Verizon speed test ! Free tool to check your internet speed


Verizon Speed Test

Whether you want to stream movies & TV shows or you want to download games and software. A high-speed internet is worth if you are getting committed speed as per your pricing plan. But how to validate that the speed we are getting is up to the mark. Well if Verizon Fios is your internet service provider then Verizon speed test is best to check your internet speed. If you are using any other service provider then this website might not provide you accurate results.

Most of the service providers are not providing committed speed so it is important to cross check your internet speed before paying your bills.

How to check speed with Verizon speed test?

Checking speed with Verizon is very simple you don’t need any signup you can get the result with a click of a mouse.

1.  Visit their official site  homepage.

2. Now click on the red button and your test will start.

3. The entire process will take around 2 to 3 minutes to complete the test.

4. Make sure that your system should be flash enable else it won’t show you the results.

5. Final test would show you the details of both downlaod and upload bandwith of your internet.

Accuracy of Verizon speed test

For the highest accuracy you should be an verizon Fios customer else it won’t be a fruitful tool for you. And still if you are looking most accurate data then we would recommend to go for or These are non-flash and non ISP hosted. Which does not consume any data while processing your test.

Checking an internet speed is complex process which consist of many factors including routers, devices and servers. So getting 100% accuracy is almost impossible but you can refer above sites for better results.

How Verizion speed test works ?

Most of internet speed test providers use the OOKLA Technology which is the most trusted and reliable source to validate your internet speed.OOKLA is a leading internet speed testing provider across globe. And verizon also uses the same platform to check their internet speed.

Verizon speed test uses closest server hosted on verizion to test the speed. And thats why it gives high accuracy results to its customers.

Benefits of using Verizon Speed test

  1. Verizon provides free internet speed testing to it’s customer with highest accuracy.
  2. OOKLA technology is their base which is the most trusted and renowned speed testing company in the world.
  3. Out of network provider can also use this tool for testing speed. But it is recommended to Verizon customer only for highest accuracy
  4. If you are Network customers then is tool will give you the closest result of your interent speed.
  5. Website is well designed and no singup required and you can get the results with a click of button


Verizon speed test is a free tool to check the internet speed test. Which is powered by Verizon Fios an internet service provider. It uses world class OOKLA technology to gauge and analyse the internet speed. However if you are not an verizon customer then you might not get satisfactory results.

Charter speed test ! A free tool to check internet speed


Charter Speed Test

Today internet is a basic necessity and over the decade the demand for high internet speed is increasing at very fast pace. All the stuff which we used to save earlier on the hard drive is now taking space on cloud storage or online. Streaming movies, TV shows, games, are also now the part of the online system. Which needs high internet speed to function. Internet speed has improved a lot in the last couple of years. But still, all the service providers are not providing service what they are claiming. So how to check what speed are we getting from our service provider?

There are lots of online websites which can analyze your upload and download speed. But only a few have a high accuracy in their results and charter speed test is top of them with free of cost.

Company’s General Information

Charter speed test which was officially known as charter communication nationwide is now also known as spectrum speed test. It is also an internet service provider which allow checking the internet speed at free of cost with the highest accuracy.

80% of the company use OOKLA technology to gauge the internet speed and its accuracy. Which is also the source for charter speed test. OOKLA is one of the leading internet speed testers in the world. Which is considered best to test the internet speed.

How to check your internet speed with the charter speed test.

Checking speed with the charter speed test is very simple and you can get the result with a click of a mouse.

  1. Visit their official site  and the home page you will see options.
  2. Click on the tab of begin test which is in the center of the page. Now the site will start analyzing the speed.
  3. The whole process will take around 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. When the test is complete you will see the results in three segments. Latency with upload and download bandwidth.
  5. Latency test tells how much time taken by the traverse packet data. Showing data on the graph is a unique feature of this tool. Which is not available with most of the service providers.
  6. Download test gives you the information of downloading speed of file, video and multimedia message. While upload speed tells you how much it took to send data from your device to another location.

How accurate the data provided by charter speed test.?

Charter speed test provides the highest accuracy but still, it is less as compare to and The reason because these are non ISP hosted. Which does not consume any additional data while processing your request. However, if you are using chart speed internet and checking the speed with the charter server, in this case, you will get the best accuracy. But in case of other service providers, it won’t be as close as you can get with non ISP hosted.

