded in the year 1992 hire independent contractors for data entry. You will receive hand-written, typed, scanned and online sources to convert into a digital file. Most of their work includes applications, vehicle accidents reports, and law enforcement documents. Majority of their work comes under micro job category but the frequency of work is quite good here.

8. Birch Creek Communication

You won’t receive any normal data entry work here all are transcription based. They offer complete freelance work which means you can choose as many hours as you want. they pay .40/min to 1.75 audio per min. If you are accuracy is 99% it is likely that you receive the higher pay scale. The company doesn’t offer and Medical and legal transcription. They only have corporate clients but you need to be a legal transcriber.

9. Sigtrack

Sigtrack provides home-based work for processing voter registration and petition signature. You must be US resident and identity confirmation is done through Skype. They make payment on every Wednesday through PayPal.

10. Smart Crowd

The smart crowd is the renowned company who is providing home jobs from last 20 years. It offers flexible working hours with minimum skill requirement. First, you need to join as a member and need to qualify as a professional typist. The test evaluation is done on all three parameters, Alphabets, numeric and signs.








15 Online Jobs for college Students

online jobs for college students

Do you want to be financially independent right from your college days? Is it tough for you to manage your studies along with the family expenses? then this article would be really helpful for you. Here will let you know that how can you make a decent earning with the comfort of your living sofa. And most interesting part is that you don’t  need any kind of specialization or degree to join these part time money making programs. In most of the cases, you only need internet, computer and a bank account to receive the payment.

And in these part time jobs, the payment amount is also not less. You can easily make $15 to $20/hour. Many of students are already doing and balancing their financial life with these jobs.

Following are the online jobs for college Students.

1. Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you can make anywhere between $30 to $150 per post. If you are an experienced writer and here experienced does not mean the time you have spent in writing but the quality of article you can deliver. I know you all must be thinking who will pay $150 for a post but there are lots of Bloggers who pays. Visit www.moneypantry.com and at the bottom of the page, you will an option to contribute. Click on that and you will find the complete guidelines how you can make $150 per post. You can also try the below-given websites to find free lance writing work.  Usually, a post needs 1000 to 2000 words but it can also vary as per the client requirement.

  1. Freelancer
  2. Fivver
  3. Craigslist
  4. Ifreelance

This is considered one of the easiest online jobs for college students.

2. Data Entry

Many companies outsource their data entry works to the third party. And these include jobs like copy paste, form filling, letter typing, sorting and analyzing data in excel. They have the basic requirement in certain data entry jobs. like Typing speed and basic excel knowledge. Most of the required skills are common and if you want you can even learn in a couple of weeks. But pay scale in this area is quite low the maximum you would be able to make is $16/hour and on average it is $9/hour. Check out the given website to find data entry works.

  1.  Axion data entry services
  2.  Capital Typing
  3. Elance data entry
  4. Clickworker
  5. Guru

3. Social Media Manager

Nowadays companies are offering jobs to manage the social accounts where you have to reply the followers. Promote their fan page, sharing the content and updating data. And this includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn profiles. The most interesting part of this jobs is these are the normal activities which do for our accounts same way here you have to manage the companies account more professionally or specified by the client. Here the earning is pretty well. you can make from $15 to $40 per hour if are new and if you have professional experience of 5 years you earn from $45 to $75 and more than 5 years than you can charge up to $100 per hour.

For social media manager job, you can post your resume to any employment websites.

  1. Indeed.com 
  2. Career Builder
  3. Dice.com
  4. Glassdoor

4. Online Tutoring

Finding online jobs for college students is quite difficult as they don’t have much experience and less practical knowledge. But if you are good at any particular subject you can earn a good amount as an online tutor. If you are thinking that you need to proficient in the subject then you are wrong. You don’t always need to be proficient most of the time you will find the requirement is only for average. While applying for a job or account registration you can choose at what level of standard you want to go for.  Following are the websites where you can register and start your online tutoring.

  1. Udemy
  2. Tutor.com
  3. Homework Tutoring

5. Virtual Assisting

Virtual Assistance is same as office assistant the only difference is here you have to manage the work online or you won’t be sitting in companies premises. Work includes like managing emails, making phone calls. scheduling and tracking appointments. This available both in part and full time. Explore the given websites to find out the virtual assistant jobs.

  1. Freelancer
  2. Craigslist
  3. Indeed.com

6. Be a Blogger

You can start your part time earning from blogging and there is no limit of earning it all depends on how much efforts you can put in. But blogging business takes the time it’s not an overnight job where you work and get the results. you have to work regularly and you will see the results gradually. Following things, you need to start a blogging career.

  1. Need a domain name related to which you want to host the website. Like you have good knowledge related to finance or traveling. then you can select any d to main relate with these names.
  2. Now you need hosting to host the website. You can choose blue host they are the best.
  3. Now you need to provide the solution or suggestion to your followers who are available over the internet through your post. E.g in finance related blog you can provide the solution like how to make money, how to save taxes, what are the easiest way to make money over the internet.
  4. You also need to promote your content for that you can hire third party SEO expert.

There are many ways through which you can make money as a blogger. An average earning is around $15/hour

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. CPA, CPM

7. Transcriptionist

Here you need to listen to the audio files and convert into text. Basically, there are two types of transcriptionist job one is legal and other is medical and both has an advanced and basic level. So you can choose the basic one for the part time earning. Please visit Athreon if you are looking home based transcriptionist job. Transcription job can get you from $20 to $30 per hour.  Few more website you can refer.