And to check and internet speed there are lots of other factors involved including servers, routers, and devices which can affect your speed. So getting 100% accurate data is almost impossible but you can refer which is more close.

Can a non-charter customer use Charter speed test?

Charter speed test is free across the globe and anyone can use to check the speed. There are many internet service providers which only allow their network customers to check the speed but this limitation is not with a charter speed test.

However, we have already discussed that charter is more accurate to their own network and results might not be accurate for others. But you can surely check your speed with free of cost.

Benefits of using Charter Speed Test

  1. It Provides free internet speed testing with the highest accuracy.
  2. It uses the OOkla technology which is the most reliable and leading internet testing company in the world.
  3. Not only network but out of network customers can also use this platform to check their internet speed.
  4. If the charter is your internet service provider then this tool will give you the results with the highest accuracy.
  5. Site navigation is so simple that whole process takes only a couple of minutes. And you can do all this without a sign-up.
  6. It represents the data in the graph as well which is an additional feature and not available with most of other speed testing provider.


Charter speed test is a free tool to check the internet speed and if you are using same internet provider then this can be the best tool to gauge your internet speed. In case of others, we would recommend going for non hosted ISP which does not consume any data while processing the request. And the best feature they have is a graphical representation of your analysis along with uploading and downloading speed.


Get Free Movies, TV Shows, Music and Much more on OVGUIDE


OVguide Inc is a FOTV Media Networks running from 2006 and its headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California. The site work as a search engine which allows you to access the data which are scattered across the internet. In other words, Ovguide does not host any data on their own, instead of that they use the link to the third party. The moment you search any video its crawl the Google database and pull out the best results for the users. Now you must be thinking if they pass the data which is already available over the internet then how they are maintaining the quality. The site only uses those websites which are indexes in their database.

If you want you can also see the websites which are sharing the data with OVguide. Visit their website and click on video partners and you will see thousands of partner which are listed with them. The site also provides apps for mobile, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android to watch free full-length movies and TV shows.

So OVguide is the hub of multimedia sources which is connected with thousands of entertainment sites that share quality content over the internet.

Official website:-

How to use OVguide?

The website is designed very well and has a smooth interface which allows users to easily find their content. On the site header, you will find broader categories like Movies, TV, Music, Anime and more. selecting any of the tabs will drill down your search to next level. And now you can browse the data in all genres. They also have search bar which can use to search the video directly by its name.

The site is not only limited to movies and TV shows you can also browse music, fitness, comedy, education, Asian, food, games, lifestyle, technology, science and much more.

How to promote your site on OVguide?

If you have any site which is related to their niche you can add your website to OVguide. Just visit their website and submit your link to their submission tab. But for this, they charge $250 with your website URL and its detail description. And in case if your request is rejected they will return only 50% of your submission fee.

After submitting your request their team will review the quality and quantity of your content. And a sales executive will reply to your request if your request is accepted they will add your site. And their search engine will start displaying your site in the search results.

Benefits of using Ovguide

  1. The first benefits of using OVguide it has plenty of data available which helps the user to get results on their 90% of the queries.
  2. It not only provides the quantity but also maintains the quality which is a major concern while accessing free videos over the internet. There are tons of website available but 70% of them are not meeting the quality benchmark.
  3. It is the HUB of multimedia resources. Because the site does not host any of the data and they use the third parties to display the content. Which means they bring all the best website at a single place. Which is difficult for a user to manage on its own.
  4. The site is structured very well that you can find your movie with the click of a mouse. Tabs are not cluttered which consume lots of time in searching the content.
  5. It also has many genres and categories which satisfied most of its users. The categories are drill down from broader to sub and then to the main content. So they have 3 levels of categorization which is more refine and
  6. They also have an additional feature to block adult content. Just simply on the family filter and won’t see any adult add and content.


OVguide is a legit website to watch TV shows, movies, and other video content. It works as a search engine which refers all the websites who host high-quality video contents. It is not only the source of videos but also provide the platform to promote the website. As per the user, feedback site is well structured and has a high level of user satisfaction.

Best Torrent Sites to download Free Movies and Tv shows

Torrent Sites

Torrent sites are the best source to download free movies, games, TV shows and much more. But finding the best could be challenging and it requires lots of features to be the best torrent site. Which includes a high number of seeders, video quality, and availability of newest release.Kickass torrent was my favorite which got disappeared over the night but it was quickly replaced by “The pirate bay”.  We heard Kickass still running illegally on proxies and they keep changing their domains. But we should try to download the movies with the established websites. Which we can easily access through their domain name.

The number of torrent websites is quite volatile and you will find every year there are some new websites added to the list whereas some of them get disappeared. Because it is peer to peer sharing and involves lots of illegal copyrighted material which put the website at high risk of getting banned. some of the websites are running from years and still continue. We are going to share the list best torrent websites which are currently working and best among the other torrent websites available over the internet.

Note:- Torrent sites can have many copyrighted illegal material as it is a Peer to Peer transfer and website can not control this. So Moneymakingway is not responsible for any legal conflict. Use the torrent sites as per your discretion. 


Following are the best Torrent Websites

1. The Pirate Bay

This is the oldest and best torrent website which is running from years. And after the kickass torrent shut down this site is getting more exposure and their users are also increasing. As per users feedback 99% of the time when they fail to find the best torrent on other sites the pirate is the last resort for them.

2. Extratorrent

Another great torrent websites to download movies, games and tv shows. But you will encounter lots of advertisement make sure don’t click any of them it might affect your computer. The site also displays some adult add so not safe for children.


The site came into existence in 2008 and hit the top ten list in 2015. This is quite popular among torrent sites related to content and it’s quality. The site navigation is smooth and you can see the category listed on the left including Movies, games, Tv shows, Software, Catalog, trailers, box office and new indexes.

4. 1337x

This is also one of the oldest and renowned torrent sites which is full of entertainment. you will encounter with many ads that is the usual problem with all the torrent sites.  However, the quality of the content is quite good and due to a large number of users, you will find updated content.

5. Torrent Downloads

The moment you visit the site you will find the most recent torrents download and release. Accessing site is quite user-friendly and you can browse the stuff by categories, today, and yesterday torrents. They also have some of the new categories like books, animation and other.


After reviewing this website it seems that is it an old YTS, in fact, the logo is exactly same. On the homepage, it is clearly mentioned that this is the new domain for YTS/YIFY. But original YTS was already shut down permanently after the settlement with MPAA. The site has a good quality of videos and a high number of users due to which you will find fresh content always.

7. IsoHunt

Isohunt is also a popular torrent site which has good categories including Animation, software, movies, tv shows, music, books and other. You can also browse content through top searches. The website also has a category of Adult movies so not safe for children. However the site navigation and content quality are quite better.

8. Torrentz2

This site is not designed very fancy and does not have category tab as well. In fact, it is a search engine which can give you the data of other torrent websites.  You can find hundreds of free torrent websites to download the content. In other words, you can say this is a HUB of torrent websites.

9. Skytorrents

You can add skytorrents to your browser and can directly search the content from the browser search bar. They don’t have any specific category but you can search content through its’ search bar or top 1000. And other best thing about this site is that you can search the data in other languages as well.


It is quite similar as Torrentz2 but has some additional features. Here if you search any movie it will show you thousand of download links which would have associated with different torrent sites. so basically they are not allowing any hosting to their website. Instead of that, they are sharing the download link of other torrent websites to their site.


Torrent sites are the best and easiest way to downlaod the free movies, games, music, software and much more. But torrent has its own limitation and issues like there can me many illegal contents which we are downloading without even noticing. These sites display many advertisements which could be a malware, virus or hacking bait which we are not aware. Some sites show adult add which is another issue for children who visit these websites to download games and movies.




Project Free tv ! Watch Latest Free Movies Online


Project free tv

Project Free TV is a website which provides free movies & Tv shows online. So if you love watching movies then this can be a good option to cut down expenses on your cable TV, buying DVDs and paid downloads. We have already shared an article related to best websites to watch free movies online. And there are many reasons due to which we have not included this website under that list. Which you will find after reading this article.

The website does not host any of the content that you are accessing. Whenever you click any of the links they will divert you to some other website. So actually they are using the third parties to host the content for their users.