  1. Quicktate
  2. Transcribeme

8. Online selling

You can sell product via Amazon or any other e-commerce site on retail prices. This might not be an online job for college students but it a good source of earning which students are doing these days. All you need to do is to select the number of products in which you want to deal. Then buy at wholesale prices and then you can sell those on retail prices. you can do both as domestic or international depending upon your country restriction. If you don’t need too many licenses and paper work you can buy goods from China, Japan, and Korea at cheaper prices. Earning is 15% to 30% depending upon the type of product.The best website to look for the seller is Alibaba. Following are the website you can refer for online selling

  1. eBay
  2. Amazon
  3. Bestbuy

9. Virtual Recruiter

It is same as running your own consultancy where you hire people for other companies but in this case, you would work more like a middleman. where you have to manage things like screening resumes, conducting the primary level of interviews, and negotiating salaries. As a freelancer, you can earn from $25 to $35 per hour as Virtual Recruiter. Following sites will help you to find jobs

  1. Indeed.com 
  2. Career Builder
  3. Dice.com

10. Be a Calligrapher

There are much skill based Online jobs for college students which you might not have heard. The calligrapher is one of them if your hand writing is good you can opt this as your part time earning. An average calligrapher makes $60k annually where as a professional one makes almost 100k annually. For a single wedding card, you can charge up to $5.   Check out Etsy for more details.


11. Genealogist

A person who traces and studies the decent or person of families is known as Genealogist. Earning in this category is quite high as compared to other sources we have discussed so far. You can make from $50 to $500 per project. List yourself as a professional Genealogist on freelancer website in order to find the work.

12. Making logos and theme

The company wants to present themselves different from others and due to this, they want elegant themes and logos. If you have basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Photoshop. You can start your side business of theme and logos making. For one theme you can earn up to $200 a theme depending upon your creativity.  Where as one logo can give you $20 to $50. These types of work you can easily find on freelancer website which we have already referred in our previous sources.

13. Search Engine Evaluator

Despite having google robust search engine there are always some errors in their algorithm which can only be handled by a human. For that, they need search engine evaluator. Following are the companies who offer jobs.

  1. Isoftone
  2. Leapforce
  3. Appen
  4. Zerochaos

14. Sell photos

If you are passionate about clicking photos you can convert your passion into money. Shoot beautiful pictures in free time and then you can sell those to online. there are tons of websites which are ready to buy good and original pics. Check out these websites to sell photos

  1. Shutterstock
  2.  Fotolia
  3.  Stockexpert

15. Power Point Presentation Designer

If you are good at power point you can convert your skills into money. Even if you are new to power point you can learn through youtube or the internet. As a power point presentation designer, you can earn from $10 to $15 per slide. The project you can easily find at freelance, Fiverr and up work websites.



The sources which we have discussed are legit and real if you are a college student and want some extra money, want to be independent or have any other financial issue you can choose any of the above-mentioned sources which are best fit for you. there are many other online jobs for college students but we have chosen best based on earning and



How to make $18 to $25 per hour with Amazon Flex App?

Amazon Flex

Credit to Amazon

What is Amazon flex?

Amazon flex is a program based on App which allows you to be a delivery partner with Amazon in your local area. And here you can make any thing between $18 to $25 per hour for delivering packages. This is launched for those customers who are choosing a prime one-hour delivery option.  Being a delivery partner all you have to do is to pick up the packages from the local facility of Amazon and then deliver to the customers.

And the best part is you can schedule work according to your requirements. So it is completely flexible for those who can’t work for fixed timings. especially good for those who are looking some part time jobs.


Feasibility of Amazon Flex

As per the website currently, they are available in 30 cities in the U.S. And they keep adding new to the list. So if you are not finding your area in this list. Just join their waiting list and they will notify you once it is available. You need to supply the details like last name, first name, email address, Vehicle, zip code, type of cell phone and its number.

Following are the cities where it is currently available. 

Arlington (VA)    Cleveland           Milwaukee                               Raleigh
Atlanta                 Columbus           Minneapolis/St paul              Richmond
Austin                   Dallas                  Nashville                                 San Antonio
Baltimore             Denver               New Jersey                             Greater San Francisco
Boston                  Detroit                New York                                San Diego
Brooklyn              Houston             Orlando                                   Seattle
charlotte              Indianapolis      Philadelphia                            Spring Field
Chicago                Jacksonville      Phoneix                                    Tampa Bay
Cincinnati            Las Vegas          Pittsburgh                               Tucson
Manhattan          Miami                Portland                                    Virginia Beach


How does it work?

Schedule and Delivery

There are two ways of doing the delivery

  1. In Amazon, Flex App go to the calendar and select the delivery dates that you want to choose. now you will receive the leads of delivery blocks according to your selected calendar dates
  2. Check available blocks during the day and these offers are available to everyone. This information may release before 24 hours of the released time

How to do the pick of the orders which I need to deliver?

A. Prime Now Orders

  1. When you reach prime now delivery station, check out the posted sign and park your vehicle.
  2. Enter the station and swipe the tab ” I have arrived ” in APP.
  3. You can see your assigned route on Screen in station
  4. Now your app will show when the order is ready.  acknowledged and start scanning your orders
  5. Scan all your packages and then load in your vehicle

B. Amazon.com Orders

  1. Here you will be able to see the start location on hour before the block start time
  2. App navigation will guide you to reach the start location.
  3. Once you reached the station swipe “I have arrived” in your app. And follow the signs and cones to drive into the station.
  4. There an Amazon employee would meet you and will scan your arrival code.
  5. And from here you will be guided to your order location.

How to set up an Amazon Flex account?

When you are going to signup for Amazon flex account. You can use your existing Amazon account or you can create a new account. But only one Amazon flex account per person is allowed.

Since it is an App based program you need to have a cell phone and following are the requirements to meet the standards to download the app.

For Android.

  1. Android 4.4 or higher
  2. Ram should not be less than 2GB
  3. Camera with Flash
  4. GPS Location Services
  5. Sim Card


  1. IOS 8 Or Higher
  2. iPhone 5 or Newer


Visit their website flex.amazon.com  and click on get started after that you need to choose from the list of available cities. Then you also have to accept that you are at least 21 years old. Next, they will ask you do you have a mid sized sedan, such as 4 doors Honda civic or larger vehicle? The last option is to choose the type of phone. After completing these processes they will share the link to download the app. Please see the below screen shot for reference.