Is Project Free TV is a Legit website?

The website claims that they don’t host the content and they are also not aware of the content is coming from? All the links which are finding on their website are coming from popular online hosting websites like Youtube, Veoh, Megavideo, and google videos. Where user signs an agreement before creating the account.

And in their disclaimer, they already mentioned they are not responsible for anything as the content is coming from outside and they don’t have control over the users which are managed by the third parties. The website does not charge anything but if you download anything then they will install a software on your system.

So here they are manipulating themselves through the third party. And neither they are legal nor we can prove them illegal.

Is it safe watching on Project free Tv?

As long as you are streaming the website it is completely safe but we would recommend never download anything because that might affect your system. Since the site does not take responsibility for the content and we don’t know who is the third party so downloading anything may put your computer at risk.

And as per site policy, you could be an easy prey for hackers. If you want to use this website safely make sure never download and click on any advertisement.

Some of the Key features of Project Free Website.

  1. High chances of new movies and TV series which you won’t find with other websites. This is because the content is hosted by the third party and they may or may not follow the policy and guidelines.
  2. You can legally watch movies online despite the fact that no one knows they are actually legal or illegal.
  3. This is most search website on the internet for free movies. This means the site is providing better content and that’s why they have a high number of users.
  4. The quality of the videos and website navigation is also better.

Challenges that you may face with Project Free TV.

  1. If you click any of the advertising or download anything from this website then it may put your computer at risk.
  2. you may encounter some of the pirated and illegal content as the site is linked to third parties.
  3. Hackers easily can manipulate the site policy and can target users system.
  4. Even if you have a safe link to download there is a chance of risk because website installs a software in exchange for the download.
  5. This site has been shut down many times and they always come back. So you might find different or multiple links of this website.


Project free TV is a great website to watch free movies and TV shows online. But it is highly recommended not to download or click on an advertisement as it may damage your computer. And due to it’s confusing policy hackers can also use this platform for hacking purpose. The site is completely safe if you use this only for streaming purpose.


E-Rewards ! A Survey site to make money online


Survey companies are part-time income sources which can lessen the burden of monthly expenses. And a great way to make money online from home. We have already discussed some of the best survey companies including Swagbucks, Opinion outpost, Globaltestmarket, Mypoints, and Mysurvey. But you might not aware about e-rewards so this article is all about e-rewards which is a survey site. It is not as popular as other survey sites but still good to make some extra money online.

They are currently functioning in 10 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Australia.

Company’s Background

e-Rewards is a leading online market research panel. Which provide platforms to some famous brands to collect the data for their market research. And at the same time, they also provide the opportunity to their members to earn money while sharing their opinion and experiences about those brands.

Brands spend lots of money to identify their potential buyers and for that, they need lots of data like consumer habits, their financial background, their feedback about the product, and what are the improvements they are looking for the existing product & services. e-rewards plays an important role between the consumer and suppliers.

How to Join e-rewards?

Like other survey companies, here you cannot join directly. You need an invitation from one of the partner’s companies who are part of their panel. Once you receive the invitation you can join their membership which is free of cost. Provide your personal details and mailing address and your account is active to attempt the survey.

Eligibility Criteria

You must be 13 years old and should be the resident of united states or the country where it’s functioning. Age may vary from country to country so refer before applying.


How Does it work?

For every survey that you attempt you get some opinion points which you can redeem for gift cards, gift prizes, magazine subscription, retail vouchers, Airline miles, merchandise and restaurant gift cards.

Points get credited as soon as you attempt the survey but sometimes it may take up to 7 to 10 days. you can see all the points under “account statement” tab which is the subcategory of your my account.

Here you can set your preferences related to survey frequency. Log in to your account and go to My account and at the top the page select preferences and follow the instructions. The frequency of surveys also depends on the level of your participation the more you do higher the chances of receiving.

How to redeem Points?

You can easily redeem your rewards points through their reward center. Log in into your account and click on reward tab and select reward center to redeem your points. The lowest gift card option is around $10 and they have 54 different retailers to redeem their gift cards.

The best thing about their redemption is that here you have some additional choices which you won’t find with other survey sites. Like Airline miles, retail vouchers, magazine subscription, and restaurant gift cards.

An electronic gift card takes almost one hour to receive where as physical gift cards will take almost 4 to 6 weeks.

Challenges with e-wards

  1. The first challenge is that you can not directly join their membership. You need an invitation from their partner company.
  2. The frequency of surveys depends on your activity. So if you are less active on their website you won’t receive a good number of surveys.
  3. You may be disqualified for some of the surveys. And this is the most common issue with almost all survey site.
  4. Physical gift cards takes almost 4 to 6 weeks to receive. which is more than a month.
  5. Lots of consumer has the complaint related to magazine subscriptions. They are delivering paper magazine in almost 4 to 8 weeks and digital copy in 6 weeks.


e-reward is surveying site that is a good source to make some extra money. Where you earn points for attempting the surveys and later on you can redeem these points for gift cards. Which you can further use to purchase any item. As per our experience making $50 to $100 in a month with a survey is quite easy but it is certainly not an option for full-time income. Because there are lots of challenges with survey sites like survey availability, low payments, and chances of being disqualified.

How to make Money with Mysurvey? A Survey Website


Surveys are the quick and easiest way to make money online. Which does not require any specialized skills and experience? All you need is an internet connection and a signup account with a survey company. There are lots of online survey websites but you need to go only for the legit. Now how to find the legit survey websites? There are lots of genuine survey websites e.g Swagbucks, Mypoints, Opinion Outpost, Mysurvey, and Globaltestmarket are some of the renowned websites where you can genuinely make money.

The major problem with unknown survey websites is that they will delay in payments, most of the surveys that you attempt will end up being disqualified, very limited surveys, and low payments. But with best surveys websites you won’t face such issues. Mysurvey is also one the best survey site where you can easily make money in free time.

Company’s Background

Mysurvey is a part of lightspeed which is one of the leading market research company. That helps other companies to collect the data which eventually helps them to improve their services and product. Mysurvey collecting public opinion since 1946 as National Family Opinion and they launched a website ( in 2001 which provides platforms to consumers to express their opinion online.

Consumer opinion research includes antilock, airbags, cash, credit cards and child-proof safety caps are some of the few examples.

How to Join MySurvey?

There is no charge for joining the community and the process is also very simple. Visit their website and click on registration form where you need to enter all the necessary details. Like the First name, Last name, mailing address, DOB, Gender, qualification, household, and employment details.

Once all the details are entered you need to confirm your email and right after that, your account will be active.

Eligibility criteria

If you are a legal resident of united states age 16 or older is eligible to earn points with Mysurvey. But If you are under age of 18 then you must obtain the consent from your parents.

Those who are the employee of lightspeed or the members of their households are not eligible for this program.


How Does it work?

Mysurvey provides points against all the surveys that you attempt. And these points you can redeem for gift cards, vouchers, PayPal cash and much more. You need at least $10 for minimum payout. And average surveys pay you around $.40 to $1.2 per survey. The actual value depends on the content and length of the survey.

Average surveys take around 10 to 20 minutes and it gives you around 30 to 50 points per survey. Whereas longer surveys take around 30 to 40 minutes and there you get around 130 to 300 points. As per the current calculation, 1000 points are equal to $10. It is important to log in on the daily basis because more the time you will spend higher the chances of receiving surveys. If you are missing to attempt the received surveys it is likely that your account will start receiving fewer surveys ss they observe user activity.


How to redeem points?

You need at least 1000 points which are equal to $10 for redemption. And you can redeem these points for gift cards, PayPal cash, charity donation, and vouchers. They have more than 63 gift cards option including, some of the best like Amazon, Macy’s, and Bloomin. You can also take e-certificates and can purchase items from Amazon online.

It takes around 4 to 6 weeks to process the payments. Till 2014 they awarded more than 32  million to their members.


Limitations of Mysurvey

  1. It offers only one member per household and if you create multiple they might forfeit your all the earned points.
  2. If your activity is less on their websites they will start delivering fewer surveys. So you need to ensure that you are a highly active member.
  3. You might face error message while attempting the surveys and this can affect your points which you have earned through the partial survey.
  4. Disqualification of surveys will lead you to be part of their sweepstakes draw. That is the only option available and most of the time user end up getting nothing.