Amazon Flex

Credit to Amazon

How much can we make with Amazon Flex?

Being a delivery partner you can make from $18 to $25 per hour. They pay by delivery blocks and You can track your earnings through App. Payments are processed on Tuesday and Friday via direct deposit to that bank. Which you have provided during the account set up.

How we can make more with Amazon Flex App.

1. Use Large Vehicle

If you have SUV or Van then you can make more than average earning. Because this will help you to carry more packages with the longer route.

2. Earn more with peak times

During the peak times, you may get higher rates for same routes and packages. Amazon will inform you in advance. This situation mostly arises during the festival days.

3. Deliveries eligible for tips.

Customers are allowed to tip you when you ordering from prime now and Amazon Restaurants.


We can make full time as well part time income with Amazon flex. And it gives reasonable rates where we can earn up to $25 as a delivery partner. It also provides the facility to schedule the working hours according to the need. due to this flexibility there lots of Moms who are now partner with Amazon flex. All process from pick to deliver even the route navigation is done through App. So it is very convenient and easy to operate.  This can be a good opportunity for those who are in the business of goods delivery or looking a part time work for significant earnings.


How to make money with Swagbucks ? Review Legit or Scam



What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is California based online reward program that gives you free gifts and cash for the task that you do every day. These tasks include watching videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. Against these activities, you get some reward points. which can be redeemed at Amazon and Walmart shopping you can also get cash back from PayPal. Swagbucks has already paid out  197,956,233 in cash and free gifts.

The points which we earn is also known as SB, 100 SB is equal to $1. So simple 15 minutes survey can get you around 60 to 80 SB. People are making 1000 to 3000 SB daily with doing a small task.


Legit or Scam?

There are many rewards sites over the internet but most of them are either scams or don’t pay what they claim. Swagbucks is a legit website which pays real cash back or gifts cards to their users. They paid almost 1.9 Milliions till date, which is a proof that they are in real business. I have personally used Swagbucks for shopping and earned lots of SB which eventually converted into the discount.  So this 100% legit website which helps people to save and earn money.


How to Create Account?

Simply visit Swagbucks and click on join today or signup with Facebook account. After signing up there would be some small activities which will get you some quick SB points. E.g verifying email, adding Swagbucks button and add to an extension. A step by step process that will get you some easy SB points.  After signup, you can start earning points by completing your daily task. We will let you know all the sources through which you can make money with Swagbucks.


How to make money with Swagbucks?

1. Surveys

Here you need to complete some surveys which will get you SB p0ints. Usually, surveys take around 15 to 20 minutes where they give you almost 60 to 300 SB. Its all depends on what kind of surveys are you eligible for. You need to qualify the surveys before you attempt them. Through this process, you get best surveys in which you are completely fit for and can make money easily. Else you might end up getting nothing from surveys.

You can’t make huge money with surveys but they definitely worth if you get $3 for attempting a single survey. And maximum it will take is around 20 minutes. Don’t calculate earnings on basis of given statistic because surveys are very limited and you never know how many surveys you will receive per day.

2. Shopping

Shopping can get you the huge amount of SB points as compared to any other task. So if you are planning to buy something online you can route your buying through Swagbucks. There is no change in the price of the product. You can buy at the same price and get some discount as SB points. E.g I bought a domain from Godaddy in $4.99 in exchange of this I got 640 SB.

3. Referral Program

If you refer anyone to Swagbucks through your referral link, you would earn 500 SB points as a referral. And 10% commission on their SB points through the life time. This is one of the most powerful sources of earning with Swagbucks. Let’s understand this with an example. E.g you have referred 10 people and they all are earning 500 SB every day. So here you will earn 50 SB  (10% commission) with each referral and 500 SB as a total. which means you are making almost $5 every day without doing nothing. And you also earned 2500 SB as a one-time referral for 10 referral. Which comes around $25,  More you refer higher you will earn.  We made lots of money using this method.

4. Watching Videos

Swagbucks also pays you to watch videos. Earning points in this category are quite tough though it helps you to build around 100 to 200 SB in a day. You will get only limited videos in a day so don’t expect too much earning in this category.

5. Polls

You can also build your SB by attempting polls which you will receive on daily basis. Here you need to answer few questions and in exchange, you will get SB.

6. Use Swagbucks as Search Engine

If you are using Swagbucks as a search engine you will earn approximately 50 to 70 SB in the day. If you are using only for the purpose of building SB then it is fine else this is certainly won’t be a good idea to use in place of Google. I personally used search Swagbucks and I found it is good for the purpose of searching information over the web.

7. Discounted Coupons

Swagbucks offers discounted coupons so that you can save money while buying stuff from the store. Every coupon will get you 10SB as reward points and some cash back over your bill. So this a dual benefit for the customer. This is just a cool way of making money as we all have a long list of household items to buy every month. And how amazing it would be to reduce our bill through these coupons and simultaneously making money as SB points.

8. Swagbucks Codes

These are codes which give quick SB earning. All you need to do is just enter the code at specified place given by Swagbucks. Whenever there is the new code you will be notified for that.

How Swagbucks Makes money?

You all must be thinking why someone is giving you gifts card and cash for doing some small task. So the secret is that Swagbucks shares a part of their revenue which they make from the third party. Any survey that you attempt or video that you watch are linked with an affiliate program. Swagbucks has signed up affiliate programs with many companies who provide surveys, videos, and apps to download. What ever we are doing is helping them to make money and part of that earning we receive from them. These all are part of marketing research where they study market behavior and then change their product and technology to increase their revenue.


How to convert SB point into Paypal Cash?