Mysurvey is a legit survey website where you can make some extra cash in your free time. In order to increase your earning you can also go for multiple websites which we have mentioned. But we tried almost all website and none of them can actually give you a full-time income. So it is good if you keep this as a source of extra income only. The site is good in terms of survey frequency, availibility of redemption options and payment amount per survey.


Free Guide! How to setup your Hotmail Signature


Hotmail Signature

Email Signature is a very important part of your email. Its authenticate your identity, a sign of professionalism helps in brand recognition and tells that either you are a legit person or a company. Embedding an email signature is like a digital business card that goes out with every email.

In windows Hotmail and MSN Hotmail, you can easily setup your signature. It will append with all the email you compose. You can also adjust your setting that it will also append on replying any email.

An email signature is not only about mentioning your contact number and physical address. Nowadays it is more than just a contact info. You can add your company logo, slogan physical address, contact info, and website address. A complete signature gives a brand image to your email.

How to setup your windows Hotmail Signature.

1. First, go to the toolbar and select options and then switch to more options.

2. Select message font and signature under the head of writing Email.

3. Now create your desired customize signature with image and text. and save the task.

4. In Windows Hotmail signature standard signature delimiter is not included. So add while composing the email.

Note:– Windows Live Hotmail has now become

8 Best Places to download free ringtones

Free Ringtones

Do you frequently change your ringtones? Keeping the same ringtone for a long time can be boring but changing ringtones can cost money. But what if I tell you that you can get free ringtones. The Internet is full of websites which shows they are offering free ringtones. But most of them are misleading and you end up finding only paid one. They will route you to the paid download link so smartly that you won’t even realize. So what is the best way to get the free ringtones? There are lots of genuine websites who offer free ringtones without any hassle. All you need to search, analyze and validate before initiating the download.

To make your job easy we have compiled the list of genuine websites who offer free ringtones legally. It is always good to download the ringtones from a legally established website to keep yourself away from Piracy issue. Which is the biggest problem that entertainment industry is currently facing.

The list which we are sharing is the leading websites which provide piracy free ringtones legally. And you can download or send ringtone directly to your phone. Please ensure this is only for Android users. If you are using iPhone or any other IOS device then you first need to download this to your desktop and then you can transfer to your mobile phone.

Following are the Websites to download Free Ringtones Legally

1. Zedge

Zedge is the most popular website for ringtones and wallpapers and been around from almost a decade. They also have an app available so you can download directly to your cell phones. As per the current status, there are 215 million apps installed and has 30 million active users every month.

Apart from ringtones and wallpapers, you can also personalize your phone with icons and widgets. They also provide platforms to artist, brands, and teams to promote the products.

2. Tones7

Tones7 is another good website to personalize your phone with wallpapers, pictures, themes, and ringtones. You will find all the genres including Jazz, hip-hop, pop, Rnb, Latin, Blues, Dance and much more.

As compared to Zedge you will find fewer varieties but it is really easy to download and all ringtones are free from Piracy.

3. Free Ringtones

This website not only provides free ringtones but you can also create your ringtone by using song and music. Just upload the file and cut it according to your requirement. Now download the file as a ringtone.

You can browse the ringtones by Artist, or categories which include Movies, International, Bollywood, Music, funny, dance, SMS alerts, and sound effects.

4. Fun For Mobile

This website is just more than free ringtones. Here you can personalize your phone with videos, games, pictures, chat rooms, jokes, and many other things.

You can browse ringtones through the daily top, featured, new, and popular tones. This website also provides the facility to make your own tone same as You will find the supportive format of MP3, MP4, MMF, QCP, and AMR.

5. Notification Sounds

Notification sound is a great website to get varieties of free ringtones. And includes some cool genres like Animals, Christmas, featured sounds, funny Message, Mini, wake-up, and Vuvuzela ringtones.

It supports MP3, M4R, and ogg but you won’t find any feature of making your own tone.

6. ToneTweet

The website has lots of good categories and has plenty of free ringtones. But the only drawback is that they don’t have the app and you need to download this first on your desktop and then need to upload to your mobile phone. But you will find more than 25 categories listed with some of the good ringtones.