As we all know Swagbucks pays in gifts cards majorly with Amazon and Walmart. But if you want to convert into actual cash then we would recommend going with Paypal gifts card. Because with PayPal you can spend this amount anywhere.

Following are the steps to convert Swagbucks into into Paypal cash

  1. First Select reward store in home page
  2. Next is to click on All Gift Cards.
  3. Select the Paypal Card you want to choose. It could be $5, $25 and $50
  4. Now next step is to click on snag this.
  5. A pop up will appear to confirm your email address of Swagbucks and PayPal should be same.
  6. Next page is on your order confirmation but please ensure to have the correct address.
  7. They will send you to email to verify this order.
  8. Once the order has been verified. You will be notified that money will arrive in your PayPal account

This whole process does not take more than 5 minutes.


Swagbucks a reward site which is completely legit and you can make money here by completing many small tasks. This is also good for getting a discount on our shopping and also best to make money online in free time. But this is certainly not an option to become rich or to make the source of full time earning. However, some people are making full time earning from Swagbucks but we certainly don’t recommend this. If you are able to make a full time earning it is good and we really appreciate that. We heard a person had 50 referrals in Swagbucks and making a full-time income. So it is up to you how you want to use Swagbucks.


21 Best Sites like Craigslist, Alternatives to boost  your leads

Craigslist Alternatives


We all know Craiglist is a fabulous American classified advertisement website. And that is the reason you are looking similar websites expecting something better. So we would like to tell you are absolutely right. There are lots of websites like Craigslist and have much more targeted audience.  We compile a list of all best Craigslist alternatives that will help you to buy and sell used items, Services and allow you to participate in the discussion forum.

Do you know there is a certain percentage of people who do not want to use craigslist due to scam and no law enforcement on the deal? This happens because it is a free classified website where buyers and sellers make the deal independently.  Due to its popularity and high volume of users, scammers are looking opportunity to make money by cheating genuine customers.

Despite all of this, it is a good website and there are many ways to make money with Craigslist. You can  sell your Artwork, Services, and Goods. Here are the list of some Craigslist Alternatives and some people even claim that few of them are even better than Craigslist.


Following are the Craigslist Alternatives



This website allows us to buy and sell used furniture. List your products and they will enhance the visuals within 24 hours of its uploading. you have to confirm the purchase request within 24 hours else they will cancel. Provide the pickup date and they will do the delivery on time. You will receive the payment within 2 to 5 business days once the product is delivered to the recipient after deducting a fixed percentage. So this is a craigslist alternative for those who want to buy and sell furniture and they only deal in new york which means you will get highly targeted customers.

2. CityNews

This is one of the best sites like craigslist which locally focus through United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Asia. They offer free classified where a one-page site is created for the user. You just need to select the correct category and country to upload the ad.

3. Oodle

Oodle is also one of the best Craigslist Alternatives and competitor. It is a fastest growing classified network. which includes newspaper, network portals, community sites, broadcast television sites and yellow pages. Once you post an ad on Oodle it appears on hundreds of leading media and publishing sites. They also provide an additional facility to post the ad through facebook account. Due to this, it is considered one of best sites like Craigslist.

4. Recycler

This website is similar to Craigslist but this is majorly famous for pets, electronics, cars, Rents, Real states, Music, and sports. They also allow free listing and don’t’ charge any commission on sales apart from this they are also very renowned in the United States. Due to this website also considered as top competitors of Craigslist.  I

5. Close5 (Ebay Classified)

Most of us must not be aware of this that Close5 is the rebranding of eBay classified. eBay not only deals in e-commerce but they also provide the service of classified. This is an app based platform where the customer can buy and sell items directly. Listing is free and here you can buy and sell almost every thing from pets to house.

6 Abadoo

Abadoo is a European website which is a complete Craigslist alternatives. They provide free listing but they also offer paid listing which helps the customer to bring the listing on top in the related category. This is one of the top websites in Europe for classified advertisement.

7. Rackons

This is a best-classified website in Australia and also the Craigslist Alternatives. As they also provide the free listing and target customer locally. Apart from this, they have the good amount of organic traffic from google which means the audience is highly targeted. So that’s why the sales conversions are also very high here. This is the Australian based website but they also allow post the ad from other countries.

8. Usedeverywhere

Usedeverywhere formerly, usedcanada.com is a Canada based website and has 73 classified networks in North America. They receive almost 2 million unique visitors and 50 million page views every month. This is also considered one of the best Craigslist Alternatives as they have more than 24 categories to list the products.

9. Locanto 

This website operates in 50 countries and in more than 5 languages. Mostly popular in America, Australia, and Canada. Listing is completely free. And they allow classified like pets, real Estate, personal, Vehicle, Jobs, Community, Events, Dating and classes. They are also on top in the list of sites similar to craigslist.

10 Adoos

This is a classified site which supports app and compatible with cell phones also. Product listing is very fast and easy as you don’t need to this on laptop or PC. Chatting feature is also available and this helps you to communicate with buyer and sellers in real time. In order to download the app just enter the mobile number and they will send you the link to download the app.

11 Backpage

This is perfect craigslist alternatives and operates Majorly in USA, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Australia, Latin America, Europe, Canada, and Africa. They provide a free listing for local and paid for multiple cities. Charges depend on country and number of weeks you choose to display the ad. They are top in this list of Craigslist competitors.

12 Classifiedgiants

Classified is a US based website similar to Craigslist. Account registration and the listing is completely free. You can post your ad for 30 days after that they will remove automatically. Categories like real estate, cars, pets, education, Finances, accounting, fashion, services, and jobs are allowed here. Users can add up to 12 images per listing and if they want they can upload video too. This helps to get the targeted audience and also helps you to increase the sales conversion.

13. Hoobly

Listing is free and you can post as globally or country specific. Unlike craigslist, hoobly users need to register their email id before posting an ad and this help to minimize the risk of fraud users. They have some unique categories like jewelry and gems. However, they cover most of the categories of Craigslist except personal.

14 Geebo

This site is just like Craigslist which allows free ad posting but limited to the US only. They provide categories like Farms & construction equipment, Vehicles. Merchandise, Services, Employment, Real Estate, Rental, Roommate, and Resumes. Apart from this they also provide to connect you with Geebo community across all states and country.

15 Peerhub

Peerhub claims that they are a combination of eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist. And have major categories of vintage, handmade and used stuff. You can post the ad locally as well as globally and it’s also integrated with Facebook which makes it more convenient for registration and item listing. They also accept steem dollars which mean we don’t’ have to pay the fee of PayPal and credit card.


16 PennySaverUSA

PennySaverUSA started their business in the year 1962 when people used to stand in line in order to publish the ad in their newspaper classified. But now they have setup their online business too. All you need to do is provide your email id and select the right category. They deal in Arts, Vehicles, Food Dining, Jobs, Merchandise, Pets, real estate and services. Next step is to enter the correct headline with item description along with their charges. Finally, add some images and zip code and your ad is ready.

17 USA Today Classified

USA today is most renowned circulated Newspaper of America which has both online and print classified. USA Today Classified is their online version. They have good categories like Auction, Automotive, Business, Careers, education, and notices.

18 USfreeads

USfreeads is a Craigslist alternatives and operating since 1999. They have three types of membership Premium it would cost you $9.99/year, Gold $10/year and Basic which free but has limited exposure.  They don’t allow adult content and prescription drug. However, they do allow affiliate links under paid membership. They include categories like Automotive, Collectibles, home & Gardens, Toys, Games, Models, Health & Fitness, employment, Clothing & Footwear, Announcements, Sports, Pets & Animals, Real Estates, Business opportunities, Hobbies & Leisures, Jewelry & Watches, Services and Wanted Ads.

19 Adsglobe

Adsglobe is to in this list of sites like Craigslist as it’s operating in more than 150 countries and serving over million locations globally. thousands of ads categories are available with image features and listing items is completely free.

20 Gumtree

This is a UK based website launched in the year 2000 by two entrepreneurs Simon ckrookall and Michael Pennington. which majorly used in US, UK and South Africa. The website receives 8 millions of visitors and one million of new ads every month. They also have live chat support which works from 9 am to 9 pm.

21 Trovit

This is also one the big classified website similar to craigslist and operates globally. It includes the category like Homes, Cars, and jobs.




50 Best Websites where you can sell your ArtWork


sell your artwork


Art defines the way one can live their life. Our all the gadgets like phones, cars and other are manufactured with an artistic touch. It is a great job to sell your art as it becomes a good source of income as soon as you gain popularity.

There are lots of ways using which one can Sell Artwork online and earn money from home. In fact, individually does not need to spend money for purchasing a building to start their store. If you take a look on Internet, then you find many e-commerce websites which will help you in spreading out your work.

Hence, by using these websites you can reach a wider market for promoting your work.  Actually, some of the sites also encourage the artist to write a description for the artwork they are going to upload.

Selling your art online is one of the best ways of earning money from home. Are you looking for best websites to Sell Artwork easily? If yes! Then you are on right place. In this article, one can find some of the best e-commerce sites for marketing their artwork. These online platforms are very helpful as they take your work to the next level or expanding your business.     

Check out the list of websites where you can sell your artwork.



This is the most popular place for the artist to go with if they are thinking about selling their art. This is a great platform for taking your work to a new height. You should have to pay 20 cents per items which you upload. And after selling out of the item there is need to pay additional 3.5% commission.



Amazon is one of the largest platforms for selling handcrafts to millions of customers all over the world. One can find a new store i.e. handmade on amazon.com where artists can display their unique artwork. You should have to pay 15 percent fee on each sale.


3.Big Cartel:

The website allows individual to create their own store as well as they can also customize it. This is a great platform to Sell Artwork for anyone. Here, you can find some professional tools that are helpful in conducting market research. The price that you have to pay start from 29.99 dollars a month. Actually, it varies according to the facility and support you desire to use.



Zazzle is a fully customizable store where you can showcase your work. Using this online medium for the promotion of your work, you can reach 30 million shoppers across the world. It is easy to open a virtual store for free on this e-commerce.



This is mobile art marketplaces which allow art lovers to gain popularity as well as earn money online. ArtAttack also enables individuals to share works in progress and images of their workplace. They just charge 10 percent costs on sales. One can not only distribute their work through this app but also connect and discover community.



It is the world’s largest community for art enthusiasts. This e-commerce site attracts up to 65 millions of unique guests every month. One can easily connect globally by sharing their arts. The DeviantArt mobile application allows an individual to Sell Artwork and communicates with the community 24/7. You can sell out painting, pixel art, anime, drawing, and sculpture to digital art etc.


7. Redbubble:

This is a free online marketplace for the art lovers to reach a huge amount of audience. You can easily showcase your exclusive work and make money online by using this great platform. The platform allows you to create an account, upload work and send monthly payment through PayPal.


8. Inprnt:

One should have to complete the short application process for joining this moderate art gallery. There is a need to upload your two to three artwork pieces for review. As your work get approval, a new member account will upgrade to your account. In this account, you can upload your artwork sale directly through the site.


9. Society6:

This is another online e-commerce website which allows individual to sell their artwork as a product. You just need to set up an account and add some artwork. It is a great platform where you can Sell Artwork because the site will take a small percentage of your selling. Society6 website runs free shipping promotions worldwide.



eBay contains an art section which makes it possible for the artists to display their talent One of the advantages of working with this site is that individual can get all the money they have earned from the sales. This is a great place to kick off as an artist and for making a profit too.


11.Got Artwork:

It is one of the art community websites in the world where one can sell print on demand copies of their work. This website endows lots of tools for individuals for connecting with the collectors who want to buy art originals. In fact, you get monthly plans which range from the free plan to 18.00 dollar per month according to individuals need.