7. Mobilesringtones

The website is quite competitive and has numerous categories free ringtones. Including Country, electronica, games, dance, children’s, comedy, animals, rock, Russian and much more which you won’t find with other websites.

Downloading is also very easy just browse the category and click on the link to download.

8. Madringtones

EPOS Media is a small company based in the Czech Republic and started its online media project in the year 2007 which is now known as Madringtones.

They have added some additional features which help you to choose better ringtones. Like comment system where you share your feedback and experience about the ringtones. The rating system which tells you how good the ringtone is. And at last the genre which tells it’s category under which it falls.


Ringtones are better ways to make your phones more personalized and lively. And it becomes more interesting if we can find these with free of cost. Our list will help you to download free ringtones legally with all genres. And you can use these for your Android, iPhone, and IOS devices. Some of the websites even offer you a feature of creating your own ringtones.

Zabasearch ! A Free tool to find people database online


Zabasearch is a directory search engine which provides services like people search, reverse phone number & Address lookup and some other vital information of an individual person. You can use this tool to find someone online or to validate an existing information without paying any charge. You might be thinking that they are invading the privacy but that’s not true because all the information which is available is pulled through public sources.

Public search database websites have been around for a long time the only thing is changing is that they are providing more better and accurate information. But still all the information available might not be accurate all the time because they pull the information from the public feed which may or may not be up to date.

How to search an individual database on Zabasearch?

Searching someone database is very easy all you need to do is to enter the details like first name, last name, city, and state. And it will bring following information.

  1. Phone Number
  2. Address
  3. Zip Code
  4. Property Information
  5. Year of birth
Note:- Zabasearch provides the data only for the United States.

What are the sources of their information?

You all must be thinking how they are getting someone’s personal information without their approval. Do they breach any law in order to get the information? absolutely not and they don’t maintain any database. They pull all the data from public record which anyone can access. It includes Social media profiles, white pages, voter registration, Civil & Criminal record, a deed of trust of home purchasing, and research & Marketing firms.

In any way, they are not breaching any laws and not providing any sensitive & deep level information. They are only providing data which is already available and shared by you.

Most common ways through which you make your data public

  1. The primary and the best source of public data is a phone company. The moment you share your details with a phone company it becomes public. It is a primary source of information for any public search database website.
  2. Any purchase or sale of a property transaction will lead to a public record of that transaction. Where we share details like Name, DOB, Contact number and address
  3. Voter Registration records are also public an information.
  4. Sharing details for any sweepstakes, surveys, and filling out forms for marketing and research company can result in your information will be made publicly available.

So these are the common ways through which most of the companies pull the data. We are not even aware that we are making our data public. Every personal information we share on the internet is actually used for the commercial purpose. And most of the company also write this in their disclaimer. Any signup that we make on any website is actually a part of data capturing.

Nowadays it is really difficult to make all of your data private. It is only possible if you stop using internet which I think is impossible. So to a certain level, some data will always be public. But if still, you don’t want anyone to search your data then you can specifically block your details from the website.

How to block information from being seen on Zabasearch?

If you think that information shared by Zabasearch is invading your privacy you can simply block your details being searched.It works like a search engine which means they don’t maintain any database. Neither they can delete or change the information which is available.

In order to Opt-out Zabasearch, you need to fax the ID Proof which can be your state-issued ID or driving license. And they take around 6 weeks time to process your request. After that, no one can search your details on Zabasearch. For more details, you can visit their website and check details about how to block record?


How accurate is the information on Zabasearch?

As we already discussed Zabasearch does not maintain any database. So neither you can update or delete the information which is already available. It only pulls the data which is already available on the internet. As far as accuracy is concerned it rely on your data that you shared with the third party.

If you are finding incorrect information in Zabasearch it simply means you need to update your records.

Is Zebasearch chargeable?

Most of the information you can search completely free but some of the intensive details like to conduct a background or criminal records you need to signup with their premium service which is chargeable.

In $20 you can get a complete background check of any individual. But most of the vital information is already available at free of cost.



Zabasearch is search engine directory which allows you to find data of an individual they offer both paid and free services. Most of the information you can find completely free which include name, address, DOB and phone number. You can use Zabasearch to validate an existing information or can find a new one.