In this platform, artists have to submit their work and then rise art authority gives ranking to their art. If the ranking goes higher, then the work of individual gets a promotion. This is a good site for the beginners as there is no membership or setting up account charges.



UGallery is the best option for an individual if their want extensive marketing and promotion of their work. Actually, one needs to pay 5 dollars for applying to Sell Artwork on this website. This allows you to sell paintings, sculpture and mixed media online.



This artwork marketing and promoting a website is free to use and set up. Speedy sells art directly on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. In fact, it does this by turning social network page into a tool for selling individuals work. The site only charges 3 percent transaction fee from its users.



Ths design of this online artwork selling website is crisp and easy to navigate. One can easily set up an account and upload their work free of cost. In fact, they have to pay 45 percent commission on each art sale. There is no premium membership option in this website like its competitors.



This platform work by bringing art buyer and seller together online. Here, the buyer begins a project and then sellers try to Sell Artwork or promote their work. In fact, this site charges 40 percent commission on each sale.


17.Artist Shops:

This is one of the e-commerce websites that also allows artists to sell their product. Artist shops site handle all the activities regarding the artist’s product like manufacturing, shipping, and customer handling. If you want to earn more profit then this site is best for the promotion and marketing of your work.


18.Creative Market:

It is an online platform which allows artists to sell their work all around the world. This site allows artists to set their own prices for their work. And they have to pay 30 percent commission on their each sale.



One can create a free gallery or there is no membership fee to set up an account on this site. This site directly transfers the payment to the artist’s If you take a look on the site, then came to know that 81000 artists have already Sell Artwork with this online platform.



This website helps artists in selling their work by matching them with the buyers who want some custom artwork for them. Actually, the buyers send their request on the site and then artist let them know the bids. CustomMade charges ten percent commission on any sale of art.



Direct2Artists site endows a way for the art lovers to promote their work in an effective way. In fact, it is all on one platform as it handles sales, marketing as well as the business side of the art. Here, the membership plan ranges from free to 49 dollars per month.



You can set up an account free of cost and without any hassle on this website. Actually, this platform will provide a store to an individual for selling arts or crafts online. The site will charge 2.9 percent commission on each art sale.


23.Fine Art America:

It is a print on demand site which ensures free art profile page for you. You can take your work to the new height by using this Sell Artwork Here, one also gets promotional and marketing help for their artwork.


24.Saatchi Art:

This online platform sells original art of the artists. You do not have to pay any membership fee or account set up fee. Actually, Saatchi art website will charge 30 percent expenses on each sale of the item.



This website works in a different way as it puts buyers and artists Actually, the buyer clicks the picture of their wall space and then art lover provides the recommendation. After this, the buyer will see the art propose by the artist. Vango takes 30 percent costs on each sale of the art.


26.The Sketching Shop:

The sketching shop does not charge any membership fee for opening a store on the site. In fact, this platform allows the artist to sell out their original sketches only. And the site will indict 30 percent commission fee per every Sell Artwork.


27.Art Boost:

Artists get a free online store to display their artwork in front of huge audience. They just have to pay 15 percent commission of the purchase price of each art sale.



This online platform gives individuals opportunity of submitting their work for selling globally for the community votes. If you get more votes, then you can make money by selling your art online.



Art web e-commerce site sells your art online to the buyers across the worlds. Lots of creative’s and art lovers are using this platform to promote their work. This online platform offers their services on no fee basis.


30.Boom Boom Prints:

This print on demand website allows the artists to sell their wall arts. One can set up their account free of cost and all the tasks including shipping and customer’s service is the responsibility of the website. Artists to pay 6.2 percent transaction fee on each sale.



Artists can open the store for free and then they are offered with premium membership plan of $30.00 per year. This is also a print on demand website which is affiliated with Fine Art America. One can get lots of option for the promotion and more sale of their artwork.


32.Art Finder:

Here, one can Sell Artwork online and they have to ship art to the buyers. Art Finder takes care of all the payments. One should have to pay 30 percent commission and 3% credit card processing fee too.


33. Foundmyself:

It is a free platform for the artists means they can sell arts commission free. One can promote their artwork on this e-commerce website and get a chance to join artist’s community.



The site will display the work of artists in different venues such as hotels as well as restaurants. Daylighted charges 30 percent commission on each sale of the arts. This amount is further split into two parts i.e. 15% to the e-commerce site and another half for the venue.


35.GLC Craft Mall:

The artists can set up an online store to sell their work on this platform. The membership fee that one should have to pay ranges from free to 12 dollars.



This site endows a quick and easy way for the artists to Sell Artwork There is free membership and one can also upgrade up to 25.00 dollars per month. They also provide help for individuals through phone or email.


37.  Plovist:

The artists can join this site free of cost and allow displaying their work in an attractive way. This site charges 30 percent commission on each sale of art.


38.Global Art Exchange:

It is a great platform for the artists to distribute and sell their work. The site only charges 20 percent commission on a single art sale. In fact, the membership is also free for everyone.


39.Prophetics Gallery:

The prophetic gallery specializes in selling art of individual in a Christian theme. The artists do not have to pay any fee for setting up an account and can start Sell Artwork. They just have to pay 50 percent commission on each sale.



This online platform helps the artist to sell their artwork on Instagram. One can get a link to their page on the gallery having the Instagram look and feel too.


41.Got Artwork:

This website will offer lots of tools for the individuals they need to kick off their artwork selling. This is a great online platform for artists to display their talent along with earning fame in the art world.



Ezebee is a free website for the handmade manufacturers and others all over the world. This allows individuals to create their own showroom as well as start selling their arts and crafts online.



This is one of the most popular and famous social networks and it can also become online art store. This site has integrated e-commerce which allows you to Sell Artwork and promotes your arts online.



The e-commerce website is based on a hotel theme in which each artist has given room to display their work. In the beginning, the HouseofSass offers six month free plans. After completing this time period different plans are available there ranges from 7.95 dollars to 15.95 dollars.



It is a great platform where the artist can sell their artwork online. LaunchMyWear offers a free storefront, secure e-commerce, and drop shipping. This site will automatically collect some fee per product when an individual makes a sale.


46. Pictorem:

This website print art images on canvas and one can also find a section there for directly selling the art to the public. Artist can upload their art images free of cost. The website will add the printing costs to the final Sell Artwork price of your work.



SellurArt e-commerce site sells the artwork of the artist as a poster. One has to pay one dollar as a subscription fee for a year. This online platform will sell the art on their website along with other sites such as eBay etc.



The web site rent artwork for the residential and commercial clients. You have to submit your artwork on the website and then the jury will decide whether your art considers or not.



It is a popular website where one can create a collection by pinning images around the web. One should have to list the price when they pin their work. This is why because a click on the image will take the buyer to your own website. And in this way, an artist can make the sale of their work and get popularity.


50.My Art Broker:

This site is a reliable platform for individuals to sell their art collection. My art broker provides an opportunity for artists to build a strong network and showcase their talent.


11 Best websites to sell your wedding Dress


sell your wedding dress


Wedding dresses are the most expensive dress of our life which we usually wear once.  And Rest of the life they just accommodate space in our wardrobe. But now we have online stores that buy wedding dresses and pay us the reasonable price.  As per the study by LYST and e-commerce website an average bride spends around $998 on her dress. Which is still a lot of money.

So if you think you want to make some extra money by selling your wedding dress then there are lots of websites which we are going to discuss.

Important steps to review before selling a wedding dress. That will get you a better price.

What is the best way to sell a wedding dress? Probably we all are not expert in this. So in order to get the best deal, we have prepared a checklist for you. Which would help you to decide where and how to sell a used wedding dress.

1. Dress Condition:-

This is the most important factor which can low down the price of your dress so please ensure condition should be good.  Some of the condition we can improve our self whether some our out of our hands like damage. this also includes how old your dress is irrespective the dress condition. The best price you can fetch at the same year when you bought. And after 3 years it would be difficult for you to sell.

2. Detail Description in Listing:- 

While listing your website to any website it is important to provide all the details and description so that it is easy for the buyer to choose. E.g Size, Designer, Detail description of style,  Ball Gown Skirt, A-line, Flared, Trumpet and Mermaid skirt.  These details provide the true picture to the buyer and reduce the difference between what they are looking and what they are going to get.

3. High-quality images:- 

Do not use blurry or faded images while listing because it does not matter how good your dress is if your images are not good chances are buyer will overlook your listing.

4. Try to list on all best sellers:- 

Most of the buyers only search dress to best sellers. So try list your dress on all best sellers. like white and ivory and plus sized.

5. Reasonable Price:-  

A reasonable price has higher chance to sell as compared to the dress which has a higher price. Now how to validate what is the reasonable price of our dress. Some website owners have provided the calculator to check the worth of our dress. Check your price at Preownedweddingdress calculator.


After validating all these information now the next step is where I can sell my wedding dress? Here are lists of websites where you can sale your wedding dress.


Following are the best place to sell used wedding dress

1. StillWhite:-

This website provides two packages for selling with multiple features, Standard and Premium.  Buyer pays for postage charges whereas seller is responsible for shipping through registered post.

Standard: – This includes the feature like Unlimited free edits, Live Viewer statistics and you can add photos up to 4. $20 we need to pay for the standard. And this is a one-time charge.

Premium: –  This feature includes all the features fo standard and has some additional benefits like Home page gallery, Bigger images and you can add up to 8 images.  For a premium, they charge $30 which is a one-time listing fee.

You will get the refund in case if the dress does not meet the requirements as per the listing.


2. Preownedweddingdresses :-

This website also doesn’t’ charge any commission but they have fixed listing fee as per the category.  Here are the charges.

Wedding Dresses: $25
Bridesmaid Dresses: $5
Mother’s Dresses: $5
Flower Girl Dresses: $5
Wedding Accessories: $5

The website claims that a listing receives almost 2000 views in 70 days of its listing period.  they also provide an additional feature to identify your shape and select the dress accordingly.

3. Poshmark:-

This website is to buy and sell used clothes of luxury brands through Mobile App. Listing is completely free whereas they charge 20% on selling. Buyers are responsible for shipping charge. This website allows you to sell many categories like branded shoes, handbags, Jewelry and party wear.

4. Sellmyweddingdress:-

This is an Ireland-based website which provides two categories in the listing Regular and Premium. Where they charge 24.95 and 34.95 Euros for 36 months. Apart from wedding dress they also provide an additional category of Bridesmaid and Accessories. For which they charge 5  euro each for 36 months. If you are unable to decide the price of the dress. Just email the details and they will get you the estimated price.


5. Tradesy:-

Tradesy is also the best way to sell a wedding dress online. They charge $7.50 flat fee on the sale of less than $50 whereas they charge 14.9% if it is higher than $50.  You can collect your payment using Paypal, debit card or ACH Transfer.

6. Oncewed :-

They don’t charge any commission on sale but they take $19.50 per dress one-time fee for one year. One of the renowned website for selling old wedding dress. It’s not limited to wedding dress but it allows you to buy anything related to the wedding. Like wedding cake, centerpiece, makeup and much more.

7. Nearly Newlywed :-

The website is highly reputed due to the listing and item authentication process. They verify all the listing physically before it is approved for sale.  they charge 25% commission on all sales apart from $25 listing charge. This is quite expensive but still worth as per looking their sale and listing process.


8. WeddingBee :-

This website is about to share and gain the idea of all the things related to marriage. Like rings, makeup, flower, Cakes, and Honeymoon. But they also allow selling the wedding dress. This website would be a treasure for those who are planning to get married. It’s more like a forum for where you can discuss anything related to Marriage.


9. Smartboutique:-

If you are looking place which provides a free listing and no commission then Smartboutique is best for you.  But they also provide a premium package which is an optional service. Premium package has additional features like putting your listing on the home page,  Better search results and you can see how many items of yours have been viewed.

10 Weddalia :-

They charge a one-time listing fee of 14.90 euros and listing is complete within 24 hours of the payment. You can upload maximum 7 photos. Unlimited free listing changes are allowed.


11 Bravobride:-

Bravobride running their business since 2008. So they have pretty good experience and they provide a free listing to all wedding items except wedding gowns. For that, they charge a flat fee of $19.95. the website is fully loaded with wedding items like Flower basket, Jeweled Lantern Centerpiece, Wedding jewelry, rings and custom wedding sets.










18 Best online options to sell your used Items

How to make money by selling used items online?

sell Used items


Do you want to get rid of your junks which are only occupying the space? And how cool it would be if you make money by selling used items. Here will provide you various online options which would help you to sell and simultaneously will get a chance to make some extra cash.

Here are the lists of web

1. Letgo

This website allows people to sell used items like Jewellery, Electronics, Vehicle parts, and books. But you need to download their app for this. They don’t’ provide a desktop version of their website. Select correct category upload pics of your products with proper description.

2. Swappa

If you want to sell used items in electronic category swappa is easy and convenient. They don’t charge anything from the sellers so it’s completely free. However, they do charge a flat fee from their buyer. This website is popular in United States, Canada, UK and Europe


3. Cardaddy

Its name itself explains that is made to sell cars. We can sell our used vehicles on this website and they don’t’ charge anything from the seller not even commission on the sale. So listing item is completely free.  Not only vehicles but you can sell personal  Aircraft, Jets and Race cars.


4 Valorebooks

If you have unsolicited textbooks at home convert them into quick cash by selling them at Valore. This company allows the student to buy, sell and rent textbooks. Put the ISBN and get a quote. If you agree with their price they will do the shipping and make your payment via PayPal or check.

5 Poshmark

If your wardrobe is filled with unwanted clothes.So it is the best time to sell and make some cash. This website allows you to sell old clothes of luxury brands. You list and ship the item to buyer and payment processing will be taken care off by them. the fee is $2.95 or 20% whichever is higher.

6 Tradesy:-

Here you can sell shoes, designer bags, and clothes. Designer items are more popular than common items. Website charge 9% commission on sales but in exchange of that, they provide complete shipping kit along with the prepaid label with buyer address. The brand like Louis Vuitton, Channel and Coach are very popular.

7 Varagesale

Almost everything can be sold on Varagesale. They don’t charge any commission or listing fee. The deal is completely between buyer and seller. So if your item has a low value or you do not want to give commission on the sale then this website is good for you.

8 Everything but the House:-

If you have any old house with full of items then it is a good chance to liquidate it. Their team will visit your house and take the photographs of the items in which they are interested. Usually, they go for art and antique furniture. Once your items are listed on their website then it is out for bidding and the highest bidder gets the item. Charges are not disclosed by the website so only buyer and seller know.


9 Amazon :-

So far you have used Amazon for buying products but now you can sell used items as well. Be it clothes, shoes, Designer Accessories, Video games and Used books. And the best part of them is that you don’t need to ship goods. Once your items are listed on their website they will keep the items in their warehouse. So they have complete control over shipping. For individual selling, there is no monthly charges but $0.99 on each item sold. Professional seller monthly charges are $39.99 but there is no charge for each item sold.

10 Craiglist :-

This website also provides facility to sell used items almost everything. And the additional benefits is that they don’t charge anything and you get complete visibility into the local area. As this website is designed to connect locally.

11 Ebay:-

eBay is large e-commerce website and it has huge customers locally and across the globe. They allow two way to sell used items first do it yourself or second allow eBay to do it on your behalf with prepaid shipping label.  They give you up to 80% of the sale value rest they charge as a commission.  So those who do not want to go through the hassle of listing they can opt their professional service.

12 Pawnshops :-

Pawnshops are the best way to sell used items or take collateral loans against them. Here their expert decides the value of your item and if you get agreed they will pay you the money after some paper works. These are very popular for quick cash. Because the deal is done instantly and you can take the cash at the same time.


13 Reverb :-

If you have the old musical instrument at home and you are looking to sell a better price. Try Reverb here you can sell all types of musical instrument. We do have the option to sell on Craiglist and eBay. But this one is specialized for the musical instrument so here we will get the fair price.


14 ETSY :-

Etsy allows you to sell used items like handicrafts and artwork. $.20 for listing item and 3.5% of sales. Whereas they also charge $0.25 payment processing. So if you are good at handicraft or if you handicraft items at home you can get good amount against that.


15 Collectors :-

If you have collective items like Comic Books, Coins, Action figures, Autograph and stamps and then this website is the best place to sell. You will find the list of valuable items like signed Jersey of Lionel Messi and Autograph of Princess Diana.



If you are planning to sell used items like Gold and Diamond Jewellery IDNID is the best option. Product listing is free whereas buyer pays %2.5 commission on every purchase. Payment is completely secured by Escrow. Delivery time is 7 business days and if item found different than given description money will get refunded to the buyer.


17 Onceuponachild

Looking to sell all kind of baby stuff like clothes, toys, cribs and jogging strollers. Check out this website it has wide varieties of categories to sell baby items. The website has clearly mentioned that items should be laundered and in good condition.

18 Social Media:-

This can be the best option as compare to any other Because here we don’t need to pay any commission. Everything would in our control and could sell products to people we know. Listing is also very easy and convenient and you will get the response within a couple of hours. Following are the popular social media which you can use for selling. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.